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Benefits of Using Dogpile Search Engine

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The Dogpile Web Search can be an alternative search engine along with Google's web search results. People that use this search engine do know that using the Dogpile search engine is family friendly and interesting. Many children and adults like Dogpile as their Homepage and for other reasons as well. People that are dog-lovers will really like using this web search for their daily web surfing. The Dogpile Homepage always has one dog or more on it, and children will be attracted to this homepage the most.

The first thing you'll notice on this Homepage is the "Daily Favorite Fetches" it is the Dogpile's current event trends of the day. Dogpile is not only a web search for your laptop or computer but it is also available on your cell phone and tablet devices. It's easy to make Dogpile your Homepage just click on "make Dogpile my homepage." And it's easy to download the Dogpile's web search "toolbar" as well.

Benefits of Using Dogpile Web Search Tabs

  • Images
  • Video
  • News
  • Web
  • Local
  • White Pages

The reason Dogpile can't really be compared to Google's web search is because some of Dogpile's web search results are connected with other search engines such as Google, Yandex, and Yahoo.

The homepage for Dogpile is not always the same it has a different and cute updated homepage appearance from time to time. This search engine also has "advance search" and "preferences."

Many people that use Dogpile web search like the "white pages" and "local" features that this search engine has.

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Dogpile Web Search

Dogpile Web Search

The "White Pages" tab is very convenient when searching peoples' whole names, which will also provide their home addresses and phone numbers. Another feature is using Dogpile's "local" tab it allows you to look for places in your local area by typing in your city, state, and the name of a place. The "local" tab provides you with web results of any place that you type into the local's search. For instance, when you type in "Walmart" you'll get the address of every nearby Walmart store, plus you may notice "reviews" of people that has left online comments for some local places.

The "News" tabs is another great feature on the Dogpile's web search, with the news tab you can choose the news stories that mainly fit your interests.

Every month I use a different search engine to explore the features of each. The thing I like most about the Dogpile Web Search is the "Favorite Fetches" which are the trending topics that I could possible get my next article news or story ideas from.

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