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Does social media enhance or hinder interpersonal relationships?

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Social Media

In this essay I am going to be presenting an argument answering the question, does social media enhance or hinder interpersonal relationships? I will present an argument showing why social media may be a good thing to have around in the lives of pre-teens, teens, and adults.

For Argument

1. Premise 1: Social media being on every electronic on the market nowadays puts it at everyone fingertips really easy no matter what they have in their hands. Whether it be a phone, a computer, or a tablet.

Nowadays every electronic on the market whether it be a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet they all have access to social media apps. Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and even the video chats like WhatsApp and Skype. The access to the apps is limitless on these devices for young children, teenagers, and even adults. All they have to do is download them in the play store if they did not come already equipped with their devices. Which gives them plenty of different media options to use to communicate with friends and family.

2. Premise 2: Social media is good to have because it can help you keep in touch with family or friends that are miles away.

Everybody has had problems keeping up with family at one time or another. We probably breathed a sigh of relief when they came out with Facebook and Myspace and our family members began to search each other out and add each other to friends list. Finally, we had a way to communicate is what we were all thinking I bet. “Most of us rely on the social media networks to communicate with family and friends, gather information and share what is important to them.”

3. Conclusion: Therefore social media can enhance interpersonal relationships by keeping connected to those who mean the most to them.

I say that they enhance the interpersonal relationship because of social media helps to keep loved ones connected. It also helps them stay in touch with friends. Social media can help them keep up to date on family events and family gossip, most especially if they have family who lives states away from where they live themselves. It can also help their family keep up with what is going on in their loved one's life and if that loved one has kids it can help the family keep up with the kids and how they are growing. Their interest and what their likes are for when birthdays and Christmas come around they know what to get them.

In this part of the paper, I will be presenting a counterargument. It will help me to sort out what may or may not need to be changed within my argument to make sure that it is exactly the way that it needs to be.

Counter Argument

1) Premise 1: Have such easy access to the social media networks nowadays with them being on the phones, laptops, and tablets make it easy for people to access and get entwined in something that may later cause them problems.

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With social media networks being so easily accessible makes it easy for people to mess

up and cause problems within their own realities. With such networks being so easily accessible they can cause problems within marriages or other such relationship. Have the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or IMVU which are all different types of social media chat lines can cause a hindrance within interpersonal relationships.

2) Premise 2: Some people use social media networks as a way to stay in touch with family and friends.

Whereas some people use said social media networks as a way to keep up to date on the

Activities family and friends. Others use them as a way to meet potential partners or to gain relationships. They use them as a way to meet people that they would like to date. Social media can hinder interpersonal relationships by having the people more attention to what is going on in a virtual reality world than the real world.

3) Conclusion: I say that social media can really hinder many interpersonal relationships, because of the virtual reality in which they invite people to live within.

Some people who use social media networks as a way to connect with the outside world.

Whereas some use it as a way to keep up with family and friends that they already have, others see the social media sites as a way to meet others who are unknown. They see the social media sites as dating websites instead of as ways to stay connected. They use the social media networks as a way to meet a potential date or boyfriend or something of this nature.

I know it is possible to use social media networks in a good way. They come in handy to keep in touch with loved ones who are not able to be near you at all times. Like if you have family who lives in a different state than you. The social media networks are really good because they allow you to keep in touch with the said family.

Social media has many good sides and many dark sides all wrapped into one little package. Even though they can help you keep in touch with loved ones and friends. They can also be problem starters because some who use said sites use them for the wrong reasons.


Alessio Ganci from Italy on July 09, 2016:

Social media primarily tend to enhance relationships, they keep us always connected independently from distances. If you use social media when you are phisically with family or friends, in order to stay in touch with other people, yeah, in this case they hinder relationships.

But everything has good and dark sides, primarily social networks should not considered as a way to hinder relationships... if they are used badly, they can.

Vic Watts (author) from Bonaire, Ga on June 11, 2016:

I completely Louise facebook is good for rediscovering old friendships and keeping up with long distance family. But cell phones are more of an inconvenience than anything.

LouiseTeach on June 10, 2016:

I say it has both effects! It has definitely hindered some of my personal relationships, and attention is given to the phone, rather than to family, but on the other side, it helps rediscover old friendships, with friends with whom you have lost contact over the years. I have had great things come out of Facebook, but cell phones have been more of a family inconvenience.

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