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Does B2B Social Media Marketing Have the Potential to Show the Same Growth Curve as B2C Marketing?


B2b social media marketing is already alive and kicking with full force. It's no more a new concept in the market. Though the problem may arrive with little knowledge of companies regarding the power of social media in terms of sales. Actually social media can the best platform for business growth and will ultimately help the companies in improving their ROI.

Social media marketing runs on the concept of attacking your audience where they spent most of their time and without any doubt its’ social media platforms. Hence, B2b social media marketing is no catch-22 situation, it is as easy as B2c marketing. It's just that the company needs to realize that these conventional methods of marketing such as email marketing, cold calling or arranging marketing events are all old age and cannot be solely trusted for the profits to get rolling. They might have been effective back then, but now the picture is totally different. They are just time-wasting and wastage of resources. And there have been marked examples of great success through B2b social media marketing. The best examples of B2B companies coming in my mind are Google, IBM, etc. They have been successful in the market as they worked forward by keeping in mind their audience’s informational needs at the first priority. Though B2B social media marketing is more informative when compared to B2C social media marketing that does not mean that it is not interactive. They are very empathetic and keep their audiences stick to them by continuously introducing new ways like amazing visuals, fascinating headlines, and freshly brewed content. The content should be like a golden mean that being interactive but at the same time not compromising with social media experience. This can be done by introducing the content with any kind of factor with a question in itself as most of the audiences looking out for such contents are inquisitive in nature. This would be like real talking with the audience in the same way they want. If all these tactics and ways fall into the right place then, B2B social media marketing will end up to be the most profitable form of marketing companies’ product or services.

What is the right way to get started with B2B social media marketing?

- The very foremost thing for the company is to lay down the objectives or their sole reason for which they want to do marketing. Because once there will be plan then the marketing will be done strategically as it is more important to know your product and service properly yourselves before bringing out in front of your target audience. It will help you in converting your audience into your customers in real-time.

One of the most important before coming into B2B social media marketing is to know your audience and by knowing we mean that into which age group they lie or to which region they mostly belong. Because knowing this you will automatically know which social media platform you have to start with. Like for example the if your target audience is the younger generation then they mostly hang out these days either on Instagram. A little older generation has now shifted to Facebook or Twitter.

The main purpose to be the top B2B marketers should be brand build-up by generating appropriate contacts and stakeholders and eventually keep on working in the direction of improving the conversion rates and maintaining the reputation simultaneously.

Apart from developing profits, maintaining a good online personage is equally important. It does not take much time for people to shift their attention from one product to other. The only thing that will work here will be the personal relationship that a company may built with its’ audience through online marketing. Long term planning helps the company to not letting go of their permanent customers.

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Always keep a plan B ready for many situations that might arise. As online marketing is a vicious cycle where new problems may arise on a daily basis. Alternatives should be always ready because time is money and the time when you will be stuck in resolving your problems, any other will come to take your place.

- Always try to try things beyond social media platforms. One of the best ways to directly reach your customers is to keep records that where exactly your customers are actually active. They can be apart from the major social media websites. There are tools to keep records of that, for example, Google alerts. Also one of the best ways which is gaining popularity is using social media influencers or your real customers as brand ambassadors for more marketing.

- Always keep an eye on your competitors should be the priority task. Grab the opportunities on any trending thing which is volatile in the market that your competitor may be missing out. These are the times when you can win their customers also.

With all these goals set, strategies decided, and all questions answered you are good to start with B2B social media marketing.

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