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Do Digital Marketing Overpowers The Traditional Marketing Style? [Part 1]

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An excited visioner of the internet and digital marketing which will be the next-gen marketing technique compared to traditional style.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing Style.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing Style.

The word ‘Digital Marketing’ got coined in the 1990s. The world saw its first digital marketing scenario in the 1970s when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email which set the technology platform to share files over different computers. In the 1990s, for FTP sites, Archie’s search engine got founded. By the 2000s, folks had started database marketing through emails. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications turn out to be an essential element in marketing technology. In 1994, customer data and eCRM software became game-changers when based on customer data first digital ad campaign by AT&T went live and 44% of people clicked on the ad among total viewers. When the Internet boomed in the 2000s & lookouts of products and services began on WWW instead of salespersons. With the development of social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and now Instagram, digital marketing became more sophisticated.

Customer Relationship Management!

Customer Relationship Management!

Ancient Marketing or advertising style existed before 15th century with major forms include

  1. Trademarks - Attaching seals or marks to products which later transformed into clay seals. In India, marks dating about 1300 BCE got found. Later, hallmarks came into existence to administer the high-value goods, ensure product quality.
  2. Town criers – Many ancient citizens existed illiterate so for general news and official announcements town criers got appointed to call out. Later itinerant marketers and sellers used street criers for promoting products and services.
  3. Sign Boards - Romans and Greeks practiced sign boards across shop frontage bearing shop names and announcing public events in the market. Later erected signboards got developed.

Later traditional advertising styles got urbanized, to begin with traditional styles-

  • Publishing ads in newspapers

Publishing ads in newspapers is a traditional form of marketing businesses that began in the 16th century newspapers. To begin with, books and quack medicines grew to the earliest commercial ads. The first Britain daily newspaper was The Daily Courant published from 1702 to 1735. From there on, the advertising sector skyrocketed and ads from every industry got published. Reputed brands usually prefer advertising new real estate project launches, educational institute results, luxury car launches, and new product launch ads on the front page, and for sharing social messages from the government. The target audience is region-specific, it can be a city, state, or entire country so would be the publishing cost consequently.

  • Pamphlet ads inside newspapers.

Pamphlets are local ads printed on various paper sizes like A4, A5, and A6 aptly inserted and delivered along with daily newspapers. These pamphlets include mostly local business ads which get restricted to specific local areas and newspaper delivery vendor’s stretch. Popular among folks opening new shops or businesses nearby to market their products and services to neighboring people. Marketing Cost is quite less compared to newspaper ads. Basically, not possible for a state or countrywide ads.

Traditional & Digital Marketing Tools!

Traditional & Digital Marketing Tools!

  • Advertisement in a magazine.

Magazines are topic-specific and so are their intended readers. Articles, interviews, products, and services along with ads would be subject explicit. Only people with similar interests would read and come across matter published beneath. Very limited reach compared to the pamphlet and newspaper ads. Advertising in popular magazines having massive subscriptions should be the ideal choice.

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  • Marketing products via Hoardings.

Mostly selected huge static banners alongside roads with moving audiences for promoting real estate projects, state or country-wide national products and services. Hoardings have viewability in lakhs depending on banner location, local roads, and highways moving population density. Hoardings got usually booked on a weekly or monthly basis with renewals. Prices vary noticeably with location and banner sizes starting from A3 to massive sizes under flex printing. Some hoardings on bridges, railway stations, metro stations, and similar places owned by local authorities got rented through bids for years.

  • Marketing Posters on commercial cars, buses, autos.

Posters on commercial vehicles like trains, buses, taxis, and autos are typically state government and local authorities controlled through floating tenders. Yearly at least 10-20% of the revenue that the government and authorities earn is through leasing out banner spaces. Suitable for local products and services targeting specific city onlookers and specific routes only.

Traditional Marketing Survey Report!

Traditional Marketing Survey Report!

  • Creating a TV commercial by hiring ambassadors.

Once television was available to the masses, it showed commercial ads between intervals. With time, the ads became creative and luscious. National and international brands favored sportspersons, actors, and influencers for promoting their brands against hefty fees. TV ads are the costliest among any other marketing medium and they paid hired persons in millions for a single ad having a few seconds of viewership on selected channels and time slots. These ads have the highest impact on the masses.

  • Audio ads on radio, online music players, and podcasts.

During the early invention of the radio, news and sports commentary got broadcasted. Radio- A gizmo of entertainment was popular before the television revolution happened. People promoted commercial businesses through audio messages and slogans. Marketing over the radio and other audible mediums was popular then and even now.

  • Providing sponsorships.

Like banners, they printed commercial ads and messages on T-shirts usually and banners across the event zone for showing appreciation and promoting sponsored brands. Many brands can offer sponsorship and promote at the same time depending on their advertisement budget. Local, nationwide, and globally desired brands offer sponsorship accordingly. One of the costliest marketing and branding styles.

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