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Disseminate Use of Artificial Intelligence in the World of Technology

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Is There Going to Be a Battlefield With the Use of Artificial Intelligence?

Did you ever think what will happen to the world when the robots start ruling the world? What if they demanded the right to rule their world? This article takes you through the most amazing and astonishing facts of the enhancements in technology and their advantages and disadvantages. Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized to be the core part of the growing technical world. Additionally, AI is being deployed by many areas of cybersecurity which is redefining the thinking of mankind towards the data protection mechanisms.
In general, AI defines to be a computer tool that is used to program certain tasks through which human intelligence is embedded into the machines in a logical sense. This technology is currently advancing at a breakneck pace. It is believed that an AI system can become better than a human at all cognitive tasks if trained efficiently.


Artificial Intelligence Made Simple With Machine Learning

Machine Learning is considered as the hottest selling cake in the tech industry. As we know the whole world revolves around the 'big data'. Machine Learning is the branch of Artificial Intelligence where different algorithms are used and training and testing of data are done to make predictions. But here the prediction is being done based on past cases. If some behavior exists in the past then the prediction may or may not happen.

Under machine learning, we have supervised, unsupervised, and reinforced learning. Some of the applications of machine learning are as follows:

  • Recommendation Engines
  • Self Driving cars
  • Predictions in the health care departments
  • Determining Credit Worthiness
  • Email Classification
  • Ranking Posts On Social Media
  • Making Sales and Market more efficient

Now, let us take a look at the major branches of AI. The most interesting and fun part lies ahead!

Words to Remember

" It's Going To Be Interesting To See How Society Deals With Artificial Intelligence, But It Will Definitely Be Cool "


6 Major Branches of Artificial Intelligence

A broad set of techniques are dealt using AI such as linguistics, vision, robotics, virtual reality, bias, natural language processing, etc., The importance and the functions of each branch is discussed below:

  • Neural Network: Neural networks use several hidden layers. In general, neural networks have 2-3 hidden layers. This branch makes use of neurology. Neural network and machine learning combinedly solve many complex problems. Most deep learning methods use neural network architecture.
  • Robotics: This is emerging as a sizzling field of artificial intelligence. It is an interdisciplinary field of science, electronics, and computer science. It deals with the designing and structuring of a robot. This is being a new era where the complex tasks which cannot be performed by humans are done at very ease.
  • Expert Systems: Under the umbrella of artificial intelligence, an expert system refers to a computer system that mimics the decision-making intelligence of a human expert. Expert systems are designed in such a way that they tackle the problems via reasoning and proficiency, expressed in terms of " if-then " rules instead of traditional code.
  • Natural Language Processing: NLP refers to the method of AI which depicts the developing methods that assist the communication with the machines using a natural language such as English. It can be simply defined as the computer prototype which processes the human language by computer programs. The tasks performed by NLP are; text translation, sentiment analysis, and speech recognition.

Time For a Thought

Automation Is No Longer Just A Problem For Those Working In Manufacturing. Physical Labor Was Replaced By Robots; Mental Labor Is Going To Be Replaced By AI And Software

— Andrew Yang

How Can Artificial Intelligence Interfere Lives of Humans?

Till now we have seen how artificial brains can be a helping hand to mankind. But what if the robot is given consciousness? What can happen when it is programmed to do something devastating? So let us take a look at the risks associated with artificial intelligence!

  • Job-Automation: This can be a serious problem as robots can be pretty easy to maintain and can also help companies to save the extra budget. For example " if your flipping a burger at McDonald's and more automation comes in (robots) then definitely robots would be given preference as it can save the labor wage of the company and the time."

Also, the complexity of contracts, accounting related to businesses, automatic decisions based on computational interpretations, where human auditors may well be unnecessary can be overtaken by robots.

  • Autonomous Weapons and Potential Arms Race: Have you ever imagined what can happen if an enemy manipulates the data of AI-guided missiles? The key question for humanity is to whether to start a global arms race or to prevent it. Everything can go well and fine, it will only be a matter of time until they appear on the black market and in the hands of the terrorists, dictators trying to grab the world power, etc.,
  • Invasion of Privacy and Security: It is now possible to track every movement of a person and analyze his moves. Facial recognition algorithms know who you are and this data can be further used to hack your accounts. There are countries like China that monitor every step of the personal lives of its people. So folks be careful!
  • Misalignment between our goal and machine's: Since it is a machine all the proper instructions should be provided for it to be efficient and effective. Let's look at the example, a command " Drive me to the nearest mart", might have a dire consequence. Because here the command given is to ' drive' but instructions for the drive are not specified, such as road rules, worth of human life, etc., So, here the consequences can be harsh, though you reach the mart!
  • Integrity and Unbiased systems: AI systems are trained on a huge amount of data and they keep adapting different models to solve. So what if a company introduces bias via the training set ( intentionally) in favor of particular classes of customers or users?

AI technological revolution brings great opportunities for prosperity and growth, but it has to be ensured that it will be applied in the right direction. Thus, AI-based applications should not be halted but instead should be monitored at various levels.

Quiz Time

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. AI is incorporated into a variety of different types of technology. Here are some of the examples EXCEPT
    • Automation
    • SIRI
    • Machine Vision
    • Natural Language Processing

Answer Key

  1. Machine Vision

How Far Is Too Far?

From Siri, the virtual assistant in Apple mobile devices, to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. But in this process, human tasks are being outperformed. AI is a disruptive technology, revolutionizing businesses, and bringing new approaches to decision-making.

It enhances efficiency and production volume. We cannot overlook the importance of AI in our day to day life as well. But we also have to face the fact that machines cannot replace humans at all levels.

At a majority of changes occurring globally, there will be positive and negative impacts as AI continues to shape the world we live in.Hence, maintaining a balance between the way of human life and the transition to AI is a priority. Here the truth is, people still work, but they will work better with the assistance of AI!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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