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Differences Between Mobile Phone, Smart Phone and Feature Phone

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Smart Phone

Smart Phone

Feature Phone

Feature Phone

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

Disadvantages of Buying Music, Game or e-books Online

When purchasing music, game or e-books etc online, buyers should be aware that unlike purchases of physical CD or books, it is rarely possible to return music once it is paid for and downloaded.

There are controls exercised to ensure that consumers do not share their purchases with friends or family once they are done reading book or listen to a music album. Therefore, it is advisable that consumers read the fine print closely before making any online purchase. Some manufacturers include user conditions that restrict the right to make copies. Some data comes with Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection, which links data to a user and the devices where the person is logged in, allowed limited copying.

Until lately, most lawyers agreed that the resale of downloaded materials should be illegal. However, this may change after the July Judgement by the European Court of Justice. The court’s judges ruled that software can be resold, even if it is downloaded, as opposed to being purchased in physical form.

What are the differences between a mobile phone, feature phone and smart phone ? This handy guide will help you identify the differences.

The mobile phone has evolved dramatically over the last five years. The smart phone has practically taken over a significantly high market share in mobile business in many countries around the world.

What exactly is a smart phone and how is it different from the common mobile phone or a feature phone ?

As a rule of thumb, the easiest way to differentiate the three types of phones is to identify its features and its cost.

If the phone can only be used to make a phone call and send a text message, offers very little other features, it is a mobile phone.

If it offers a high-megapixel camera, enables you to edit Microsoft documents and photos, send and receive emails, connect to social network, and use other internet features then it is a smart phone.

Anyway in between, it is likely to be a feature phone.

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Mobile Phones

Mobile phone, commonly referred to as a “dumb” phone nowadays, comes with primary features of making calls and sends texts. They are often affordable, and show dying trend in many developed and developing countries. They still remain popular in places such as Africa and India due their outstanding battery life, durable design and rock bottom price tag, often contract-free.

Feature Phones

Feature phones come with the features between mobile phones and smart phones. They often come with one or more attractive and stand-out features such as the ability to capture high resolution photo, play music with superior sound quality, charging using built-in solar panel or connect to social network via built-in applications. As technology advances, feature phones have become more and more like smart phones, with increasing number of features.

Smart Phones

Smart phones are designed with cutting-edge technology, high-end computer-like features, and pricy tag to match. A smart phone often runs on an advanced computing platform or mobile operating system such as Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android OS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS.

Other smart phone features include internet connectivity via WiFi and 3G or 4G, a dual or quad-core processor, a range of downloadable applications, a high-resolution camera and video, built-in GPS, stocks watch, internet phone, and so on.

The battery life is shorter, however, to overcome such problem, the Lithium-based battery in smart phones allows the user to charge the battery whenever they can, without the need to completely running it flat.

iphone 5 features ?

iphone 5 features ?


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