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Desktop Support Engineer : Resume Making Tips, Samples, and Cover Letters

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I love to interview people from different industries and write pages to help readers.

Many people get in to the Information Technology sector by first getting a job as a Desktop support or an I.T support engineer. A Desktop support engineer is interchangeably referenced by many other synonyms such as Technical support engineer, Desktop support technician, L1 support engineer, and sometimes also as a Help desk support engineer.

So, you have the all important interview scheduled and are yet wary of the the resume that you have. Let me guide you to make your resume a great one that should just about do its job, and get you a job. Here you'll get some tips, suggestions and some other useful pointers that you should keep in mind to create your resume. Incorporating the below tips will definitely make a greater impact on the employer which makes your life easier.

Also, the second half of the article will have links to samples that you can view or download to make your own custom resume.

Tips to Prepare Your Resume for Desktop Support Engineer Job

One tip is not to keep it blank

One tip is not to keep it blank

  • Keep it Simple

Try to make your resume as simple as possible. Most probably this might be your first job. So don't clutter your resume with unnecessary things and achievement. Provide details what the employer is looking for. Therefore it is good if you can make changes according to the job and company you are applying. For that carefully read the job description and then make the changes that you feel like.

Common problems such as spelling and grammar mistakes will make you look stupid. Read your CV properly and make any changes that is required.

Simplicity will also help the employer to quickly traverse it and shortlist you.

  • Single Page is Enough

Strictly, don't make your resume more than a single page. Even if you have many years of experience. Most people think that resume should give all the details so that the employer can better judge the candidate. I say, why give a chance to judge yourself even before you have met.

Making the resume more than a single page won't necessarily give you more attention. Instead, try to provide a short and succinct information of yourself on a single page.

  • Commentary is Not Allowed

This is in sync with the second point. For example, you might have done a course along with your college degree. Many beginners have a liking to provide each and every topic that they have learned and mention it on the CV. Don't do that. A single line such as "Diploma in Computer Networking from XYZ institute" is more than okay.

One more analogy which I can cite here is that, will you provide each and every thing that you studied in your degree. Definitely no, then why should you do that for the course.

  • Technical as well as Soft Skills

On your resume not just mention your technical skills, but also mention soft skills. Mention a good summary of technical and soft skills. For instance, technical skills such as assembling and dis-assembling a computer, efficient in handling a network of computers, timely updating of all computers to periodically remove and update the virus database etc. Whereas, soft skills such as good listening skills, presentable, good English speaking etc.

  • Give a Chance to the Employer to Speak

This is one more reason why you should keep your resume to a short and sweet. Give correct details but don't over-detail it. This will make the employer to ask questions about the things that is not listed in your resume. By this way you can build a rapport instantly with the employer as you explain.

Making it Error-Free

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Free Sample Resume for Desktop Support Engineer

Below you'll find links to formats from around the web. Make your own uniquely crafted resume by studying the below curriculum vitae (CV). A CV is an important part to get a job so give some time to create an awesome one.

This article lists some of the key features included in desktop support jobs and emphasizes few important points for writing a good desktop support engineer resume. Also a sample format is provided at the end of the article.

Another simple format that you can use. This resume would be great if you have one year experience in a single company. This is simple yet will do the job.

Forum post where you will find job seekers like you are discussing about CV, also find some sample format here. You can selectively look in to which one suits you.

Basically for a Help Desk support engineer but can also be used for Desktop support engineer.

Another great one which you can use as per your requirements. I see a simple, effective without any clutter CV sample here.

What is a cover letter?

To simply put a cover letter is a simple and brief introduction to you and your skills. Below is an example of a simple and effective cover letter.

Cover Letter Sample

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to inform you of my interest for the recruitment drive recently made available in your company. I am T.Y.Bsc (I.T) with 55.06% from Mumbai University.

I am Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) i.e I have cleared a Microsoft certification 70-270. Also, I have a diploma in ________ from _______institute. I have acquainted myself with a range of skills that would allow me to blend with the organizational’s culture, and propel the team to new height of success.

Together with the cover letter, I attach herewith my resume for your full consideration. I appreciate your time reviewing my application, and it will be a pleasure for me to attend an interview with you at your convenient time.

Some other examples

  • Sample 2
    Sample cover letter for a technical support / help desk position.
  • Sample 3
    One more for the experienced folks.

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