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The DLab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor Really Does The Viewing Job


A Portable Monitor That’s Pretty Cool

Who’s ready to complain about the small screen size of their phone? Sure they’ve been getting bigger every year, but convenience and portability just hasn’t kept pace with just how big a screen is needed. Especially if you’re not a teen/20’s and have trouble catching small text even with reading glasses and other optical tech working. What’s needed is a bigger screen that still gives you the “oomph” of a portable handheld — meaning it’s a touchscreen that you can just poke around on. And why not have really good resolution for not just making text pop, but also bringing out the details for whatever you are looking at. Like 4K and that is 16:9 In size. Plus that resolution needs a really bright and color-neutral LED working the light that’s going to be hitting your eyeballs. And the screen we’re wishing to have here needs to be at least tablet size.

And while we’re working on our wishlist, this portable monitor, for that is what it is, needs to take its power in a simple manner, for example from a laptop it is being connected to or whatever device its been plugged into. And while we’re at it, no desire to have to carry dongles for somehow making it connect to whatever device this monitor is oging to be connected to — be that a phone or tablet or a laptop needing a cool touchscreen second monitor (keeping in mind that Apple’s “walled garden” mentality might require some gymnastics as compared to Android and PC/Macs). Does all of this sound like we’re heading for a cliff of no-go? Nope. It means we’re heading for the DLab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor.


A Touchscreen Monitor

So it looks like a monitor, being a screen and all, needs a way to be kept in position because it doesn’t have a built in kickstand or such. There is an optional folding cover that doubles as a stand, and it’s certainly worth getting. But “optional” does mean you have to pay more for it. There’s ways to avoid needing a stand, but it certainly requires keeping this in mind. Of course there are those who will say that the additional weight and carry needs of a kickstand just doesn’t cut it.

Now because this monitor is a touchscreen, you can just poke your way around what’s on the screen (provided that what has been plugged into it supports this). So that’s no different than if you were using a phone — only bigger — or a tablet. Or a laptop which gives you the ability to quickly and efficiently have a second monitor for expanding the computer real estate and allows for way to not use the mouse constantly. The 4K resolution makes everything look great and the overall color balance and illumination is a definitely thumbs up situation.


Forget About Dongles

But if you can’t connect this monitor, what’s the value in having gotten it? The value comes from built in ports — there’s one for headphones if you don’t want to let the stereo speakers do their sound thing — for example, one that makes this monitor work with a mouse and keyboard through a microUSB in conjunction with the device providing the video/audio. Of course video and audio data needs to be shot in and that’s what the USB-C port is for. Which also accepts power. No power but video and audio data input comes easily through the mini HDMI port. And for sure there’s a power button and wheel-type button to control volume and brightness and to control the color temp and a free sync and color gamut choices. Plus LED lights to let you know that all is working as it should (being able to control the low Blue light output is a big positive for health conscious folks). Add to that there’s 180 degrees being viable and there’s ultra HDR giving its all too.

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Watch So Many Devices On This Monitor

Game consoles and desktop computers will work here too, but you do have to understand what is needed to get things to work right. Mostly understanding when external power is going to be needed to get the monitor to light up. This just requires thinking a bit and following the diagrams the manual displays (as example, the keyboard/mouse working in conjunction with a PS4 plugged into the HDMI and power being supplied). In other words, do a practice/dry run as to what you want to do with this monitor before taking out out in the field because at home you have all the resources. So being proactive is the secret word.

The DLab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor gives you what’s needed — as in the screen itself and a power charger and a mini HDMI and USB-C cable and manual. The convenience and added abilities this 4K monitor provides can’t be overestimated.

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