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Direct to Mobile Services

Mobile Phones May Work Without Internet

The modern era has been changed to a great extent as compared to the previous eras. The pace of the previous eras used to be very slow but due to the advancement of science and technology in the modern era, its speed has increased to a great extent. Day by day new inventions are completely changing the face of this era. The invention of radio, the invention of television and invention of Internet change the face of the whole world. Now the work is being done on Metaverse. Video and other programs which we see on mobile today is impossible without internet. But a new advanced technology is going to be developed which will be operated without the use of internet. The videos and other e-commercial works will be operated without Internet. The name of this technique will be Directu to Mobile service. Probably many people have not heard this word before.This technique will be based on D2H which is used earlier.


Television May be Out If D2M Operates Mobile Phones

This tanique is being developed.Now India is not behind in changing the nature of technology. As Floppy was used to save data till some time ago, after that CD and DVD which was more advanced than floppy. CDs and DVDs were considered to have large size for collecting data, which had some difficulties in maintenance. After this a new device started appearing which was very small in size. Its size is usually very small. Nowadays this is in much vogue. And it is still, at a critical juncture. Its name is pen dive. In the increasing age of technology, it is not known that CD and DVD will disappear and instead of them a new device Pendriv will be in existence. Some time ago, the big hard disk in which the data of TV and computer are used to be stored. Now all these being found in the mobilesin. Now these devices are not needed at all. Data of all your information can be kept on the cloud of the Internet, till some time ago people used to use cabalbTV, but that era also has ended and the time of D2H has arrived. The need for a wire or 'cable' was eliminated. After this the programs of TV, Tata Sky, Airtel, Disc TV started being used. But at present, all these types of TV are coming to an end. Now these words are going to shift only to the pages of history because almost all the programs are being seen on mobile Phones . And the speed at which technology is growing, it seems that the talks of TV will soon very old because work is going on continuously on new technology.


Metaverse Will Change The Word

The times will be of Metaverse which will probably and completely change this present world. It is possible that in the coming time, TV and mobile will be a thing of the past.The word Metaverse implies past the universe. The innovation is changing for a long time particularly as the extent of novel thoughts in the gaming area has become progressively unclear and uncertain.The individuals who are keen on the innovation have known about the word Metaverse which is presently the topic of conversation among individuals. Facebook declared that it is rebranding its arrangement of "meta" firms to more readily adjust its organizations to its vision of laying out the metaverse.
The technology we are using till now, internet Data is used to watch programs through it. We cannot watch any program without internet data. But now it may also be possible that in the coming time, the programs through the Internet may end and such technology may be forgotten which runs with internet.


Trials On D2M has Been Started

The current Technology of Government of India is working toward this issue.The Department of Telecommunication is trying recently that direct broadcasting will be operated on your mobile and there will not be any need of internet to operate any programs on Mobile. It will work as FM or radio. As the FMs or Radio are connected through radio-webs. In the same way, all types of broadcasting services like Amazon, Flipkart, Netflix, Hotstar, Sony TV and Star Plus will start running without internet. If this happens then there will be a lot of convenience for the common people because the money that these people spend on buying mobile data will be saved. This type of service is called D2M Technology. To fulfill this purpose, the Department of Telecommunication of India has conducted many trials with IIT Kanpur.

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Advantages Of D2M Services

The biggest advantage of D2M technology would be that sometimes fake news or underground information are being circulated on Internet-run services like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, which can be controlled with the help of this technology. When a government has to stop these news or shut down the internet, in all these situation even after shutting down the internet, all the Amazon, Philipcard and other programs will also continue to run smoothly.The smart phones user in India will be in great benefit because they will save money by watching the programs without the use of internet. Mobile operators will also save the spectrum which is used up while uploading the videos. With the arrival of it, the operators will get freedom from calldrop in large quantities, which will be an opportunity for Mobile Operators and Content Creators to reach other other places where there is no internet access. We know that there is no internet access in all the places or where the internet does not work, we are not able to watch many programs properly. But when D2H starts being used, it can be used very easily at all places and there will be no problem in watching all types of programs. That means all the programs on mobile can be enjoyed at all places. Till now the Content Creators are unable to reach their services to more people but when the use of D2M will come in vogue then the Content Creators will be able to reach their services to the maximum population. The population of Internet users is very high all over the world. Who watches more number of videos everyday.


D2M Will Work With The Help Of Satellites

With the help of satellites this program of D2M willl be impliemented in all over the country through India's satellites.Just as the D2H which is working in homes even today through satellite only, in the same way D2M technology will be started in use. It will be a big deal for the mobile users. The maximum part of population will use technology because it will be very cheap.


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