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Crimes Linked To Social Networks

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New technology - New Criminal Activty

There are many different ways that criminals commit their crimes. It isn't surprising that as social networking and the use of the internet and the web has exploded in its popularity and variety of uses, that criminal activity would follow suit. While exploring the danger's of sites like Facebook when writing my last Hub, I came across all kinds of different crimes commited linked to one or another social network. They varied in severity and type of crime commited, but they all had the social media in common. This Hub is highlighting all the different crimes I found in my research that link in some way to social networks. Some of the crimes were vicious and I wouldn't recommend younger readers to read them, however that is up to the discretion of the parent or legal guardian. It actually might assist parents in educating their teenagers of the dangerous situations out there that they aren't immune to. I hope that you find this as interesting and intriguing as I did as some of the crimes were bizarre.

Adam Munn of South-east London kills ex-wife over Facebook taunts of not paying his child support

Adam Munn of South-east London kills ex-wife over Facebook taunts of not paying his child support

Adam Dunn: Killed ex-wife over child support Facebook posts

Lisa Beverly and Adam Mann had been married in 2001 and by 2007 they were divorced. By 2009 the relationship between the two had become incredibly bitter. They had one son together.

On September 14, 2010, Beverly had updated her Facebook status to:

Now who's laughing? You have got done big time from the CSA (Child Support Agency) so now leave us alone for good. Your son hates you and so do I.

She also commented in response to a friend's comment:

He is a waste of space and anyone who knows him will tell you the same. He can't look after his own kids but can take on someone elses. He is a joke, mate. Sorry I am being a bitch.

Mann was sent a letter by the child support agency telling him he had to not only pay 17 a week, but they were backdating it. The total was 400. He received the CSA letter the day after Beverly made those statements on Facebook, September 15th. Mann called the child support agency and said he was homeless and that he wouldn't pay any money until there was a DNA test done on his alleged son.

Lisa Beverly was murdered the night of September 15th in her home in Southeast London. She had been beaten to death with a hammer and left for her five year old son to find. When the child found his mother in a pool of her own blood the next morning; he called his grandparents. At 6 a.m. Beverly's father went to her home. Mr. Done, the father of the victim, described the scene as "an absolute horror".

Beverly had been lying in her own blood and been savagly stabbed and beaten to death. There were multiple injuries to the head. Some of the stab wounds were on her neck. If all that wasn't enough, she had bruises all over her body and her ribs had been broken. She had fought back as they found many defensive wounds.

During the investigation at the scene, they found no signs of forced entry or sexual assault and found she had no known enemies. During the investigation they found enough evidence to arrest Adam Mann.

After arrest, his new girlfriend and a mother of three kids, Elizabeth Killagon (27) gave a false alibi. She claimed they were both in bed together from 9p.m. Sept 15th until the next morning. Later phone evidence showed that they had not been together but had been in contact back and forth through their cell phones of the night Lisa Beverly was murdered. Killagon wiped evidence from their computer.

Mann denies murdering his ex-wife and Killagon denies lying to the court. Mann is serving 25 years in prison for the murder of his ex-wife.

Brandon Kent convicted of murdering Thai Lam after responding to a Craigslist add for a motorcycle

Brandon Kent convicted of murdering Thai Lam after responding to a Craigslist add for a motorcycle

Craigslist Motorcycle Sale Went Wrong

In August of 2010 there was a fatal shooting in Savannah, Georgia during a botched motorcycle sale advertised on Craigslist. Thai Lam, 27, was trying to sell his Yamaha Ninja motorcycle on Craigslist. A friend of Lam's reported that someone was supposed to come by and take a look at it. Around 9:30 a.m. shots rang out at Lam's residence in a really quiet neighborhood and Brandon Kent was seen leaving Berwick (the city in the Savannah region) on Lam's Yamaha as police arrived at Lam's residence. Lam was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Kent led the police on a high speed pursuit and a non-involved truck collided with a police car. When Kent pulled into a Georgetown apartment complex the police set up a perimeter so they could see who goes in an out of the complex. When they spotted Kent in a black SUV they finally took him into custody. He was booked into Chatham County Jail. Lam's wallet and cell phone were found on Kent.

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Metro police stated they have never heard of a Craigslist user being victimized in that area before although there have been some around the U.S. recently.

Kent was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Craigslist Killer - Jacksonville, Florida - David Kelsey Sparre

Craigslist Killer - Jacksonville, Florida - David Kelsey Sparre

Craigslist Killer in Florida: David Kelsey Sparre

David Sparre (19) was arrested for the July 12, 2010 murder of Tiara Poole (21). They met through the Craigslist personals after Poole placed an ad. Poole was married and her husband was active duty in the Navy. Sparre was arrested in South Carolina where he was staying with family and admitted to stabbing Poole, though he gave no motive upon arrest.

Tiara Poole was a mother of two children and was getting ready to go back to college. She was married but she and her husband had been having problems which led her to place an ad in the personals on Craigslist.

There has been a few numbers on how many times he had stabbed the victim, one reported he allegedly stabbed her 89 times. After the investigation had been underway, they ended up finding Sparre's DNA on the murder weapon. Also, the found bits of his clothing in the debris of the fire he had started to burn the evidence.

In December of 2011, Sparre was finally convicted of first degree murder. During the trial, Sparre's attorney tried to argue that he did kill her but had blacked out before he did it when he found out Tiara Poole was still married. The jury didn't believe the defense. After the conviction, Sparre became eligible for the death penalty.

Sparre later waived his right to have witnesses testify on his behalf against a death penalty verdict, against his attorney's advice.

Upon waiting for the sentencing trial, a jailhouse letter was obtained that was written by David Sparre. In the letter that had been sent to Sparre's ex-girlfriend, he stated he had planned the murder a week prior. He had bragged about being smarter than the police and how he believed he had outsmarted them. He spoke very callously about the murder and details another. He claimed to have shot and killed someone else prior to Tiara Poole's murder but after shooting the other victim, wanted to know what it felt like to stab someone. He continued the letter by going into detail about the murder of Poole, of how much he enjoyed it, and how he wanted to do it again and hoped he would be able to.

The first alleged murder that Sparre claims to have commited he said was an initiation into a gang. It wasn't known if he was an actual gang member or if he was a hopeful wannabe.

The actual letter can be viewed at the link provided, courtesy of the Florida Times Union

Before sentencing, the judge holds up a picture of the victim

Before sentencing, the judge holds up a picture of the victim

Matthew Dubois who killed his girlfriend over a post on MySpace

Matthew Dubois who killed his girlfriend over a post on MySpace

Jealous Boyfriend Kills Girlfriend Over MySpace Post

On December 31, 2009 there was a double shooting in Burien Washington in an apartment complex located at Ambaum Blvd. When the police responded they found a teenage girl with a fatal gunshot wound and in the apartment upstairs they found a wounded teenage boy. Later that evening, the teenage girl died of the gunshot wound and the boy was treated for a non-threatening gun shot wound. Initially in the beginning of the investigation they suspected the male shot the female than shot himself.

Mikakarah Nasabreo was the 25-year-old victim who died of a gunshot wound on that New Year's Eve. She was shot in the head by her 16-year-old former boyfriend at 9:30 that night and died in the hospital. The teenage boy was confirmed to have shot himself in a suicide attempt. Matthew Dubois admitted to the crime and stated after reading a post Mikakarah made on Myspace caused a fight between the two than he shot her. (The MySpace page is still online). He will be charged as an adult.

Prior to the crime, he had a list of run ins with the law. Dubois had seven felony convictions for assault, attempted robber, and witness intimidation.

Created a fictious Facebook account to communicate with Chelsea King

Created a fictious Facebook account to communicate with Chelsea King

Chelsea King Murdered by Registered Sex Offender

Chelsea King was a San Diego High School Student in California and in early May 2010 she disappeared. Chelsea was an 'A' student and an avid runner, as well as a member of the Youth Symphony. She was due to graduate that spring. After she went missing, hundreds of volunteers came out to help search for her.

The search that was conducted used every resource they had available in hopes of finding Chelsea alive. There was a high tech drone with remote control, a helicopter with infra red, tracking dogs, searchers on horseback, and more. They waded through the parks lake as they used a robot on the bottom of the lake that was taking pictures.

Her body was found the Tuesday after the disappearance by an FBI diver 10 feet from the Lake Hodges shoreline. It was a half a mile up the road from where she had parked her car to go running. Chelsea's body was found six days after she went missing on Feb. 25th. The found DNA from her attacker on her clothes near where she had been abducted. It was speculated that because of where her body was found in relation to her clothes and her car, that she was abducted shortly after beginning her run.

Police arrested John Albert Gardner 3rd after finding the DNA and is a convicted sex offender. He was held on suspicion of rape and first-degree murder upon initial arrest.

In 2000 Gardner had been arrested on charges of committing lewd and acts on a minor child under the age of 14. Police, after his arrest, commented that he also may be linked to the San Diego disappearance of 14-year-old Amber Dubois in Feb. 2009. Not long later, they also claimed a possible link to 23-year-old Candace Moncayo who identified Gardner from a mug shot as the man that attacked her weeks prior on the same running path as Chelsea had.

John Gardner 3rd, 30, had spent five years in prison after he was convicted ten years ago for molesting a 13-year-old girl that was his neighbor, in his mother's townhouse. His mother's townhouse is located in the same location as the park.

The King's were even more devastated to know that their daughter might not be dead today had Gardner not been released from prison. He had been part of a plea deal for the conviction of the child molestation case. It was discovered that a psychiatrist had testified for the prosecution in that case who recommended he be put away for a long time and was furious his recommendation was not heeded. Dr. Matthew Carrol noted that Gardner denied the evidence and showed no remorse for the crime he had committed. He further warned the court that he would continue to be a danger to underage girls and urged them to put him away for the max allowed, 30 years.

Instead, a plea deal was struck for six years and he was out in five. and wore a GPS device until his parole ended in 2008.

Gardner had created a fictitious MySpace account to communicate with Chelsea King. He hid the page from the state prison officials that supervised him. It was found in Dec. 2007 when the terms of his probation forbade him from going near a computer. The page was reported, and the IP address was linked back to the address in Escondido that he was living at. His screen name was "Jason the Stud" and his nickname the "Energizer" which he called himself. When describing his interests it was all related to sex or had that connotation. Having a social networking page is in violation of sex offender rules when on parole. His last log in to MySpace was the day before Chelsea disappeared.

Corey Adams raped a woman than tried to find a hitman on Facebook

Corey Adams raped a woman than tried to find a hitman on Facebook

Teen Rapist Tries to Hire Hitman On Facebook

Corey Adams, 19, offered a drunk 20-year-old party goer a ride home, in June 2010 in Pennsylvania. She passed out while he was driving and she woke up with him on top of her, and raped her. She went to the police and they decided to try and set him up over the phone. While detectives listened, she asked Adams why he raped her. After their conversation, Adams went onto Facebook looking for help in dealing with her. Here is what his post read:

I got 500 on a girl's head, who want that bread? Hit me up anyway possible.

It shouldn't surprise you that the cops are the ones that responded to Adams' request. Adams wasn't any the wiser and set up a place to meet. Unfortunately he never showed up. Instead they found another Facebook post that read:

...needed this girl knocked off right now.

Adams apparently told the hit-man he wanted to meet with the victim first. They decided to move in before Adams actually did find a hit-man on Facebook and arrested him. Adams ended up accepting a plea deal for 11-22 years in prison and after that, three years of probation. With all of the incriminating evidence, had Adams not taken the plea deal he was facing 20-40 years in prison.

Wife Killed After Posting She Was Leaving Him On Facebook Before Telling Him First

In May of 2010, Tracy Grinhaff was murdered by her husband who than killed himself, after she posted on Facebook she was leaving him. Her body was found in the shed in the back of her home that she shared with her husband, Gary, and their two daughters. An hour later they found his body in a woodland near the house.

Not only had Grinhaff posted she was leaving her husband she had been with for nearly 26 years, neighbors told authorities he had recently found out she was having an affair. Another witness said that she had rekindled an old affair with a friend of her husband's. He had bugged her car and had followed her around after fitting it for a tracking device. He had confronted his wife about the affair and she said she would end it. When Gary realized she had continued with the affair he had hired a private investigator to confirm his suspicions. Gary went so far as to purchase a Ford Escort that his wife didn't know about, keeping it out of sight from her and followed her and her boyfriend around. He was recording the conversations they had in the vehicle.

He became aware of the Facebook post around the time he got the confirmation from his P.I. and later that night he murdered his wife and killed himself.


Bank Robber Bragged on Facebook of Robbery BEFORE He Did It

Jessie Hippotle, 24, was bragging on Facebook about his bank robbery that he hadn't even committed yet, only 45 minutes before terrorized a Chase bank branch in New York. He also posted "crime pays my bills" and "I wanna promote a heist - who wid it". Hippotle also had taken and posted photos on the site with himself holding wads of 100 dollar bills.

Police detained him after another heist when a teller noticed the license plate of the car Hippotle had borrowed from a friend. After some investigation it turns out the same car had been parked near 19 locations of banks that had been robbed. Afterwards they checked the social networking site. Hippotle had changed his screen name to "Bandit Willie Sutton Jr" in honor of his idol who would disguise himself when robbing.

After arrest, Hippotle pleaded guilty to three bank robberies. They are taking into account the other 16 robberies and he faced 60 years in prison.


Childhood Friends Tweet War Ends Deadly

Jameg Blake and Kwame Darcy were childhood friends had a woman they both liked, tear them apart. The tweet war followed into their real life when it spilled off the net into Harlem. Both men were 22-years-old. According to Kwame's mother, Kwame would always try to help Blake whenever he could and to steer his life in the right direction. Blake was a high school dropout and had child young and he would push him to get his GED, for instance. The year prior to the deathly argument, they got into a fistfight over the same girl.

Darcy was shot at the same location that the fight took place at a year before. A Tweet was posted hours before the murder by Blake saying Darcy "better chill" or he would give up his address for someone "looking for him". A witness identified Blake leaving the location Darcy was shot at carrying a large bag big enough to hold the weapon. Cell phone records also show that Blake used his phone around the location of the shooting. The murder weapon was a shotgun and a shell and two shirts were discovered in Central Park. Twitter was fully complying with law enforcement during the investigation.

Blake was facing first degree manslaughter charges and second degree murder charges and entered a not guilty plea in 2010.

Here's a thought: Just because you have a thought in your head doesn't mean you have to tweet about it.

Baby obsessed Karen Roberts uses Craigslist to lure in a pregnant women than killed her to have her baby.

Baby obsessed Karen Roberts uses Craigslist to lure in a pregnant women than killed her to have her baby.

Baby Taken From Mother's Womb after Responding to Craigslist Ad

Heather Snively responded to a Craigslist ad that Korena Roberts posted, for baby clothes. Her body was later found in a crawl space in Roberts home. Roberts admitted to using Craigslist to lure the victim to her home where she killed Snively and cut the baby out of the mother's womb then claimed the baby as her own.

Roberts had been lying to her friend's and family saying that she was pregnant. She had also told her live-in boyfriend that she was pregnant with twins. She had been in contact with another women in the area and that women came forward to talk to police.

Roberts reportedly became friendly online with Snively and then the two decided to meet to exchange baby clothes. A neighbor stated that she had seen Snively at the Roberts residence prior to the murder. Roberts had two children of her own that were not home at the time of the murder.

Police had been called to the residence because of a baby in distress. They found Roberts, an unidentified man, and a baby not breathing in a bloody mess. Roberts claimed to the police at the seen that she had just given birth so they rushed her to the hospital where it was confirmed she had not given birth and the baby boy was pronounced dead. She was arrested and charged with murder.

In October of 2010, Roberts plead guilty and is to serve life behind bars without the possibility of parole. Because she plead guilty she won't face a trial or the death penalty. Apparently Roberts had given birth to a still born baby in 2007 and became obsessed with babies. She would continuously watch babies being born on Youtube videos, sewing baby clothes, and telling people for about a year that she was pregnant.

It turned out that Roberts boyfriend came home the day of the killing and found Roberts and a baby covered in blood and was the one to make the 911 call. He had started CPR until the paramedics came. After the baby was pronounced dead the medical examiner had confirmed the baby had never taken a breath outside the womb. The boyfriend cooperated with the investigation and was not charged of any crime.

Used Craigslist as part of their robbery scheme

Used Craigslist as part of their robbery scheme

Craigslist Ad for Diamond Ring Leads to Home Invasion

Jim Sanders in Washington had placed an ad on Craigslist to sell a Diamond Ring for a little over a thousand dollars. Sanders had agreed to meet with the buyers at their family home in Edgewood. A couple showed up at the house acting like they were a happy couple looking to buy the diamond ring but once in the house, the one acting as the husband pulled out a gun. Sanders, his wife, and two children (14 and 10) were restrained with plastic handcuffs. Two other people entered the home and one pistol whipped one of the children. When his 14-year-old son was attacked, Sanders broke out of his handcuffs to defend his son and was shot three times. During this struggle, the mother was being kicked in the head by another assailant.

After ripping off her wedding ring he forced the wife to show them where they kept their safe. She heard the gun shots and by the time she reached her husband he was dying of the gunshot wounds.

The suspects were arrested at a routine traffic stop in May, out in California. The suspects that were arrested were: Kiyoshi A. Higashi, 22, of Tacoma; Joshua N. Reese, 20, also from Tacoma; and Amanda C. Knight, 21, from Sumner. A fourth suspect, Clabon Berniard, 23, turned himself in.

They had killed Sanders and took off with the ring that was a family heirloom, and other valuables of the family.

While they were in court, Sander's wife told reporters,

"It was a complete nightmare. It's really sad that there's so much evil. I mean there's a lot of good in this world -- and I've seen the good -- but when I saw her I started to shake because I thought, 'Oh, they took my husband from me.'"

"They ripped my wedding ring off my finger," she said. "I kept saying 'take it, take anything you want.' I was screaming but I didn't care. Just take it all. I won't even say a thing."

The oldest son, Jimmy, who was pistol whipped stated:

“I will become the man my dad wanted me to be. In time I will forgive these evil people that robbed my dad from me.”

The suspects plead not guilty in court. The police don't believe that the Craigslist ad was an accident, the believe that this group had it planned by chasing Craigslist with this intent.

© 2012 Abby Malchow


Abby Malchow (author) from Ripon, Wisconsin on October 30, 2012:

The biggest danger to today's children is the cyberbullying. We could 100% monitor, technically, the useage. What we can't control is what other's say about our child on the internet where they can see it. If you look on my hub list, read the stories of the kids that were victims of this activity. I detail the information released over the course of the time and compile it so we can read it in it's entirity and see the impacts. Plus, read the cyberpsychology hub I wrote. It details other affects such as all the mental health issues that have risen due to it. I applaud your choice for the safety of your child.

Kristi Sharp from Born in Missouri. Raised in Minnesota. on October 30, 2012:

Interesting, well presented, extensively researched! My applause. I've denied my children Facebook accounts for years and you just reinforced that decision for me. There are too many opportunities for danger in the real world. Adding Facebook or another social network is like handing your child a grenade with a loose pin. Thank you for the excellent article. Voted interesting, useful & up -K

Abby Malchow (author) from Ripon, Wisconsin on October 15, 2012:

I think that people need to know that the crimes are gruesome and its a legitmate concern. I didn't know even about how bad it was, I was aware of the problem with cyberbulling and suicide but not all the other ones.

healthylife2 on October 15, 2012:

I am also my son's friend on facebook and made him remove a post once that sounded too mean. Good point that it is better to have it happen under our supervision. Another hub would be great so people realize the craiglist killer wasn't the only one and this is more common than people realize maybe with tips to use the site safely. Great idea and will look for it:)

Abby Malchow (author) from Ripon, Wisconsin on October 15, 2012:

I hate my son having a facebook as well but I would rather have him start one while under my supervision and know how to be responsible with it....or him have one and hide it from me. I have his password and I have to be his friend and once when I didn't like his posts I told him to delete them and when he wouldn't I took his account from him. It is scary because you don't think about these dangers everyday. There are so much more and I am going to do another hub soon because there is all kinds of things out there, we heard about the Craigslist killer in Boston, they made a movie about it but there was killers from Craigslist before him...and after him...its awful stuff out there.

healthylife2 on October 15, 2012:

So very scary! Thanks for writing about such an important issue for both children and adults. I'm not crazy about my older son having a facebook page but have rules and always check his posts which he doesn't like and his texts when he doesn't know about it. He has been responsible but I consider it my job as a parent to stay on top of it. I really don't like selling things on craglist because of the many horror stories. I did it once and it went well but I had my husband handle the transaction.

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