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How to add or create a customized signature or sign-off for Microsoft Outlook

This hub shows step-by-step instruction on how to create your own customized email signature (also called a sign-off) for Microsoft Outlook 2010.

You can have a customised signature for all outgoing emails, whether it be for business or personal.

In the 'File' menu


1. Open Microsoft Outlook and go to 'File'. (No. 1)
2. Under the 'File' column, click on 'Options'. You will see the screen below. (No. 2)

In the 'Options' menu


3. On the left column, click on 'Mail'. (No. 3)
4. After the 'Mail' options appear, click on 'Signatures' on the right side. (No. 4)
5. A new dialogue box will appear. You can choose which email account you want to create/insert the signature for, whether the signature will be used for new emails only or for replies/forwards as well. (No. 5)
6. Create your email signature in the box; note that you have to 'Insert' any pictures/logos and not just drag-n-drop image files into this box. (No. 6)
7. After creating our masterpiece email signature, click on 'Ok' to save it. (No. 7)
8. And that's all there is to creating/inserting a signature/sign-off for your emails in Outlook!

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