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Corsair H60 Liquid Cooler Review

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Corsair H60 for $50 on Amazon!!!

Hi everyone, Will here. Today, I’m going to be doing a quick review of a product I purchased in preparation for the arrival of my Intel i7-7700K CPU. I had planned on overclocking the CPU but didn’t realize it ran as hot as it did, even at stock. At any rate, I purchased both and here is the review.


Meet the Corsair H60 CPU AIO Liquid Cooler

The Corsair H60 offers better cooling and less noise than standard air coolers that are larger and bulkier and cheaper than similar air cooled options. It comes with a 120mm fan that incorporates custom-engineered blades for better static pressure which helps reduce noise and offers improved performance at those lower noise levels. It also comes pre-filled with its radiator cooling material which requires no refilling or priming. And with its modular design, installation is simple and convenient. Corsair promotes the large diameter, low permeability tooling, which should allow for minimal coolant evaporation. This will help ensure a long life and the flexible design will give better leak protection. The copper cold plate that mounts on the CPU comes with pre-applied thermal compound and the copper’s thermal conductivity allows for more efficient heat transfer to the manifold. The Corsair H60 sports a 5-year warranty, which should give you a solid peace of mind for protecting your PC. This cooler offers socket support for AMD’s AMD, AM3, AM4, and FM1 platforms and offers socket support for LGA1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, and 2066 platforms.


What Do You Get With the Package?

Inside the package, you get the Corsair H60 liquid CPU cooler, one 120mm fan, mounting screws for fan and radiator, mounting brackets for both Intel and AMD processors. The 120mm fan offers up to 2000RPM with an airflow of 54 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). The fan runs at these RPMs and offers this much CFM while only producing 30.85 dBA; fan static pressure up to 2.36mm/H2O.


My Experiences

Alright, now for my experience with installing and using the Corsair H60. I have an unboxing video which I will include below. Unboxing was easy and everything was packed and protected well. I removed all of the contents and looked through the installation guide booklet to get a feel for what I was going to be doing. Then, I went to the Corsair website and watched an installation video they had on there. After feeling like I knew exactly what I was doing, I moved onto installing the mounting bracket. The bracket was the easy part of the installation. I didn’t have to remove my motherboard to install as the DeepCool Tesseract SW case had a nice cutout allowing easy access for mounting the bracket. I then mounted the radiator and fan in the recommended configuration by Corsair which was fan against case pulling air from the outside and through the radiator. I adjusted my top case fan because it was a very tight fit in such a small mid tower case; top fan in intake configuration. I then attached the cooling plate and pump to the CPU using the pre-applied thermal paste.

I started up my computer and booted straight into the UEFI to start my overclocking experience. I was able to overclock my CPU at 4.9GHz with fan and pump settings at default. I restarted my computer and booted into Windows with no issue. Temperatures on my CPU were around 41-42 degrees celsius at idle (a little high but fairly normal for the 7700K) and around 77-78 degrees celsius under maximum load using the Cinebench software.

I was fairly happy with the performance but slightly disappointed at the same time as I wanted temperatures in the 30s. So, a week or so of use, I decided to purchase another static pressure fan to use with the cooler in a push/pull configuration. I mounted the new Thermaltake Riing12 static pressure fan to the radiator and adjusted some settings keeping the fans at a minimum of 45% and the pump at a minimum of 65%. With these settings, I was able to drop temperatures to 34-35 degrees celsius at idle and around 72-74 degrees celsius under full load using Cinebench software.

Unboxing Video

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So, the Corsair H60 liquid cooler is a fine addition to any PC setup, especially for those wishing to do mild overclocking but can handle moderate to high overclocking. For $70, you really cannot beat the performance for the price. Also, add another $17 or so for a Thermaltake Static Pressure fan to add to push/pull configuration, and you actually get close to similar performance of more expensive dual fan (240mm) liquid coolers. This is yet another Corsair product that I will highly recommend and think you should take a look at if you are considering liquid cooling, particularly on a budget. I hope you have enjoyed this hub and I look forward to seeing you again.

Updated Pics of Corsair H60 in Action


Corsair H60 AIO Liquid Cooler Update

So, I've had the H60 for about a month now and it's been quite the product. I've really enjoyed it's reliability and how well it has kept my CPU cool. The Intel i7 7700K runs really hot and this cooler has done an amazing job, even with a modest overclock running the CPU at 4.9GHz (stock 4.2GHz). I've had temperatures, after adding the extra Thermaltake Riing12 fan in push/pull configuration, in the low 30s, averaging around 34C at idle and temps in the mid 70s, averaging around 74C at full load. This little 120mm liquid cooler is a fantastic buy and does the job perfectly, even on this hot beast. Corsair continues to impress me with their products. I will continue to purchase Corsair products without reservation and will recommend them to anyone asking for my advice on products to purchase for a PC build or even an upgrade.

27 DEC 17 Update: This cooler still continues to do extremely well with cooling my Intel Core i7-7700K processor and once again, I will endorse this product. It is a fantastic product and definitely worth the $60-$80 it is retailing for.

Tech of Tomorrow Unboxing

Corsair H60 All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler

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