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Cooler Master’s SK622 Keyboard and MM720 Mouse Are A Great Combo Together


Are Desktop Computers Still A Thing?

Mobile devices have gained hugely over the years — some might say they became computers starting with Steve Jobs and the Apple iPhone. But there are fundametnal differences between a mobile device and a computer no matter how much convenience a mobile device can provide. So many now think that mobile devices are the best computers that exist — regardless of the difference in CPUs, keyboard, external peripherals, etc.

However the reality is that as far as working goes, computers have come back — to be fair, desktop computers never went away, even though it’s true that smartphones and tablets have exploded in use. The idea that a phone or tablet can take the place of a computer makes sense to some, but it’s more likely that casual users — non business users — find these mobile devices so useful. After all, doing a quick message or sending an emoji is a lot easier than having to write out a paragraph or two. Perhaps that is why so many tablets end up being connected to a keyboard; thought that does making for a heavier and less mobile device. And while gaming on mobile devices is huge, it’s no juggernaut as it is on desktops. Because on both aspects — doing work and gaming — the ease of the mobile device is always balanced off by actual ease of use. That’s why desktops are still at the top of the heap. But for this to continue, two things must exist: a keyboard and a mouse. The first allows for ease of use for work and for exacting control in gaming — with the mouse being an adjunct to that. And a great combo for this is Cooler Master’s SK622 Hybrid Wireless Gaming Keyboard and the MM720 Gaming Mouse.


A Mouse Is A Mouse

Let’s start with the device that has a simple job — to move a pointer across a desktop computer screen: the MM720 mouse. It’s lightweight and moves easily because of the design: having a honeycomb shell surrounding a well balanced ergonomic design. Because getting a cramped hand from clutching a mouse ends up leaving that mouse in a corner. That’s not the case here due to the claw-like gripping with finger rest. Plus even though there’s a cable connected (no wireless here). It’s not just a simple cable either, but employs a weave that avoids kinking so there’s no fear of nothing moving around. That also eliminates any chugging between mouse and computer and what is supposed to be happening — for example, accessing a weapon in a game. Eliminating the wireless element here makes for a simpler and less problematic usage. And the simple aspect of having a RGB lighting that is powered by the USB connection and not an internal battery makes sense also. Because the mouse is all about doing a simple job and not getting messed up inside of all kinds of internal technologies.

As to the electronics that “powers” the mouse, the optical sensors and the optical micro switches are top notch, as is obvious by moving that mouse around (the d.p.i. being 16000 with 3200 upping being adjustable through software as is profile info and the RGB). Speed of reaction as to moving the mouse around and speed of response as to the mouse telling the computer to “do” something — that’s all tied in to the technology being used.

The MM720 Gaming Mouse comes in a number of colors (although that doesn’t affect performance any), and is rated for up to 20 million presses. That should do it for sure.

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A Loaded Keyboard

The SK622 Hybrid Wireless Gaming Keyboard works so well due to having low profile switching, an improved keycap situation encased in a brushed aluminum design. This keyboard, which comes in a number of colors, is called hybrid because it can be connected by a cable or can be connected through wireless. As noted above for the mouse, being connected by cable makes for a less likely “lag” situation, but wireless does allow for greater freedom, and so having both choices makes for a better system (connecting via USB-C or Bluetooth 4.0).

Two of the factors that make for a great keyboard is the physical design and the switch’s themselves. The keyboard functions on a 60% shell and has workable feet so this makes it useful for laptops and even mobile devices (the Bluetooth being the needed aspect here). The switches themselves, being low profile, creates a reduced travel distance for a quicker response. And they’ve an ergonomic design to help for this.


The SK622 Hybrid Wireless Gaming Keyboardhas controllable backlighting (on the fly) and is compatible with the major computer operating systems (MacOS, Windows 8+), and mobile devices (iOS, Android). For more details on both the keyboard and mouse go to

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