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Content Visualization the Vidnami Software User Guide

Do you know that from the previous years we saw constant increase in the use of visual mode which is the key factor for driving traffic.

Let Videos Do The Talking For You.

Content Visualization

Content Visualization

Importance Of Content Visualization. Why Should We Incorporate?

One of the most effective ways to share your thoughts is with the help of videos.

It has some distinct advantages:

  • 90% of the information received is transmitted as visual content by our brain.
  • Brain process visual information 60,000 times faster then text information.

Now content visualization also has other in-built advantages namely:

  • you can give a greater insight of your products.
  • after going through your video your potential customers would have a greater insight about your product/service.
  • getting engaged with your potential customer is always a win-win situation and video comments is a great way.
  • you can easily highlight the areas your product can solve for your customers.

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Why Should You Need Visual Content ?


Advantages Of Using Vidnami Software.

Here are the reasons to have this video producing software in your arsenal.

  • 20 brand new templates for Instant Ads. You can immediately change the script and start running your ads.
  • 790,000+ premium Video Clips. You can incorporate video clips as per the keywords you have targeted. if needed you can also change it or upload your own.
  • 125,000+ high-quality Music Tracks. To set the right mode in your video you have wide variety of music to choose from.
  • 112,000,000+ royalty-free Images or upload your own images.
  • 14 Text-To-Speech Voices. You can also add your own voice or upload any professional voice over which you have made. Content Samurai would automatically sync it with your video. If needed you can do minor adjustments.

Over 100 professionally designed Templates. No need to go with the pre-made templates you can change them including background image and fonts.

Steps To Produce Videos Using Vidnami Software.


Additional Resources Clubbed With Vidnami Software.

In addition to the above resources you would help you produce professional looking videos, there are other additional resources namely :

  • Ultimate traffic video blueprint, the templates which were responsible to get 7 billion video views.
  • Facebook ad formula which would help you to create ads. In addition you would receive pre-made ad templates.
  • Want to get more video views- SEO cheat sheet is ready.
  • Want to convert your phone into Pro Video Camera - you would receive the guide.
  • Want to start a video agency - guide showing 21 ways to find clients for your video marketing service. You do not have to buy additional commercial license.

Here is an example of a video produced for a client. The intro in the video was produced with the help of PowerPoint.

Example Video Produced For Client.

Types Of Video You Can Produce With Vidnami.

Do you know that 82% of the total web traffic would be video content by the year 2022.

Here are the different types of pre-made videos templates for ready use.

  • Content Video.
  • Influencer Video.
  • Instant Ad.
  • Sales Video.
  • Course/Training Video.
  • Property Video.
  • Your Custom Template ( you can redesign the pre-made templates)

You can use any of templates as per your requirement. In addition to that you can produce videos in Landscape 16:9 or square formats respectively.

Here is the examples of Influencer and Sales per-made templates inside the Vidnami software.

Examples of Influencer and Sales Video Templates


Are You A Real Estate Agent?

If you are into Real Estate business then consider using videos to show your listings. Here are its advantages.

  • You can now capture the true essence of your home.
  • With video you give a complete walk through which is not possible with a still photo.
  • Videos are a great way to market yourself.
  • You can easily share your videos in social media.
  • Home buyers always prefer to go through your video listing for choosing their dream home.
  • In this pandemic situation your potential customers can make a list of there choices by watching videos.
  • Make a tour video of the neighborhood to show to potential customers.

Go through the additional information "how to convert your phone into pro video camera" . You do not have to hire any additional video photographer to make videos for your listings.

After you have closed a deal request your customer to give a video review about your service.

Example Of Square Property Listing Video

What Are The Pros Of Using Vidnami Software.

Here are the advantages of using the software.

  • 100% beginner friendly.
  • Thousands of pictures, videos and music to choose from.
  • Create professional looking videos with few click of a mouse.
  • You can upload your own videos and images.
  • It is a web based software, nothing to download in your computer.
  • All your videos produced are stored in the cloud.
  • You can store your videos in different folders according to your keywords.

Captions Are Automatically Incorporated Into The Videos Produce By The Vidnami Software.

Do you know searches related to "video captions" have increased 221%in 5 years.

Here are some in-build advantages of using Vidnami Software.

After we have decided on the video script, then we can instruct the software as to how much script should we allow in each scene. Depending on the amount of script we can increase the time duration of each scene.

It is estimated that almost 85% of the short videos viewed on the Facebook are without sound. Vidnami has a distinct advantage on this as your script is displayed on the related scene. This would help you to convey your messages to your viewers.

Vidnami has already laid down pre-made square template ready to make videos for different social media platforms.

What Are The Cons For Using The Vidnami Software.

Here are the cons for using vidnami software.

  • A monthly subscription service . ( You can generate some affiliate sales to overcome the cost)
  • Software does not always choose the right videos or images depending on the keywords.

Visualize Your Content.



We all know that our Brain process information 60,000 times faster than text information.

An average person gets distracted in 8 secs. Video plays a key role in getting viewers attention to your messages. Vidnami is the software which can produce professional looking videos with a few clicks of the mouse.

The software also allows you to incorporate your personal pictures to the videos to give it a personal touch.

Enjoy using Vidnami Software.

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