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Consumer Review Oberon Design Leather Covers for Kindle, Nook and iPad


© 2011 by Aurelio Locsin

I’m the kind of reader who enjoys the physical dimensions of a book: the weight of its hardback covers, the feel of the engraved title on the spine and the smell of paper. I’d always pictured myself having the last library of real books, long after the world had switched over to digital versions.

And yet, when I received my Kindle 3 for a birthday present, I embraced its size, convenience, search text features, experimental browser, and most of all, its ability to carry my entire library around with me. I abandoned my adherence to old-fashioned print and embraced the new technology.

Oberon Design

But the Kindle needed a wrapper to protect its delicate screen and raised keyboard buttons. The ideal cover would be lightweight and easy-to-open, and hint at my reading past with tooled leather. The offerings by Oberon Design met all these objectives. Their artistic designs not only apply to all the different Kindle models but also to the Nook and iPad. They also make cell phone sleeves, portfolios, organizers, handbags, belts, buckles, wallets and checkbooks.


You can assume that the qualities I discovered in my Kindle DX selection apply to all Oberon Design’s products in general. Over 24 types of dimensional designs are available, all machine-tooled on the front, back and spine of the cover. A dragon, rose, Hokusai wave, hummingbird, Van Gogh sky, Chinese dragon and Celtic knots are just some of the selections, available in navy, purple, brown, red, green, wine, gold and black.

Roof of Heaven Design

Roof of Heaven Design


I settled on the brown Roof of Heaven, which duplicates the Flammarion engraving of a traveler peering through the celestial sphere to view the mechanics of the universe.

The front of the cover sports a pewter button engraved with an image from the cover design. An elastic attached to the back loops over this button to keep the cover shut. Opening the cover reveals the three leather corner straps that hold my device in place, and a fourth corner elastic allows the me to easily slip my Kindle in and out. Three interior pockets can hold notes or pieces of paper. The bottom ports of my device are exposed, so I can still recharge it even if the cover is closed.

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I’ve thrown my covered Kindle on the carpeted floor of my car, dropped into a hand-carry that I’ve lugged to Asia and Europe, and held it in one hand for reading. My reader remained undamaged. The cover is only slightly bigger than the device, but doesn’t add much weight. If you accidentally break the elastics, the original packing box contains replacements that are easy to install.

Bottom Line

My Oberon Design cover feels like I’m holding an antique leather tome that hides its secrets from prying eyes. It feels extremely solid and has protected my Kindle from bumps, scratches and other indignities. I highly recommend it as a luxury reward for purchasing the latest wave in reading technology.


Marcos on March 20, 2012:

Yes Oberon has some really nice looking covers, I just love the smell of real leather. I've also came across an upcoming company from Los Angeles, Joe V. Leather, they also offer some unique handmade leather covers for Amazon's Kindle with the ability to do custom designs plus add personalization, definitely in the same category.

Aurelio Locsin (author) from Orange County, CA on March 19, 2012:

Oberon has such beautiful covers that I wish I could afford more e-readers just to buy the well-tooled leather, Peggy W.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 18, 2012:

I still read books the old fashioned way...but if I ever get a Kindle or other such electronic gadget, I do like that leather cover that makes it feel as though you are holding an old and treasured book. Thanks for the consumer review. Up and useful.

mandymoreno81 on December 17, 2011:

I don't have a tablet or e-reader but these designs look sweet. I like the dragon design the best it looks like it's textured too.

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