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App Review: Coin Pouch Reward App (Android)

Zero Rating: Do Not Download

What is Coin Pouch?

Everyone likes free money! If you said you wouldn't take a free $5.00 bill, you would be crazy, or maybe just wealthy enough to refuse. There are numerous amounts of Apps available for Android and iPhone users to take advantage of earning free gift cards and PayPal cash, just by using their phone and trying out some other new apps and advertisements in exchange for rewards.

Coin Pouch is one of the many Apps I have personally tried and they also promise a variety of rewards for your participation in things like taking surveys, watching video advertisements (usually a trailer for a mobile game) and also downloading new apps. In exchange for doing these activities, they give you a currency called a Coin and when you reach the amount of coins needed to cash out a reward, you can redeem your PayPal cash or Amazon card--or can you?


Empty Promises, Empty Coin Pouch

I originally downloaded the Coin Pouch app because I had such great luck with other rewards apps in the past. The idea that I could trade 2500 Coins for $5.00 in PayPal cash seemed like an easy job and almost too good to be true! Well that's because it was!

I made my first attempt to cash in on the Coin Pouch app, when I saw a spectacular reward incentive for downloading the popular Swagbucks app in exchange for 3200 Coins. With this, I would be able to redeem a reward almost immediately, as long as I had earned 300 Swagbucks and redeemed a gift card through their app. This was completed in an hour and the money seemed legit until I noticed I had not received my 3200 Coins!

I then went to the help section of the Coin Pouch app, contacted TrialPay customer support and engaged in a week long email cat & mouse race with one of their techs, who informed me that their records never showed the transaction and I would not be receiving my coins! Bad customer support and a bad experience from day one.

Daily Check-In Rewards Coins Equal Nothing

Knowing that I had a terrible time with the Coin Pouch app from day number one, I should have known better than to keep going with the app, but the 25 Daily Check-in Bonus Coins they gave for visiting the app daily were sure to add up eventually and then I could finally cash out my coins and leave this app behind forever! Ha haha!

Boy, was I wrong! I finally reached the 2500 coins I needed and proceeded to the Redeem Coins section and to my surprise, 720 of those coins needed to be earned from downloading apps, most of which do not reward you with the promised coins! Why give someone coins when they aren't worth anything?

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Final Review: SCAM ALERT! Big Thumbs Down!

I don't usually talk smack about companies or the way they run their business. This is the one app I have tried that just screamed SCAM from the beginning. Although I earned my 2500 Coins, I threw them away and erased this ridiculous application from my smartphone. Coin Purse not only gives fake and worthless points for daily check-ins and watching ads, but also offered scam survey opportunities and click-bait opportunities that seemed like they could take you to a website crawling with viruses. Do not waste your time or precious phone plan data on this app.

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