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Cherry Mobile Fuze Review



When I first saw the Cloudfone Thrill 430x with its 4160 mAh battery in late 2012, I thought to myself: "That must be a typo!". I was wrong. It did have an absurdly huge battery and that's what made me decide to review it. I even decided to keep it as a backup phone because it took forever to die. Fast forward to early 2014, and its battery remains very strong and undying. The problem was if this were my main phone, it would be pretty much a pain in the ass to use simply because it's so damn slow. Yes, it was already relatively slow back then because the 960x540 resolution was too much for the Qualcomm MSM8225 processor. But it's even slower now considering all the new apps and how much more interactive webpages are. If you aren't the patient type you'd probably get brain hemorrhage from frustration while browsing desktop webpages and various games. Simply put, it remained unchallenged as THE big batt phone. Sure, Cloudfone also released the Thrill 530qx with a 4500 mAh battery, but it had a Qualcomm MSM8225Q processor which is pretty much dead-on-arrival with that 960x540 screen. *Update: I have finally confirmed that the Thrill 530qx sports a MediaTek MTK6589M chipset. I've led to believe otherwise by most sources, including Cloudfone sales personnel that it used a quad core Qualcomm chipset.

More recently, I heard news that Cherry Mobile would release a 5.0", 4,000 mAh phone with USB OTG. That piqued my interest. Then I found out it had a MediaTek MTK6582M processor and thought to myself: "Damn. The gamers would love this for sure.". More surprising is the price. "5,499 Php? Hmm... What's the catch?". Even if I bought it, I was doubtful it would replace my Thrill 430x as a backup phone, which is already sort of "battle hardened". But due to the sheer scarcity of reasonably price big batt phones, I also hoped that reviewing this will raise interest in bringing in more phones with higher capacity batteries, not just models with shrinking waistlines at the cost of battery capacity given that battery technology hasn't made any significant strides lately. Seeing as there weren't too many big batt phones, even amongst international brands, I finally decided to get one to review, exactly to find out the catch.

*While I have not yet identified the OEM of this device, Micromax of India has also released a virtually identical phone called the Micromax A96, difference being the A96 only has 512 MB of RAM.