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Does the Cash Back App Rakuten Really Give You Free Money?


I absolutely love finding awesome deals online and that is why I am publishing this Rakuten review for all you wonderful readers out there.

I'm always on the lookout for free money and I noticed that the cash back app Rakuten was a really popular way to get this.

You essentially get free money for shopping. Who doesn't want that?

Remember Ebates? I used it all the time whenever I did any online shopping. Well it turns out that it still exists, but it got renamed Rakuten instead.

Today I will be talking about what this cash back app is, how you can save money by using it, and whether or not it is a scam (it's definitely not - I promise). I've used this app many, many times and with great success!

Click here to sign up for Rakuten, and when you spend $25 online, you will then receive a $10 cash welcome bonus!

Using a Cash Back App for Online Shopping

Using a Cash Back App for Online Shopping

What is Rakuten?

Sounds like a song BoneyM used to sing back in the 70's ... or was that Rasputin?

Anyways, you're probably asking the question, "What is Rakuten?" Here is a description taken directly from their website:

"Rakuten is where you can get Cash Back for shopping at over 2,500 stores. Becoming a member is free! Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending you their way, and Rakuten shares the commission with you as Cash Back. Get paid every three months, plus earn a cash bonus when you join and shop. Founded in 1998, Rakuten has paid members over $1 billion Cash Back."

To find out how much cash back you will be getting, just look at the percentage number next to the store name while you're on the Rakuten website.

To earn cash back from stores featured on the website, all you have to do is log into your account and click on whatever brand you are interested in shopping at. There are over 2,000 stores where you can earn cash back, so there are plenty of options (some of the stores include eBay, Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, Old Navy and more.).

You shop online just like you normally would and you will earn cash back aka: free money. Yes, it’s that easy.

Also, Rakuten is free to use. There is no monthly subscription fee or anything like that. It is absolutely free to use.

Save Even More Money By Using Coupon Codes and Discounts

You know what's awesome about saving money? Saving even MORE money!

One of the great features of Rakuten is that you're saving money while shopping by using their app (or website) and you can save even more money by being able to apply coupon codes, promotional codes or discounts on your store's website just like you would when you normally shop there.

In addition to double cash back deals for certain stores, Rakuten’s homepage also features holiday deals, featured daily deals and e-gift cards.

Too many people think that if you shop through the Rakuten website or app, that you can't make use of other money saving discounts or coupon codes. That is simply not true!

In fact, stacking a double cash back discount through Rakuten along with a store's discount PLUS a coupon code is the ultimate way to get the maximum amount of cash back.

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Is Rakuten a Scam?

NO! Rakuten is not a scam. I am writing this review because I have benefited greatly in the past from using Rakuten, and I didn’t even think about it really. In fact, I felt really stupid for not having used it sooner.

The way Rakuten makes their money is by being an affiliate themselves, and that is how they are able to give us free money. They make money whenever you shop through their link, just like when you click on someone’s affiliate link they have on their website they make a bit of money.

For example: Old Navy is one of the stores listed. Old Navy pays a percentage to Rakuten for being an affiliate and for referring customers to them. Rakuten then gives you a little bit of that percentage for using their website. This way everyone wins and no scam was necessary. It’s all legit.

When it comes to a cash back comparison, Rakuten wins hands down. So please don’t worry that this is some kind of scam site because it’s not. It’s been around for quite a while.


How Do I Use it?

The first step is to create an account. You can register online or download the app for iOS or Android.

When I signed up for Rakuten, I registered online.

When you first register, you'll need to provide an email address and create a password. You won't have to enter any personal information beyond that, but it’s best to immediately choose a payment method and set that up before you start shopping.

To do this, click on the “Account” tab in the app or click “My Account” on the website.

If you’re using the app, click “Choose How to Get Paid.”

From the website, click “Account Settings” and scroll down to “How would you like to get paid?” Then, you can add an address to get paid via check or link your PayPal account for direct deposit.

On the Canadian site, you can also choose to get paid in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Once you log in, you can begin browsing cash back offers from the website or app.

When you find a cash back offer on a store you would like to shop at slick the "shop now" button. Rakuten then re-directs you to the store's website.

Shop as you normally would online, making sure you take full advantage of any sales, discount, coupon codes, etc., that your online store is offering.

Remember, this doesn't affect the cash back you will receive from Rakuten on their website.


How Do I Get My Free Money?

As long as you have a cash back balance of $5.01 minimum in your Rakuten account, you will receive your money four times in a year (every three months).

Make sure you have selected your payment method: PayPal or Cheque (or Amazon e-gift card in Canada as a third option).

Other ways to get free money with Rakuten:

  • Install the Rakuten browser extension to activate cash back directly on store sites and automatically apply coupons.
  • Get the Rakuten app on your smart phone device.
  • Add stores to your favorites to be the first to know about extra Cash Back, deals and coupons.
  • Add a credit card to your Rakuten account to get Cash Back in stores, at restaurants and e-gift cards.
  • Refer your friends to earn a cash bonus for each friend that signs up.
  • There is also a Rakuten cash back Visa credit card to help you earn an extra 3% cash back on Rakuten purchases.

Questions About the Rakuten App

How many stores are there to shop at?

There are 3,500 stores to shop from.

Currently on the Canadian website there are over 750 to choose from.

Do I have to upload a picture of my receipt?

No. Instead, you either make your purchase through one of Rakuten's affiliate links or with your linked credit or debit card. Either way, Rakuten will automatically track your eligible transactions and your cash back rewards will accumulate in your Rakuten account until the designated payday (every three months).

How does the Rakuten app rate on the app stores?

On Google play it currently sits at 4.2 with 72,118 reviews.

On The App Store it has a rating of 4.8 with 237.3K reviews.

So Does the Cash Back App Rakuten Really Give You Free Money After All?

The short answer is yes.

The fine print says that in order to get that money, you are required to spend money.

The good news is that if you are already buying items online, you can save a lot more money by purchasing those items through the Rakuten app or through the Rakuten website.

If you want free money without spending a single dollar, then you need to get your friends to sign up for an account and spend their money so you can get a bonus reward as a thank you.

I hope this article helps you understand how Rakuten works and I hope that you will now be able to save even more money than you did before!

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