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Can iTunes Gift Cards Be Used on Android? Yes: Here's How

iTunes is one of the most known digital stores in the world. The service, provided by Apple to people using their device, but also everyone having a PC with iTunes software installed, allows to purchase and listen to digital music. In addition, it is possible to rent and buy movies and books, so that everyone can easily build a digital catalogue of different types of content, without forgetting the ability to purchase apps on iOS devices.

An iPhone device

An iPhone device

The Limits of iTunes

iTunes is one of the most complete digital stores in the world, still it has an important limitation, that follows the general idea of Apple as a closed ecosystem that is meant to work well for people using both services and devices of the same company: it cannot be used on Android phones. This means basically that, unlike Google Play store allowing people to buy books and movies to be played also on iOS devices through official apps, iTunes Store allows to purchase digital content that will be available only on Apple devices or on PCs having iTunes software installed.

How to Deal With iTunes Gift Cards if You Are Not an Apple User?

Having explained the iTunes limitations people are facing if they do not use Apple devices, how to deal with the situation in which an Android user gets an iTunes gift card, for example as an award or as a gift? Being an Android user, an ITunes gift card is something hard to completely take a benefit of, especially if one considers that there are no apps for Android allowing to play movies or read books purchased on the Apple digital store. It is clearly easier for an Apple user to take benefit of a Google Play card instead of the opposite, in which the only solution for users not having Apple devices would be to stick with a PC in order to experience purchased digital content, with the only alternative available consisting in switching to iPhone, not generally a great idea if considered only because of the limitations of a digital store. Luckily, there is still an opportunity for Android users to redeem their iTunes gift cards, even if this would only mean being able to purchase music.

How Android Users Can Purchase Music on iTunes

Android users can easily purchase music on iTunes because they can listen to it even on their phone. This is possible not only because Apple has released a specific Music app for Android devices (the only official app from Apple allowing to enjoy iTunes content on iPhone, even if it works only with an Apple Music subscription, so not with purchased songs), but also because digital songs are exempt from DRM protection, so that they can be easily downloaded as free audio files and then played locally or uploaded to cloud services like YouTube Music without being obliged to stick with Apple Music official app. In order to proceed with purchasing music from iTunes and listening to it on an Android device, these passages have to be performed:

  1. Install iTunes software on a PC or Mac and sign up or login to an existing Apple ID;
  2. Redeem iTunes gift card within the software and browse for music to purchase;
  3. After having spent your balance and downloaded songs on your PC, it's time to take them and transfer them to your phone: in alternative, also uploading them to a cloud service like YouTube Music may be a good idea.

If you listen to music by using subscription services like Spotify, you can instead consider to pause your existing subscription and use your iTunes gift card in order to pay for an Apple Music membership until you have spent all your balance: in this case, after having subscribed, you can download Apple Music app on Android phone and enjoy your membership.


Having an Android phone and receiving an iTunes gift card does not mean urging to sell it a low price on an online marketplace: purchasing some songs or simply subscribing to Apple Music (and maybe pausing existing subscriptions at another music streaming service) may be both good alternatives to enjoy the gift even without being an Apple user at all.

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