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Boss DR-770 Low Battery Error Message: Easy Fix & Replacement

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Snort the Billz, and DIY, I'm all about saving the coin so....

Low Battery Error Message on the Boss DR 770

If you are flipping on the power button and seeing a "Low Battery" message on the screen this is a quick tutorial on how to replace the internal battery of the Boss DR-770 drum machine.

The process is incredibly simple using just a couple phillips-head screwdrivers. But take care in finding the right sizes so you do not strip the screws. More on that below.

I recently pickup a Boss DR770 in "great condition" from a seller that failed to mention that it was unusable due to the low battery error. So here's the fix.

Opening up the Boss DR770

In the pictures below the yellow circles indicate what screws need to be removed in order to open the case. For reference the standard size screwdriver and the smaller version needed to open the case are shown.

These are screwdrivers that come in the free set with purchase from Harbor Freight. Even if you buy them they are about $1.99 for a set of six and they are great for electronics. I personally stock up and file the tips to match different types of small screws. They work great for cheap.


DR 770 Internals

Once you have the outer casing screws out from the bottom. Or completely lose so you can flip over the machine and they will fall out (they are all the same size so no need to keep track of placement here). Gently work off the bottom of the casing.

Once off, this is a good time to give it a good scrubbing with some soap water and a sponge. I usually like to take the full machine apart for a good cleaning, but this one really didn't need it so with the exception of lifting the top visible board the disassembly stops there.

In the picture below the two screws will need to be removed (they are the pupils of the eyes in my silly drawing).


Once that board is unscrewed on right side of the machine there is a pinout plug that can or cannot be removed (pictured below). If you are comfortable with what you are doing you should have no problem disconnecting it. On the flip side if you are in absolute fear of how your machine looks right now just leave it plugged in, as removing it only allows for a little more room.


Lets Get that Battery Out

Gently pull the board back (and slightly up if you didn't unclip the pinout clip), and you will see the battery with a piece of fabric tape on it.

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Gently pull off the tape with a jewelers screwdriver (take care not to scratch the board) or your fingers and a hair dryer can even be used to heat up the 20 year old glue for easy removal.

The battery itself can be pushed torward the back of the machine and will pop out with finger pressure, once out, replace with another 2032 battery and place the tape back down.

Reverse the steps to close up the machine. If you did pull out the connector, make sure it is fully seated before closing up the unit.

Always remember, this is plastic, a firm finger tightness is enough, no need to crank down on the screws.

Plug it in and it will prompt for re-initialization. Once complete it should work like it did the day it came out of the factory.

Now give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!!!


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Writen4u (author) on December 01, 2020:

Glad it helped. Thanks.

Kip on July 21, 2020:

I switched the battery and am still getting the "Battery Low" message when I turn on the power. The only way past it is to hit "Stop/Exit" which gives me a "Back up Memory NG" message. If I hit that, I lose all my new programming. Any suggestions?

Paul on July 16, 2020:

Thanks for this!!! I decided to dust off my dr-770 and when I got the low battery message I was expecting to have to buy a new power supply. About 20 minutes later it was up and running.

Nora Roseberry on July 05, 2020:

Thank you so much! I got my Dr Rhythm out again after many years and fixed it per your instructions. These are great machines.

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