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Blogs and Social Networks How To

Blogs and Social Networks were a catalyst for the growth of the Internet. The wave of happenings, information, and connection can overwhelm.

What is a Blog or Social Network Really?

What is a blog or social network really? What are they for? Since the dawn of the information age has come to blossom, the Internet world has blossomed as well.

The connect-ability and reaching out for new and unique social settings and situations have spawned an influx of interesting and viable resources for information sharing and socialization. The social network scenario has come to a momentous explosion, with every viable type of interest, hobby, business, and group represented. The socialization and search-ability of the Internet, (thanks in a major way to Google) has become fun, entertaining, informative, and interactive.

People from every walk of life are exchanging knowledge and information. They are having fun in the process with the different forums for social networking. The games, chats, groups, networks, and topics are limitless.

The definition of a blog is really just an online diary of sorts, a shared journal of whatever the author finds interesting and worthy of sharing. The postings usually sit in chronological order or reverse chronological order. Typically updated daily or weekly, the blog entries reflect a particular topic, the personality of the author, and possibly what they are passionate about.

A blog is a social network in itself, maybe far removed from your contacts more so than a static website oriented toward a group gathering, but still a social network of blogs and bloggers in itself.

Now, a social network includes sometimes a sub set of blogs, hosted on the social network site, blogger groups, and then a variety of other groups, networks, people, topics, graphics, profiles, and fun.

A Social Network is defined as any website that allows multiple users to publish content themselves. The information may be on any subject and seen by potential friends, mates, group members, employers, or employees.

Creation of your profile at various social network sites is your stamp or first contribution to any social network. Exchanging public and private messages, list groups they are connected to, and make friends in a variety of ways. Commenting on others submissions is a great way to interact in the social network world.

The core topics and who the social network draws to its site are key to choosing if that site is for you. Most of the social networks around are free to join and become a member of. This will allow you the freedom to get to know a site and see if it is for you or not. Get connected on the Internet and enjoy.

Stephanie Haile Google Me aka Wavecritter ;)

Blogs and Social Networks

  • Blogs and Social Networks
    The Changing Internet, How Blogs and Social Networks Have Transformed, Disappeared, Died, Evolved, Commenced, Graduated, been Revitalized, and Awakened. The Journey of Blogs And Social Networks.

Blogs and Social Networks

Social Network Today

With any social network today, joining groups, and interacting is a must. Being sure your blog site URL is available, this will help greatly in your friends getting to know you better. Be sure to list your blog URL at every social network you have a profile. Set up some time, every 2 to 5 days, a minimum is once a week for your social networks.

Prioritize the social networks you are a member of. Give them a rank of sorts on which ones you visit more often. If you know you will be super busy one week, let every know what you are doing, so they won't miss you too much. Everyone here is your friend and I know I worry when I don't here from someone in my group for a week or better. Keeping in touch with your new friends is important.

Always be kind, even in a disagreement or when you are commenting. There is always a chance for disagreements with any social network today, but keeping your thoughts and word friendly, respectful, and pleasant is always appreciated. Make friends and add every one you are able to and see who you like best out of the group and get to know those people. People are cool! And everyone has things that they are good at and know about. You can tell them about stuff you know....hobbies, interests, Vacations you took, what kind of pet you have and love, anything that you would like to share.

Put your business aside and in your profile area. Using the signature for your blog site url is a much more personal way to introduce yourself than to shout "Here, Look at My Business".

Asking questions is best, but only if you really are interested in what the answer is and joining or starting a group can be a fun way to meet like minded friends. One of the best groups to join is a blogging group. Those interested in this topic, the people who like this in the social networks are online a lot! You will be able to talk to them more frequently. And list your personal site in with social network group.

Blogging and Social networks have been called one of the addicting fads. Many teenagers have resorted to posting as an outlet for their emotions in a positive way. Teenagers and young people as well as the older posting crowd, have new artistic talents and great informational articles out there posted in the social network sites or on personal blog sites.

Many online bloggers and people in the social network today write reviews. Reviews are meant for your personal opinion on any topic in the known Universe! Be sure to review mainly that what you enjoy! But, throw in a well worded review here and there about a topic, site, or personal post site that could be better and why you think so. What social network today is really all about is getting closer to a family of friends in the World, not just your home town. It is brilliant to me that so many are looking for new friends and conversation buddies.

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That's pretty much the base line of the social network today, meet friends, have fun, and set up a great profile... Enjoy!

Stephanie Haile Google Me aka Wavecritter

Below Is A Radio Station Social Network That You Should Check Out! A Blogging Community, Social Network, and Radio Show combined!

Blog Talk Radio How To

Blogger, MySpace, And Facebook

Google Blogger is one of the top three blog-sites out there and, in my opinion, the easiest of the blog sites to get going with. The step by steps are all laid out and you create a brilliant blog with GOOGLE!

MySpace is my personal favorite of the social networks. MySpace focus is mainly on music, games, and groups. You can create an outstanding layout and listen to and find tons of friends, music, and fun.

Facebook is quite different from MySpace in that the mass friend-age capabilities aren't as great, nor would you want them to be. The applications at Facebook are fun, but if you have too many friends you would not be able to keep up with them all. Below you will find a How to Video on Facebook.

Facebook How To

Zone Defense The Superbowl of Blogging

Taking your winning team to the Super Bowl of blogging will require a bit of time and every day consistency, not by every member of your blog squad, but by one or two team players taking action everyday.

Identify your assembled group of bloggers, and assign days of the week to each person. A one on one defense could never begin to be effective on the Internet because of the sheer size of the opposing team. Each blogger on your team will create a "niche" blog to cover their zone and then spend an hour or two each week promoting their individual site.

Methods of advertising your site would be to use free ad sites, posting positive comments on others blog sites, submitting your site to a traffic exchange, linking your site on a link list with every other team member, and including your site url as a part of your signature file on forums and in your outgoing email.

Each member of your zone defense covers his zone by posting positive comments that add a contribution on the other members sites and then posts on other blogs on his topic outside the team using his signature file.

The team member then visits forum sites in his zone niche and makes new posts, comments, and answers others questions. Playing a zone requires less personal time because of the team. Many hands make lighter work is very relevant here.

Defining the "captain" early in the plan is a must. This is the hub blog site where everyone's blog is listed without fail, this is the site everyone will be attached to, then attach this site to heavy hitter sites. A heavy hitter site is one where many posts are made daily and many, many visitors come through. Being responsible for a certain area of the "playing field", your team will be counting on you.

Using zone defense in the Super Bowl of blogging reduces the amount of individual time spent on advertising one site. Work independently together and the ring will be yours.

Stephanie Haile Google Me aka Wavecritter

Blogs and Social Networks Surfin The Net

Social Network Marketing

Social Network Marketing is actually a conglomerate of separate sites, all melded together. There are blogs, online social networks, forums, chat rooms, emails, groups, Skype, Google, Yahoo, MSN, other chat areas, and IM's, just to name a few.

Using these outstanding and unique sites can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but taking the few minutes to learn each will help and taking on only one at a time will also benefit the learning experience greatly. All of the types of Social Network Marketing are similar in some ways. Taking these similarities into play, let's look at some tips other than navigation that I can help with.

Choosing about five keywords to get you started with your blog sites, web sites, and other places that you can use keywords, will increase the chances of landing on page one of the search engines. Then, as you add keywords to your list, it will be easier to use them and remember them properly. Same principle as the memory test where you start with yellow, red, blue, and green...then add purple. So now you remember yellow, red, blue, green, and purple. Then, add one more keyword each few days or so to your list for the Social Network Marketing places you go.

Visiting blog sites you enjoy, on topics you already know about, will create an at home feeling for you, very comfortable. My favorite teacher once told me to "write what I know" Same principle here. If you don't know about surfing lingo, don't try to comment too much on a surfer site "Dude". :)

You have a lifetime's experience with making friends, again, do what you know, make friends on the blog sites. Picture this, you wouldn't bust into a social party and dance about singing loudly about your fantastic business opportunity, terrific product, or incredible service. Make friends first. Find people with like interests, so you have a fun time chatting. Put yourself in the comment receivers seat, would you want that comment on your blog, social network page, or in your email box?

Most importantly, you cannot break a blog or social network. If it's totally messed up, you can always delete everything and start over if you want, or just delete the things that you aren't happy with and re-post them. Social Network Marketing is just that, social. Let's be friendly and really get to know a bit about each other before we start pitching business opportunities. People are cool! Let's talk sometime.

The How Tos

Digg is a great site to combine and mix with your blog and social networks sites. Add your social networks and blogs to the bookmarking fray in both sites!

How to Digg It!


OsakaSaul on August 20, 2011:

Don't want to forget for blog cross-promotion.

DeAd Dolls Inc on June 01, 2011:

Voted UP loved the hub. Thank you for writing this.


Wavecritter (author) from Cocoa Beach, Florida on February 06, 2011:

Wow, has the blogs and social networks scene changed again in the past two years. MySpace hit a glitch about then when they introduced the captcha systems, interestingly about the same time Facebook started gaining popularity =) I believe the Captcha boxes were the main cause to the falling in ranks of MySpace and conversely the rise of Facebook.

Dan Harmon from Boise, Idaho on February 05, 2011:

Interesting, and more information that I've seen on the whole world of social networking and blogging. It is something that never really interested me, but times are changing. I will have to look into it further.

Wavecritter on August 15, 2008:

Has everyone seen the latest updates everywhere just about! Holy cow :) Updates to beat the band :) Blogger has some newness on the layout area adding elements, check those out for certain if you have a blog at Googles blogspot and Wordpress has just released a ton of updates as well :) MySpace .... kudos to MySpace!

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