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Blog Name Ideas and Blog Name Generators

Choosing the perfect name for your new blog is an important task... much like naming a kid. Once it's been named, it's hard to change it! When your blog begins to amass followers and lots of views, it can be tricky to change it because it will become your online identity, and it may mean losing casual viewers who may have trouble finding you under your new name.

The best blog names will:

  • be unique and memorable
  • reflect you/what your blog is talking about

Easier said than done! This article will guide you through the steps of creating an awesome blog name that you can be happy with.


Coming Up With the Perfect Name

To begin, think about emotion what you want your blog name (and content) to evoke. Are you after a funny blog name? An inspiring one?

To come up with a great blog name, you may find it helpful to create a mind map.

Start by writing the main idea of your blog, and what you'll mainly be writing about. Also write down the tone you intend to write your blog in (for example, funny, serious, inspirational, whimsical).

Now write related words and synonyms of your main blog topic around what you've written so far. For example, if you were to write a blog complaining about working in customer service, words may include:

  • Retail
  • Clerk
  • Customers
  • Selling

Homonyms and rhymes can be a good way to come up with a catchy blog title, especially if you're after a funny title. Go around to every word on your mind map, and write down a homonym (if they have one) and any rhyming words you think have potential.

Results so far

From this method, I've thought of a number of suitable names while working my way though the mindmap. When this happens to you, write them down for you to look through later, even if you think they are terrible. It may grow on you, or it may make you think of a better idea. All you're doing now is brainstorming.

For example, my list so far looks like this:

  • The Berserk Clerk
  • Yelling and Selling
  • Retail Fails
  • Retail Sales Fails
  • Cuss-tomers
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Now, think about your audience. Around what age do you imagine most of your audience to be? Are they male or female?

For example, if you're writing a blog about budget backpacking, you're likely to have a fairly young audience. On the other hand, if you're writing about crochet patterns there will still be a range of ages but your audience is likely to be older.

Think about what's appealing about your blog to your audience? Go through your list of blog name ideas with your audience in mind, and remove any that aren't appropriate for your audience.

Sleep on it.

Some time to think and let your brain subconsciously work on the problem will be good- you may wake up with inspiration and suddenly know what the blog name should be. If not, don't stress... there's no need to rush. In the meantime you can start working on some blog posts. This may help with the naming process as well.

No Unintended Double Meanings

Write the name down with and without spaces, and show it to your family and friends. Type it into Urban Dictionary. Read it backwards (especially if you're using your name in the title... and your name is Lana).

You don't want your blog to have any unfortunate double meanings.

I learnt this the hard way... one time when I tried to start a blog, I didn't realize that when the spaces were removed and it became one large word, a word that was slang for a depraved sex act was formed in the middle of it. I only discovered this when I showed my new blog to my friends. After purchasing the domain name.

Has the name been taken?

It is best if your online identity is consistent across different social media platforms. You can quickly make sure the name is available as domain and on lots of different social media sites at

Still no luck? Try a blog name generator.

Add a last resort or to provide some inspiration, why not try a blog name generator?

Some good ones include:

Wordroid creates a new word, which is designed to sound like it could be a real word. You can specify a word you want to appear somewhere in the made up word too.



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