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BlackBerry Guide 101: How To Wipe And Load OS Using Loader.exe


I hope this article will benefits those who love to install hybrids and even trying out new OS on their BlackBerry. I still remember my first time loading a new OS into my lovely BlackBerry and I certainly remember the adrenaline rush at that moment. There are many ways one can wipe and load BlackBerry OS such as using either BBSAK or Loader.exe. For me, I personally use BBSAK more than Loader.exe but certainly, both are equally good. Before I proceed, this is the link towards my article on How To Wipe And Load BlackBerry OS Using BBSAK.

Wiping and loading BlackBerry OS using Loader.exe is an easy task

Wiping and loading BlackBerry OS using Loader.exe is an easy task

Easy and straightforward

I got to be honest here. I believe BlackBerry Loader.exe is easier to use compared to BBSAK but in terms of 'cleanliness', there is a possibility that BBSAK does the job better. Did I mention that when you use Loader.exe to load or wipe BlackBerry OS, it will automatically re-install all your previous apps back to your device. So how cool is that? Without any further delay, here is the guide.


  1. Latest Desktop Manager installed into computer or laptop
  2. Desired BlackBerry OS are installed too

Here's the guide on using Loader.exe

1. Always backup your BlackBerry device. It takes less than 5 minutes to do so. Even though the chances of failure is extremely low, it could still happen right?

2. You could also take the opportunity to backup your BlackBerry applications but I usually prefer a fresh download once everything is in place.

3. Once backup is down, close Desktop Manager and ensure the program is not running backup. If desired, you could restart your computer.

4. Open up My Computer and follow this closely:

My Computer > Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > AppLoader

5. Double click to open AppLoader folder and search for a specific file name 'Vendor.xml' and deleting it. This is vital because if you do not delete the vendor file, the installation will automatically abort itself.

6. Once deleted, scroll up until the top and you will find the Loader.exe program.

7. This is the right time as if you have not done any backup (or forgotten to), you should do a backup before proceeding with this.


8. Connect the USB cable to your BlackBerry and once a connection is done with the computer, you are good to go for the next step.

9. Run Loader.exe to wipe and load the BlackBerry OS.

10. From here, it is pretty straight forward. Right after you run the program, it would ask you (again) if you would like to perform a backup. Yes or No and the wiping will start.

11. The whole wiping and loading process will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Go grab some coffee and by the time you are back, the loading will be completed. For some devices, it takes more than 30 minutes to complete the whole task.

12. Once finished, always perform a battery pull.


  • Using Loader.exe to wipe and load BlackBerry OS is pretty straight forward
  • Always remember to do a backup to be on the safe side

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abbey4more on November 15, 2014:

hello pls how can i use bbsak to reload my bb os bcos i install os for my fone and is tellling me dat os not found

milesconsulting from Sacramento on April 01, 2012:

Great Blackberry usage tips! You can get exchange hosting for them at fairly inexpensively. Thanks for this hub!

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