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Beware! Imposters Can Deceive Impatient Social Media Users

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With Digital media, things have become easier and outputs have become quicker than ever. Agreed. For sure. However, success (real and lasting) was never easy and quick and never will be. A big breakthrough is a result of a lot of hardships, failures, or experiences.

After porn was banned from youtube, I believe one of the most searched things is, 'How to earn so and so money in no time with little or no effort.' Even if you just type - how to earn money, the results (Due to numerous shitty SEO practices) will show, 'how to make easy money in no time on top of the list.

Those who are fed up with unemployment or too young to scrutinize what's real and what's fake can easily fall prey to such videos. Youtube channels, Instagram accounts, and Facebook pages are home to such crooked influencers to fool people into signing up for their shady schemes.

1. Duplicate Affiliate Marketing Chain
2. Fishy Stats and Accomplishment
3. Some Schemes aren't all inclusive

1. Duplicate Affiliate Marketing Chain

Affiliate marketing is the most suspicious way to become rich if learned from illegitimate sources. Once I saw a post on one of the Facebook groups I follow. It said, 'How to work part-time and earn thousands of bucks within a week.' Then they backed up this claim by putting some pictures out there of millionaires who haven't got a single mustache hair yet.

As I reached out to the person who mentioned their WhatsApp number, it all made 'non' sense. They invited many like us to join affiliate marketing. They asked me to do what they do. I was asked to buy their products in exchange for five thousand bucks and lure others on Facebook and Instagram to buy the same products. Also, convince them to attract more people to do the same. The more people I grow under me, the greater will be my commission. This is chain marketing.

I dug deeper and found out that it's the wrong way to affiliate market. No one really asks you to buy their products and sell only those products through their website and call it affiliate marketing. Jeff Bezos will laugh out loud at such affiliate marketing programs.

2. Fishy Stats and Accomplishments

Why mostly the teenage population fall prey to fishy money-making schemes like the one described above?

It's because adolescents possess hotter blood than adults. Have you seen a boy or a girl (exception: Justin Bieber as a teenager) ten or twenty years younger, showing off in front of cameras and driving expensive cars? The stats of bogus 'become rich' programs fool them. They are on a money-making spree until the scam isn't disclosed. They became stars of the day or week or even a month. But where do these showy people go after a year or two? They return to the long and safe route to make bucks.

Experience makes adults think twice after they come across the stats that show how anyone can make so much money in just a matter of time. Many YouTubers throw self-edited screenshots after the vibrant intro of their channel. Even a fifth-grade kid can make changes to the numbers of the original success graph (stolen from a wealthy businessman who really sweated to make every cent) with little training.

What are the stats about? The stats represent business growth, views, likes, money earned, and such. Surprisingly the graph of stats is always rising of a doubtful so-called entrepreneur. Young audiences fall prey to the fake number game. Another trick fake business owners use is to show their made-up accomplishments.

Accomplishments include fake rewards and lavish living status - cruises, casinos, pools, and cars to name a few. Either those pictures are totally edited or true for a limited period of time, only doomed to face a terrific downfall in the nearing future.

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3. Some Schemes Aren't All-Inclusive

I don't claim that every other money-making scheme on Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook is dubious. Some entrepreneurs appear fake because what they do might not be everyone's can of Soda Pop. Their business blooms because they already have a large number of visitors, leads, or customers they once attracted by sending eye-catching emails to innocent social media users.

You don't have so many people flocking to your posts. Moreover, you won't mostly get any real training on how to increase followers. That's why you won't be able to make more people buy products in case of a shady affiliate marketing scheme. You enroll in their course and can't see the results! The over-smart business owners are having multiple streams of income.

For instance - Their Youtube channel. They are fooling you, saying that applying to their only course can make you filthy rich in an unreasonable amount of time. All in All, these sly influencers/entrepreneurs aren't working with integrity.

You will think twice before investing your time and money into something that makes you give up your integrity. That means the shiny dollar-yielding shit isn't made for people like you or me.

What are some of the fraud or 'too-passive-for-one-life' online schemes to look out for:

1. Whatsapp contacts that drag you into chain marketing or doubtful affiliate marketing
2. Make money listening to music or watching videos (Most of them)
3. Make 100 Dollars per day/hour using this trick. The trick is mostly selling/promoting products.
4. Trade and earn with distrustful companies

Firstly the above offers aren't fair ways to re-fill your empty bank account. If they are then they are too passive leaving begging on the streets a better option.

For instance, to make money listening to music, you need to have a lot of followers following your playlist. Not all of us are viral content spreaders. To be frank! You are heading towards something that doesn't feel that promising as you spend more time on it.

Even if you find some legit source that makes decent money, you can't be sure of its longevity. You can't rely on it as an option that will someday make you quit your toxic 9-to-5 job or a stressful yet satisfying start-up.

One who throws a successful digital presence by following a fake scheme is the one who has either sold their integrity or has multiple other (legit) sources of income. Such people want followers, likes, and money. They don't care if they actually want people to make money by taking a long but safe route.

So, why waste time and energy on a side hustle that is totally scam, or too passive, having no long-term impact on your finances? Instead, you can put your energy into doing what feels connected to your purpose.

Use Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook with caution as the hoodwinkers hire good-looking girls to attract dorks who are sitting upright in front of their screens with their tongues out in an expectation to grab a quick money-making scheme online.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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