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Best blog niche to make money easily


You might be thinking about starting a blog and millions of ideas bouncing around your head. But confused about where to start or the idea will work or not. It’s a little bit of a head-scratcher but you are not alone. To become a professional blogger, choosing a blog niche is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. There are millions of niches on the internet, but a perfect niche can give you a head start. In this article, I’ll try to cover on few best blog niches and how they fit into blogging, and how this will become one of your best-earning sources!

Before go further firstly we need to know about few basic things such as..

  • What is blog?
  • How to make a blog?
  • And what is a blog niche?

What is blog?

A blog is an informational website or online journal that updates regularly with new content and these are normally written articles. And these are called post, appears in reverse chronological order with the latest post at the top. In another way Its a platform where creative content creator shares their views on an individual subject.

How to make a blog

When it comes to your blogging platform, there are plenty of options available along with many great free ones. To start your blog, you need three key things:

1. A domain name: The address of your blog website ( Normally a domain costs around $8-$15 per year.

2. Web hosting: An online storage for your blog website, so that visitors can access it with your domain. There are a lot of hosting providers who provide hosting with a free domain like BlueHost, GoDaddy, Digital Ocean, and so on. It cost around $5-19 per year.

3. A CMS platform: There is plenty of CMS platform to create blog website without any coding knowledge. WordPress could be your best option to start. WordPress is easy to use and comes with thousands of design options and plugins too.

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche refers to a specific topic that you'll write about on your blog website. Meaning you will be blogging about one specific topic.

Why blog niche is important?

A specific niche focuses on your blog content. If you want to write about any subject or topic that comes to your mind, your blog may become chaotic. Visitors might get confused about what your blog is and this can a reason for failing your blog content.

A scattered topic or subject may make it more difficult to get a dedicated audience. The audience typically searches with what they are actually looking for. If your blogs will cover many areas, it will be tough to encourage the readers who first time reading your blog.

Sticking to a specific niche can help to establish your skill of writing content or credibility. Writing with one or a few topics gives you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge, rather than thousands of topics.

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Niche to choose

It’s easy to start with your passionate one. Even there is a lot of blogger in online, who might suggest you start with your passionate one. In my blogging career, I’ve seen that way doesn’t work in most cases. If you really want to earn from home online with your blogging skill, you should choose a niche that is already proven to be profitable.

Now let’s come up with a few best blog niches to boost your blogging career!

These are all proven to be profitable niches that have been around for years and can help you to generate an income funnel.

01. Finance: We all need money to live. And most of us want to earn more money and spend less, save more. Blogs related to finance attracts a huge audience. Generally, for the finance niche, you might choose to write about money-saving tips, market tips, mortgages, student loans, cost-cutting tips, and so on.

02. Food: Everyone eats to live! So naturally, food is a popular blogging topic. You can gain a number of readers by your food recipe post. According to an income report, each month plenty of food blogs getting a better ranking more than others. Even you can write on a particular diet or easy meals that taste great or maybe about gluten-free recipes. Advertising, affiliate links, or your own recipe book could be a great way to monetize your food blog.

03. Fashion: Fashion is another most popular blogging niche and most searched topic on the web. By choosing this niche there is a quite good chance to get huge organic traffic within a few times since a huge number of people are looking to read and follow new content in this niche.

04. Lifestyle: Lifestyle blogging is about a range of different topics that are connected with the same audience and these include..

  • Parenting blogs
  • Travel blogs
  • Pet blogs
  • Decor and homemaking blogs
  • Daily lifestyle blogs
  • DIY blogs

the mix of the topic is up to you, but its must-doing thing is to make sure your blog is built with a clear brand to give focus and the right direction.

05. Health and Fitness: Almost every people really value their health and fitness. So sear volume of this niche is naturally high. It’s a lucrative niche and there are thousands of blogs that will be competing with you. For this niche, you might choose to write about a particular diet routine, A particular type of daily exercise, A particular approach to heal or write about your own experience on a health journey.

06. Online earning: There are around 268 million blogs on this niche and a new blog is published every 0.2 seconds. So if you will choose to start your blogging career with this niche can rest assured of success.

Now you might get a clear idea about choosing blog niches. So before you start, make sure to choose a perfect blog niche.

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