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5 Best Budget Prepaid Senior Citizen Cell Phones 2018

Prepaid Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

As your loved ones get older their ability to see and physically do things that they used to do changes. For this reason it becomes increasingly important both for a senior's safety and well-being that they are able to adjust to the changes that happen to them. Being able to properly operate a cell phone not only allows them to have communication with you, it's also a safety device if they ever took a fall or needed help.

While some senior citizens are familiar with and find cell phones easy-to-use, others would rather just have a cell phone that essentially acts like a phone. Because I have loved ones in my family who need this extra support, I've been able to look into many different types of phones and come up with a few that I think are the best cell phones for aging seniors.


5 Good Value Cell Phones For Seniors

The first question to ask yourself when looking for a cell phone for the senior citizen you love and take care of is what type of cell phone plan you want for them.

On the one hand, your senior may still be very active and want a plan that's unlimited so that he/she doesn't feel limited. For senior citizens keeping in contact with you and their friends is important to them (especially if they live alone). So keep in mind that plans that involve free calls to family or friends or free network to network calls (T-mobile, for example) can save you a lot of money. If you purchase a plan where it is free to call everyone that they want to, then you can have a plan with few minutes, and thus have a plan that is relatively cheap.

Cheap Cell Phones for Seniors

Another option for a senior who uses their home phone more often than not, or just doesn't use the phone much, is to have a prepaid cell phone plan or a pay as you go plan. This way you don't have a monthly fee and they can use their phone as little or as much as they need to.


Snapfon "ez ONE" Cell Phone for Seniors or Low Vision Users

My Choice for the best senior cell phone is the Snapfon "ez ONE" Cellular Telephone for Seniors or Low Vision Users. This incredible cell phone from Snapfon is super easy to see and to use.

This simple to use cell phone is unlocked and works with AT&T and T-mobile, both of which have great plans for seniors (family plans, pay as you go, or prepaid). While this isn't a review on services or plans, it's still important to know that this will fit into the type of plan that you want.

Peace of mind cell phone for seniors

The Snapfon "ez ONE" also incorporates a great emergency response system into this phone. If there was ever an emergency, a one touch S.O.S button on the back is programmed to call up to 4 emergency numbers until someone answers on the other line. No other phone does this.

Simple, Easy to use buttons or Speaking Keypad

Loss of finger dexterity for seniors can lead to their inability to use smaller phones. The easy to use buttons on this phone make it perfect for any senior. If they have lost almost all mobility in their fingers there is a speaking keypad option that repeats numbers back in a loud voice to minimize wrong dials.

Senior Cell Phones: High Intensity L.E.D flashlight and FM Radio

I keep wondering why this isn't included on my phone! For seniors who love options on their phone, or need motivation to carry their phone from place to place this cell phone comes with a high intensity L.E.D flashlight and an FM radio for easy listening. The FM radio automatically shuts off when they receive a call, so they don't ever miss a call.

Additional Features:

Comes with 6 polyphonic ring and alarm tones, calendar, calculator, vibration mute. The box comes with battery, headset, wall charger, lanyard, and soft case. Once the phone is received it can be taken to a GSM service provider to activate or switch a phone number over to it.

About: Simple, Cheap, and Prepaid Cell Phones for Seniors

I hope you've enjoyed this hub on the best senior cell phones. Senior care is is an important and sensitive issue and when taken care of properly aging seniors can enjoy some of the most important years of their lives.

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Joe Schwartz on February 26, 2018:

Where are the other three...the title said five best...but I only see two.

jrj118 on December 23, 2017:

If you want the least expensive cell program and do not use the phone very often, I would suggest checking at an AT&T store for the prepaid Go Phone. They generally do not offer this without asking for it. They supply a phone and about a twenty minutes a month for $35.00 for the year. If you go over the free minutes each month it is $ .10 per minute. Since I do not travel any more this is ideal for me and very inexpensive to have an emergency phone with me in the car at all times.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on July 22, 2017:

I really appreciate this article. You have considered some things that are really important to senior citizens like me. Right now my fingers are so fat it's hard to press the right number or letter. Now I know that we goldies (not oldies) have options.

janet2 on December 30, 2011:

These are all great ones. Natasha I am interested in the Svc one. How has the reception been? The value of the phone is out of this world . I mean my mother doesn't want to spend a penny and refuses to get a phone but the svc seems perfect for her!

Natasha Needs on March 31, 2011:

I completely agree with you J Lester, big fan of the SVC - its doing wonders for my mother (who just turned 80 bless her heart). Whenever she is out running errands or meeting friends for lunch, we can always get ahold of her and know that she is safe. At her age, anything can happen and its important that she always is reachable. And yeah for $7/month, I'd say that's a pretty good deal :) Love the SVC phone

J Lester on February 28, 2011:

@Roger Williams Was just reading through the above comments and couldn't help but think my mom's Tracfone SVC phone has that, and that...and that. I think most of the phones geared towards seniors have the whole big buttons and text, easy navigation, sos, hearing aid compatibility, etc. So actually the phone becomes secondary to plan, price and coverage. Not much good having a senior phone and in an emergency, have no signal.

My suggestion is to establish the strongest network in your area and proceed from there. For example Tracfone runs off AT&T, Verizon and T-mo, so you could pretty much be assured of coverage, providing you get the right phone for the network. Next look at pricing-I know when my mom chose SVC, the decision was based entirely on price-the phone cost around $15 and she pays around $7/month. Please note though, that this is a good option if you don't use your phone much-if you call a lot, maybe a more viable option to look at is something like Net10. Nice thing about going for any prepaid plan is that if it doesn't work for you, or your situation changes, you aren't tied into a 2 year contract.

Roger williams on February 22, 2011:

I am more interested in a cell phone -plan_____plan.

I have a cell phone. I would just like an inexpensive

monthly plan.

Nikki on January 01, 2011:

For me, the best cell phone for seniors these days is the Just5 cell phone. My grandma is using this phone for quite a while now and she finds utmost convenience with this phone. The phone comes with large buttons, bright display, and amplified sound. Plus, it has PERS features that can call for help during emergencies in as easy as a press of a button. I found this phone at

David from Lisbon on December 30, 2010:

The Led light is very useful and I only had a cellphone with one: an old 40$ Nokia with a 3 colour screen :)

Useful Hub as always yours seem to be brandon;


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