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Benefits of Alternative Source of Energy

In these modern times, energy is one of the most essential needs of human beings. Some people believe that governments of each nation should maximize their promotion on use of other sources of energy rather than the conventional one. This writer indeed agrees that such measures are extremely necessary in these times.


First off, energy has become a need rather than a want globally since it powers almost everything around people’s lives. It gives light to houses, enables machineries to work and cars to move from one place to another. The most common source of this energy is fossil fuel which are more known as coal, petroleum and natural gases. These can be extracted by digging, mining or drilling to the ground. The materials are then burned or refined to attain the final product that is needed in every lives such as gasoline, burnt coal and liquid gas. On top of that, further processing can also help in production of rubbing alcohol, water pipes, vitamins and crayons.

However, as much as it is useful, it brings about disadvantages at an alarming scale. The process of refining and burning causes the release of harmful gases that warms up the planet, an event called Greenhouse Effect. Aside from that, most drilling sites for petroleum are located on oceans which can be heavily polluted once an oil spill happens. Moreover, burning coal produces ash, a byproduct that can take years to clean up. Lastly, digging of natural gas affects the geographical composition of Earth and may contribute to occurrence of earthquakes. These are environmental concerns that should alarm every governing body of any country.


On the other side of the coin, there are people who believe that instead of the traditional sources of energy, the government should pursue promotion of clean sources of power. This is in fact a concern of most countries who are pushing for a healthier environment. Some alternatives are Wind, Wave, Hydroelectric, Solar and Biofuel which are all renewable sources of energy. Being such, it implies stable supply and minimal cost of materials. For instance, the solar energy can be obtained by using solar panels which traps energy from sunlight and converts it to electricity. These powerful rays of sun is of unlimited supply that can lower the electricity cost of every household. Additionally, the above mentioned alternatives does not emit greenhouse gases, has no polluting byproducts and can be installed easily. These benefits must be unraveled by the government to its citizens to help them sustain their energy needs in a more environment-friendly way.

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To conclude, this writer believes that the government should strongly promote the use of alternative sources of energy since it is as beneficial but not as harmful compared with fossil fuels. Also, these are more cost-efficient and are globally abundant.

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