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Be Careful with Internet Marketing Seminars

Making Millions on eBay is Harder Than They Would Have You Believe

Making Millions on eBay is Harder Than They Would Have You Believe

Making Millions on eBay is Harder Than They Would Have You Believe

Global Internet Seminar in Hong Kong: Is It a Scam?

Being a full time surgeon doesn't make me immune to internet marketing scams. I do own a couple of websites and am interested in learning. After receiving email alerts of a "Global Internet Seminar in Hong Kong" listing Ewen Chia, Adam Ginsberg, Tom Hua and others as speakers, I paid HK$500 to sign my wife and myself up for the three day seminar. Just one day before the seminar, they sent me an email saying that I could bring a friend for free even though ticket-sales are closed. The first night of the seminar fell on 27 Nov 2009, my nephew's wedding. We unwillingly gave it a miss, but it was actually a blessing in disguise (I'll tell you why). The second day of the seminar was on a Saturday and I could only turn up at 3:30pm after finishing my work. When I turned up at the registration desk and asked about the promised learning material, I was told that it would be on the seat. A yellow wrist band was put on me and I was admitted. I showed my wrist band and was guided to the VIP section of the hall in the front, probably occupying 20% of the seating. I presumed that the non-VIP area seaters were free admissions. When I entered the meeting hall, Ewen Chia was finishing his presentation and making incredible offers to his audience, selling instant internet business programs and lifetime support, in the form of 24 hour skype success etc, valued at US$25,000 but selling for HK$25,000 to the first 50 sign-ups. There was a 8 page booklet on the seat, with 4 lined pages for jotting notes, and no sign of the promised learning material. "Oh, no" was what I told myself. This seminar had appeared dishonest to me so far, why should it evolve into anything different from then on. The next speaker was Adam Ginsberg, au author and speaker on eBay selling. I had previously searched about him on the internet and the accounts were a little mixture of "all-thumbs-up" and scams. Ginsberg gave a very energized, feel-good and well-orchestrated talk on his success on ebay. The presentation included his own experience of making huge sales on ebay, writing a book about it and touring the world teaching people how to do it with money-back guaranteered. Unfortunately, the presentation then started to turn seriously wrong into a sales presentation about his turn-key ebay business package. There was a serious slip in reasoning: his initial success with eBay had nothing to do with his software and business package which wasn't around at the time. Again he was selling it at 90% off the would-be price and giving away a one day seminar in Hong Kong in 2010, without a date fixed. The too-good-to-be-true price at HK$24988 of course would be limited to the first 25 sgin-ups only. I could see nothing but disaster coming and felt lucky that my wife was not attending this alone. She naturally loves bargains. The third speaker was Alok Jain, a so called "Fast Cash Guy" in viral email marketing. He painstaking explained how he was so poor that he had to turn to the internet to supplement his wages. Another success story followed when he managed the build up a huge emailing list of over 100,000 in record breaking time. (I don't think there are official records in things like these). He went to preach how easy it was to make over HK$22,000 monthly repeatedly from a three-liner email which he wrote on his mobile and sent on GPRS, when he was having a vacation in rural India, being away from lap-tops and internet connection. He explained that it was all possible because his list building method is different from the traditional method by being a viral marketing method with a Vx factor (viral growth factor) of 1.05. Any growth of 1.05 means that the list will keep on growing forever. He and his team of software engineer had already perfected the program and this would now do it automatically after the sign-up had grown his initial list to a size of 400. This program comes with a lot of free stuff including all the private label right products with reselling rights that Jain owns. It would be selling for a ridiculous price to the people who ask, for 90 seconds only. At that moment, I quickly got on my feet ... and left.

This morning I searched the internet for Ewen Chia, Adam Ginsberg and Alok Jain on one of my favorite websites called The search for Jain yielded no results. The search for Ewen Chia yielded five reports here: The search for Adam Ginsberg yielded seven reports here:

Check out the reports for yourself and don't ever forget the golden rule on the internet: if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is a scam.


Alan C on August 02, 2011:

This guy rocks. I don't know if some of you had a bad experience and if so that sucks. But, I've had all good so far. The coaching is the bomb. I've paid so much money for stuff like this before and it was OK. It didn't change my life too much. Adam's stuff keeps rocking my mind with new technology and strategies all the time. I swear he's like a genius or whoever his team is behind him. I'm finally that guy who can work whenever I want and make some big bucks. Please don't ever retire Adam!

Liv Wilson on August 01, 2011:

Thank you Benson for approving the supporters. I have to say that I can understand why some would give a bad rap if they are frustrated and didn't make what they wanted. However, I also have to question the efforts put it. I actually got to meet Adam not too long ago and he was so polite and so helpful. I'd gotten his product but never met him. I heard about it through a couple who's doing quite well with his Speedlings. When I first started I knew I would need help and I made the commitment to get it and attended every webinar and asked questions. There were a couple of girls in his office that helped me with tech issues, but apparently you need to have coaching if you want more help and more strategy. So I ended up getting it. Yes, it did cost more money, but I am making more money now that I wouldn't have made. It hink so many people think you should be able to get this for little money and it should be 100% automated. I think they misunderstand that you still need to do some work to automate anything. I mean that's just reality. This guy seems to work pretty hard and travels all over. He has guys doing workshops too all over for everyone. I don't really know any other program that does that. I'm just happy to be making money. It's only been a couple of months, but last month was better than the month before and I'm hoping it stays on that path. Glad to read all of your opinions though.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on July 29, 2011:

Hi Everyone,

I have been approving comments from Ginsberg and Speedling supporters as well. I like to state that I am not a Ginsberg or Speedling supporter myself. I think there is good enough reasons to warn the public about them. I am approving these supportive comments to avoid prejudiced censorship.

Margaret S on July 29, 2011:

I agree that there are a lot of internet marketing seminars that you need to steer clear of. I've had at least 2 and that was enough. There are some seminars that some of my favorites have and I always attend. I saw Adam for the first time at one of them earlier this year and since then my life changed. I didn't even know how much more could be done to make money on the Internet. Eseocially if you take the time to learn. I would recommend his eBay program to anyone and I can't see how you would fail. But, Speedling - I am addicted to it, is not for everyone. You just can't get it and sit back and do nothing. You have to be open to learning what it is. Once you do, it's pretty simple and it feels as if you can sit back. but, you HAVE to be involved. Otherwise, forget it.

Kari on July 11, 2011:

I've had the customer support ignoring me for almost 6 months now. I have sent them numerous e-mails about my account and receive no replies. AND the last reply I did receive was rude, arrogant, and not professional in any way. The sad thing is many of us bought into this thinking we were going to 'set it and forget it' as promised by Ginsberg, and then later were spanked on the hand by him for thinking such a thing. Avoid speedlings and anything else with his name attached to it.

Justin Willis on July 01, 2011:

My name is Justin Wills and this is my story.

Prior to joining Speedlings, I worked in the construction industry for many, many years. I worked very hard for very little. I decided to make a career change and attended a Rich Dad convention in August 2010 where I "stumbled upon" Speedlings!

Five minutes into Adam's talk I purchased the program.??I built 249 sites between August 2010 and now. I made around $25.00 in income in 2010, and after attending the Speedlings convention, I became a Gold Mastery member. At that time, I had 220 sites and began seeing income immediately, making over $1,000.00 in the last 20 days of January 2011.

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In February I made $1790.00 and today my year-to-date income is $3841.00, all in less than 3 months. ??I am ecstatic with the Speedlings software and my new income freedom. The mastery program is awesome and I am planning on implementing every bit of it. I can't wait to go over the top with the opportunity to trade sites, which is coming up!

The support both Adam and his team have provided has been 5 star and I have no question that I am on the right path to financial freedom. I will continue to submit my success stories as my income multiplies.

I would like to share with you one of my favorite sites:

Thanks again Adam. ??P.S. Adam I will never miss one of your webinars.


Justin W.

Chelli on June 22, 2011:

I am not sure who posted my comments regarding Speedlings and Adam Ginsberg but I thank them. What was posted was a testimonial that I created as a success story for other Speedlings users but I am very glad it was copied here. The reason two articles came from the same IP address is because both of them were testimonials and came from the same website, Go to that site and you will get the real story on Adam Ginsberg and Speedlings. I have purchased several of Adam's products and have been totally satisfied. I am not an employee of the company and am not compensated for my comments. I am a very satisfied Speedlings user and student. My income has consistently risen and I don't see that changing. Everyone who purchased Speedlings was given the same money back guarantee. The people that are complaining had to do some work and actually use the product. If they used Speedlings for 12 months and submitted their sites monthly as required, their money would be refunded if they did not get the results guaranteed, but they had to work with Speedlings for 12 months. Why so long? Because it is not get rich quick. It is get rich smart. If they haven't done what is required for the guarantee, they only have themselves to blame. The money back guarantee is clearly spelled out in every Speedlings contract and not in fine print.

Rick on May 19, 2011:

Check out this article:

If you've seen Adam Ginsberg's presentation of Speedlings and the Mastery program, you'll recognize several scams written about here incorporated into his presentation. It's time to stop him and his deceptive business practices.

If you've had a bad experience with Adam Ginsberg and Speedlings, you can help stop him now. Call Investigator Joe Johnson at the Los Angeles District Attorney Consumer Affairs Department at 213-974-9955 and tell him your story. He's in his office 9am-5pm California time. The more victims Joe has, the stronger the case he'll be able to present to the Attorney General so I strongly encourage you to help him help us. The sooner you call him, the sooner we can get the ball rolling to get our money back from this shyster. And with people calling in from other states and countries, this could quickly become a federal case.

Rob on May 17, 2011:

I just did a whois on that ip and it is owned by Korea Telecom. I think you should think twice about keeping those posts there. Here is the url try for yourself.

Rick on May 08, 2011:

Here's a Facebook group about Speedlings called Auto Websites:

I encourage Speedlings victims to join and broadcast your feelings of discontent with the Speedlings program. Adam has become a participant in this group, and it's turned out to be beneficial to Speedlings victims. Tell your Speedlings victim story, and one of two things will happen: 1) If your demand isn't that large, Adam will call you and try to make things right with the stipulation that you take down the bad post and post a Speedlings-loving post, OR 2) if your demand is too large, Adam will call you and give a bunch of excuses why it's YOUR fault Speedlings isn't making any money for you and will refuse to give you the refund you request. But know that he WILL call you because for some reason, this little group is starting to make him squirm. If you do decide to post, please just stick with the facts...anything more detracts from your complaint. So even if you're too nervous to actually post anything for fear of retribution, join the group and sit on the sidelines to see how this all plays out.

Rick on May 02, 2011:

Of course they both come from the same IP. They're either from Adam or some Speedlings employee. I'm in touch with at least 30 other Speedling victims and NONE are happy with it and they don't know anyone who is.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on April 29, 2011:

Dear readers,

I have approved the last two comments from Chelli and John K Wakelin Jr but would like to point out that these two posts have come from the same ip (ip:

John Wakelin on April 29, 2011:

For anyone who is interested in truly “making money while they sleep now”, I have found a dynamic new company that is completely changing the website industry. Let me tell you what I am writing about. Two years ago I purchased a seminar on how to sell on EBay and I purchased it as a gift for my daughter, who is presently a stay-at-home-mom. She was looking for ways to make money and still be a full time mom. I was told that I could attend with her which is what I did.

At this seminar the instructors offered us an opportunity to share ideas during a break regarding how to earn residual income with a new and revolutionary online business. My daughter and I felt it would be worth our time. Being a 63 year old, semi-retired Investor and having just experienced one of the most challenging financial markets since 1929, I too was always interested in anything new that could create additional residual income. My previous income was being challenged by the drastic changes in the market.

Five minutes into the very professional presentation, I nudged my daughter and said “honey they are talking about digital real estate”. Having been a former Broker/Owner of a multi-office Real Estate Company and a Real Estate Investor for 30 years, this concept hit me right between the eyes!

This presentation was on August 26, 2010. Since that time here is what I have experienced by signing up for the Speedlings Media Program.

I have since created 810 websites that have taken me about 5 minutes or less to create per site. Each site is fully SEO optimized automatically, article rich in content automatically, gorgeous graphics and all are easy to navigate. Speedlings is truly changing the web building industry and turning it on its ear!! The world of online marketing does not yet know what is hitting them.

My income went from a few dollars a month in August to $101.00 in December to a few hundred in January to over $2,000 in February and I expect to be around $2300 in March of 2011. Now here is the kicker; I had very limited internet experience beyond getting my e-mails answered every day. I never shopped on EBay prior to Speedlings .

Prior to selling my Real Estate Company in 1999, my staff threatened to quit if I got near anywhere near their computers. Get the picture? I was about as backward as you can get when it comes to technology. Thank God for Speedlings. I just click a mouse and it is done for me, and my residual income is increasing dramatically each and every month. I have been told that this is unheard of by people I personally know that create websites as their full time career.

My name is John K. Wakelin Jr and I absolutely endorse this incredible company and its amazing technology!!!!

Chelli on April 29, 2011:

I first heard about Speedlings at a seminar the first part of 2010 . It was more of a training seminar than an informational one so I did not really understand the power of the software or the business opportunity it presented. I had heard about and bought many programs to make money selling products on the internet or building affiliate websites and the only thing I had to show for it was a lot of books gathering dust in my bookcase and a thinner wallet.

The next time I heard about Speedlings was in August, 2010. I was attending an educational seminar on Secrets of an Auction Millionaire, as my income at that time was predominantly from eBay. I used Adam Ginsberg's Template Optimizer software exclusively for all my eBay listings and I was there to learn about the upgrades that had been made to the software.

During one of the breaks, Speedlings was explained and I just about jumped out of my seat when I realized what it truly was. I signed up right then and have never looked back. ??I started building websites with Speedlings software using the keywords they provided and by the end of the year I had 160 websites. I thought it was amazing that I had created that many fulling functioning, traffic generating websites in 4 months. All I did was research the keywords for micro niches and pick domain names, Speedlings software did the rest.

Every site I built took less than five minutes.

I knew that Speedlings was not another "Get Rich Quick" scheme and that it would take some time for the income to start building. I was actually told not to expect to see any income for the first 60-90 days or possibly longer. After I created my first site on August 31, 2010, I was checking my portfolio daily to see if there was any revenue.

You cannot believe how excited I was when I checked my site on October 21, 2010 and saw I made $1.22. It could have been $0.01 and I would have been just as excited. The amount wasn't important, it was that after trying many "guaranteed" ways to make money on the internet, I actually made some for the first time! I was on my way!

One of the many support features provided by the creator of Speedlings, Adam Ginsberg, was weekly webinars that he personally conducted. During one of the webinars he mentioned a special session just for "Mastery Students." This, of course, peaked my interest and I immediately called my contact at the company to get the details on being a "Mastery Student."

I became a Master Student the middle of November and again, the same 60-90 days rule applied on expecting any increase in income. They were wrong, again.

My income the end of December, 2010 was over $1,000 and more than double that in January and February of 2011.??My affiliate income is not the only thing that has increased. As I build websites and they "age" or become mature and the search engines start finding them, the value of my portfolio rises. My portfolio is worth almost $20,000 today and goes up with each new website that I build.

I currently have 175 websites. Because of the information being taught in all the classes offered, I am now analyzing my portfolio to determine which websites I will keep and enhance with new ways to get traffic to them and which websites I will sell.??What I find amazing is the top producing websites I have are ones that I built because the keywords were recommended but I never thought would go anywhere.

One of my top income producing websites is:

If someone had told me this would be my best website when I built it December 7, 2010, I would have told them they were nuts.

My Speedlings experience has been one of adventure, self-motivation and improvement, education but most of all FUN. I love the product, the business opportunity, all the educational programs and the amazing technical support and staff support. ??There is a lot more I wanted to write but didn't have enough time. Adam, thanks for this one. I never really put the experience on paper and it was a great reminder of where I started and where I am now.

Have a super day,


Jenny Calender on April 05, 2011:

Sad to hear of all these negative experiences. It does help to check events and people out in advance, and the Warrior forum is one great place to go for this, agree with those above who recommend it.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing what's happened.

Adam Ginsberg's eBay and Speedlings Scams Exposed on March 21, 2011:

Discover the appalling and Ugly truth about Adam Ginsberg. Read the true stories, reviews, rip-off reports, feedback and complaints about him.

As Adam Ginsberg's eBay and Speedlings scams are carefully designed and sophisticated scams, many people who purchased his courses even do not realise that they have been conned and scammed!

Zekymann on March 09, 2011:

I actually had a bad experience with Alok Jain. Bought his '500 in a Week' 'live' seminar course but the quality bad...and to make it worse, his accent makes it difficult to figure out what is being said.

I asked for a refund and stated my reasons...yet, the reply I received was that I should at least go through the course. But the problems weren't about not going through the course but for the difficulty in understanding.

Alok is now in my 'rubbish' list...alongside Ewen, Andrew Fox, Dylan Loh, plus a lot more.

Michael on March 06, 2011:

Be warned, be bold and speak up Speedlings users! Don't be a puppet! How many of you have actually made more than you invested? (No projections or speculations but actual figures from 2010.).

I am a victim. Adam Ginsberg is an intelligent con artist who preys on people's emotion and have no problem taking your hard earned money for his benefits. What he says and what he does is a total contradiction!

As much as I can summarize to let the word out:

Its been a year since I ran into this misfortune. I was out of job unemployed and desperate to make money to make ends meet. I did everything that I was told to do in the Speedlings program. After charging what I didn't have on my credit card, I Spent countless hours trying to keep up with all the changes and demands of this "point and click and forget" system. The deeper I feel into this trap, the more it continued to spiral out of control. There was always something you had to fix, more thing you had to do, one more year you had to wait and thousands more you had to spend in order to earn pennies.

The amount I have charged to my credit card is more than $14,000 to date. The money that I might have made back, maybe totals $150 (mainly through google adsense). Although from what I understand it takes up to 3 months for them to verify before you even get close to that money…so i can honestly, say I have net profit of $0 for the past year using this system.

We had to pay to attend a convention in January in which we supposedly would learn the new system--Speedlings 2.0. Again I was foolish enough to charge $600 plus pay for airfare room and board to attend…and you guest it…the same group of Gurus there to sell their products. The same tactics building on peoples emotions to lure more people into yet another program called Mastery…with different levels ranging from $10,000-$40,000.

It just didn't add up. He had people stand up that made some where in the $1000

range in December. Of the 300 some attendees there, a handful stood up (of course all had recently paid to be in the mastery program-$6000). Then you find out about how many sites they've built it numbering in the thousand…so lets roughly add this up…

$6000 unlimited yearly package, $1,200 renewal each year

$10,000 domain name credits, $10,000 to renew after a year

$6000 mastery

TOTAL YEARLY COST~$22,000 for a profit of $2000 in year 2010.

Don't forget we have renewal fees due, yup another $12000+ to maintain.

Last reported on Speedlings main website, users have created 759,982 sites? or spam? There are 9724 sites for sale as of today and this number is rising yet no one is buying these lovely sites? Speedings 2.0 is that great but you have to spend another $????? to attend the training class to flip websites, buy article credits, renew sites, buy more domain credits…how much time and effort would it take just to come out even?

I can't believe I tortured myself waking up every wednesday morning for the past year listening to Ginsberg whiny voice ripping on people for complaining about Speedlings at the start of the webinar. He always has a cleaver excuse, says he will do this and then will do that …just keep on paying more for more pain...

I know there are hundreds of victims out there around the world. A lot have invested much into this and its scary to loose so much money. I just hope we can get together as a group to educate others about this evil man.

Never put your all your faith on anyone that claims he will make you money…. Adam Ginsberg is a profession con man and Speedlings is a scam!

Please read the fine print.

Stop Adam Ginsberg Scams on February 24, 2011:

Adam Ginsberg and his company are big international scams! STOP Adam Ginsberg's eBay and Speedlings Scams! Read True Testimonials from His Customers and Victims!

I am a victim of purchasing Adam Ginsberg's eBay course, I realised that it is a very sophisticated scam that many people even do not realise that they have been conned and scammed.

Adam Ginsberg is an evil, criminal and a scam artist , stay away from him! Read more on

Speedlings victim on January 19, 2011:

Hi fellow Speedlings users,

Are you happy with your investment? Have you recouped your money yet?

After one year, have you collected enough money from this passive-income, set-and-forget, earn-when-you-sleep program?

Are you willing to upgrade to Speedling 2.0, to earn more and more income, with less work, and more time to enjoy life?

Or it was just simply a giant, huge, evil lie that Adam Ginsberg told you, and all of us?

And you feel that you have been scammed, cheated, stolen out of your hard-earned money?

I am very angry at this con man, thief, fraudster, and cheater. He is selling a buggy program now (Speedling 2.0), and asking people to buy his articles to feed to Speedlings sites.

Autoblogging is no longer working since December 2010. Twitter feed is dead. How much time do you have to update all your sites (supposedly 365 sites to be eligible for the "performance guarantee" that may never come).

Why don't we do something about the sufferings that we got from Adam Ginsberg and Speedlings?

First, do not renew your subscription with Speedlings 2.0.

Second, tell the world about the truth about Adam Ginsberg and Speedlings. Let everyone know that Adam Ginsberg is a thief, a scammer, fraudster, and a cheater. Use email, web posting, blogs, etc.

Third, inform your known contacts in the local (or better national) newspapers, to bring publicity to our cause.

Fourth, contact the government (local, state/province, federal). Demand justice, and at least, demand your money back. He must pay restitution.

Thank you all, and best wish in 2011.

Adam Ginsberg Scam, Speedlings is a Big Scam! on January 19, 2011:

Adam Ginsberg Scam Truth: Adam Ginsberg makes his living by sucking our money out, he does not make any money from what he is selling to us.

The truth is that none of his courses work, speedings and other software systems are the tools to scam and con us. I have never met or heard anyone have made any money by purchasing Adam Ginsberg's speedlings or eBay courses. DO NOT be fooled by his false testimonials.

We have been scammed, conned and screwed up, We MUST fight back and help others. Report Adam Ginsberg Scam to the seminar organisers, the consumer protection agencies or join speedlingscam group to take Adam Ginsberg and his company to court for justice.

You will be rewarded by helping the innocent public and preventing the victims just like us!

Adam Ginsberg is a big international scam, you have been warned!

Adam Ginsberg Scam, Speedlings is a Big Scam! on January 19, 2011:

I am a victim of Adam Ginsberg Scam, DO NOT buy speedlings and any of his courses. You MUST contact every possible seminar organisers to complain and report about Adam Ginsberg Scam, so they won't invite him back as a speaker.

Tell all of your family members, friends, relatives, colleagues and make reviews online to let the whole world to know about Adam Ginsberg Scam. This will stop more victims just like us.

You should also send them the links of the reviews and rip-off reports by the victims of Adam Ginsberg Scam. For example like this website and

Adam Ginsberg Scam, Adam Ginsberg is a Con Artist on January 18, 2011:

Adam Ginsberg is running a scam operation.

Adam Ginsberg is a 100% Scam Artist. He is a very experienced and sophisticated conman. Everything he does is evil and scam. If you are an employee of Adam Ginsberg you should find a new job as soon as possible, as this kind of scam operation won't last very long. I am telling you this from my true experience.

Adam Ginsberg even steals from the most vulnerable people who are in financial difficulties, the unemployed, people in debt and in long term illness. Adam Ginsberg deceives people using the names of financial freedom, passive income, fast and easy money, work from home and become your own boss etc.

Stay away from Adam Ginsberg at all costs!

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on November 23, 2010:

Hi Sheri J and JVictoria,

thanks for commenting and sharing your info.

JVictoria on November 22, 2010:


Like you I usually conduct research before I buy into any program. This is a good practice. May I suggest a reputable site to learn more about Internet Marketer. This site conduct independent review of each marketer. Ewen Chia is rated B here. Ewen Chia has won many super affiliate award and is well respected in US and all over the world. Go check out yourself. Check out their credibility in the site before paying for their program. Hope you find it useful.

Sheri j on November 20, 2010:

Hi I was just at a seminar where Adam Ginsberg is selling his Speedlings Course and Ebay money machine. Thank you for getting people information so they do not get scammed.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on October 28, 2010:


thanks for your input.

InternetMarketingTraining on October 27, 2010:

The internet marketing venue is full of scams and rip off!

There are even Internet Marketers claiming they make $10K to $100k a month with their so called underground marketing secrets.

Veteran Internet Marketers knew that it is not easy to make money online , sometimes you need to work more than your 9 to 5 job.

It is never easy and it will never be easy.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on October 05, 2010:

Hi Betty,

thanks for the comprehensive and informative post. It makes sense to me.

Betty on October 04, 2010:

I am a Speedlings user. My experience with Speedlings is not rosy. Been rejected 2 times for a Google Adsense account.

All my sites have almost no traffic, and no revenue.

I can not wait after 12 months to get my money back. I doubt that Speedlings will do it.

From my Internet search, I found that a Sarah T. has been a fan of Speedlings. She has changed the "design set" from set 4 to set 5, and then to set 8, to capture Amazon sales. She hired other people to create new sites, and to write articles to generate back-links, etc. Still her revenue is about $115/month, not enough for a stay-at-home mom. (Her blog is at:

I have been trying hard at this Speedlinks, but still got no result as promised.

I just looked up the Warrior forum, and found this posting by a veteran marketer at


My advice is to be very careful "investing" in this type of product!

Ever heard of Their site is still up but no content has been added. They offered a similar service which would build unlimited sites with the objective of making $.50 - $1.00 for only a one-time payment of $5,000! They had a real sneaky way of signing up people because they led you to believe that you had to "apply" for membership when in reality anyone with a credit card could join. On ya, there was also a $175/mo. membership for "support". Some people made some money with WCB but it was no surprise that Google caught on and everyone's income stream disappeared overnight. So the service set idle for months while they worked on a "fix". Of course, those who were beyond the 90 day guarantee period were screwed! They eventually decided to put the program on their own server (originally you put the program on your own servers) and now it's suppose to build WP sites.

Again, be very careful before you "invest" in an automation program like this. I think the key question is, and always will be, why someone who has developed an auto-build software would sell it? After all, if the program worked as well a they claim, then why not build your own network of thousands of sites and keep all the profits for yourself! Who needs to sell a software program if you're making 6 figures every month???


Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on October 04, 2010:

Hi Rob944

thanks for sharing the comment and the link.

Rob944 on October 04, 2010:

David C, You expect me to take seriously? Are you out of your mind? You would have to be a total idiot to believe those half dozen fake posts.

Don't bother replying I already know you're a shill for AG. Speedlings is designed to make money for only one person AG and no-one else. Adam, go ahead and create another 1000 success sites while you're at it, still fake. All you people who gave away your money 3 weeks ago to Adam Ginsberg in Australia should contact the It's a government department that will investigate and will not bow to pressure from internet paid trolls.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on October 02, 2010:

Hi Alex B and David C,

I can only be as impartial as my gut feelings lead me.

Disclaimer: I can't verify the IDs of any commenters, or their intention for posting.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on October 02, 2010:

Hi Simon Leung,

thank you for your post. It's not possible for me to validate every piece of information in the comments responding to my article, as I have 110 articles on line. I only disapprove posts which are obviously untrue or spams. I hope this is acceptable response to your comment.

David C. on September 29, 2010:

I've been a Speedlings Member for 5 1/2 months. I have 218 sites set up. Before Speedlings I never made any money online. Adam's customer service is amazing and so is this product. It's a shame that a few people (who are probably either competitors or didn't follow the program) would make such false claims and blatantly try to impact Adam's character.

I agree with the last person who commented - Benson, it's a complete shame that you pretend to "support" the comments made by people who a) you don't know, who b) hide behind their computer without telling their real name - (what do they have to hide anyway) and who c) write libel statements that are defamatory... and you say "thanks for the comments"?

You are a successful doctor Benson. How would you like it if someone made blatant attempts to hard your business or your reputation and did it this way?

Anyway, I have made more than my initial investment back with speedlings and am now profiting almost $1800 every month - and that number is growing every month.

For Froggie - glad you got your refund. I wouldn't have expected anything else.

To see Speedlings Success stories, go here:

PS - YES, this site is owned by Adam... why wouldn't it be - he owns Speedlings too.

Alex B on September 28, 2010:

Hi Froggie,

Glad that you could get your money back. Many others didn't. Since you have been through Adam Ginsberg's presentation, how accurate is the list titled "blue print of scam" above?

Hi Simon L,

You are correct that the e-book is not new. It is probably an honest mistake (to say it is new). According to, site has been online for more than five years.


However, what info that you are referring to as "lies and false information"? Could you be more specific? Readers are willing to check the urls that you can provide!

Making money online is not easy, regardless of what the gurus may tell you (to promote, and to make you buy!). Many of the members of the warrior forum (internet marketers) make money selling to each other!

Read more here:

Most of the gurus will try to sell you their e-books, then ask you to sell these to others (basically to those who want extra income).

Speedlings revenue is derived from ads paid by advertisers (sponsored links). A cookie-cutter site is built based on ONLY ONE "long-tail" keyword; the keyword is based on a sub-niche of a popular topic, e.g. "weight loss for middle-age men." If a visitor visits a site, and clicks on the sponsored links, then there may be a few cents credited as "revenue." If there is no visitor (i.e. no traffic), or visitors don't click on the links with ads, then there is no revenue.

If you (readers who frequent Benson's hub) have followed the book sold at (perhaps ebay business?), please let others know your experience! Did you make $365K/year?

Honestly, if I have such a secret (to make several thousands USD/day as Adam Ginsberg claimed), I would not sell it at any price, to avoid competition!

Froggie on September 27, 2010:

Hi Everyone,

I have been refund my money without a problem( I cancel it in the 3 days cool off period)

Is there a site where peoples are happy to and writt good comment on this ADAM Speedlink???

All the best

Simon Leung on September 27, 2010:

This product - HAS NOTHING to do with Speedlings and is an ebook written several years ago. It's been available for sale for quite some time... Hey Benson - don't you think you should validate whether or not information that you "thank people" for is actually accurate? You seem like a really bright guy - why do you allow so many lies and false information to be posted here?

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on September 27, 2010:

Hi, Victim of Adam Ginsberg

thanks for the post.

Victim of Adam Ginsberg on September 27, 2010:

Hi everybody,

Adam Ginsberg has put out a new product, called "The Automatic Money Machine System"

See his latest sale page at:

This is probably Speedlings (or Sparklings), with a different "packaging".

His promotion (from the sale page):

"Dear Friend,

What if I told you that you can make hundreds and even thousands of dollars a day online...ALL without selling a single thing?"


"There’s a secret loophole that allows you to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars every single day, without selling a single thing!

And it’s been hidden in plain sight all this time, right under your nose..."

Anyone could spare $47 for this product, and then report back the results?

Thank you for your support.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on September 15, 2010:

Hi Speedlingscam,

thanks for the links and the comments.

Speedlingscam on September 14, 2010:

Here's an example of how sneaky Adam is. He has bought the following sites and only post good things on there about himself. Please read through the fine print. There are no concrete examples of what a 'great' guy he is. The examples above should be more than enough to show his true character - a THIEF and a SCAM ARTIST!


Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on September 13, 2010:

Hi Froggie,

thanks for your follow-on post. Best of luck to you.

Froggie on September 13, 2010:

Thank you Benson,I went this morning but it is to late they cannot do it.But I have contacted the people who organise the main event and asked them to cancel my registration and they said they will do and they will follow up as today in America it's Sunday and when I called it's only the answer machine.

I came suspicious last night when I went to sleep and wake up and found all your articles and that make me sick. I cannot understand a guy and or a company can do that to peoples. I will let you know what happen, I should be refound as I cancel before the 3 first days Thank you all for your post and warning.

Kind regards.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on September 12, 2010:

Hi Froggie,

you can try to call your credit card provider and ask them to stop the payment.

froggie on September 12, 2010:

Thank you all for these infos.

I just went this weekend 11/09/10 to a seminar in Sydney where Adam performed and sell 100 and 100 of this speedlings at $6.000Aust dollards.I have buy one myself and I'm very worry by all this bad news. i'm waiting for my usernane and password to enter the sote. What will be my next step to stop my paiement?and avoid and undesirable surprise?Thank you to everyone.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on September 10, 2010:

Hi RedBlood ,

thanks again for commenting. Good luck to you and your cause.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on September 10, 2010:


thanks for your post. Good luck to you and your cause.

RedBlood on September 10, 2010:

Dear Netizens,

Over the past several months, many uninformed people in the US, UK, and Australia have been tricked to buy a product called Speedlings.

It is promoted heavily as a 'tool' to earn revenue/income, with no work needed. ("earn passive income," or "make money when you are sleeping.")

People have been trapped by the mispresentation, by the deceptive sale tactics, and got to shell out their hard-earned money to Adam Ginsberg.

Ginsberg is a millionaire, so he does not need your money, right? Wrong. He wants lots of your money, and during this difficult economy, when people can't find work to pay bills.

I have to put off fixing my car (it's 16 yrs car), because I don't have that money.

I was fooled by his sale tactics. I made payment by credit card, and now I am stuck with this balance for Speedlings. And they ( only allow for "access" and "use."

What benefit do users get? Only playing. The 'tool' does not generate revenue or traffic. Do you count a few cents as revenues? Do you need one years, and $5000 more for Adam, to realize that Speedlings is only a dead horse that cannot more?

In fact, Speedlings has bugs. Perhaps Adam believed that it has alien-quality, and they don't need to check. Please check for yourself the dates displayed on these pages (actually, I have found many more).

All dates have day in 2008, after a day in 2010. Do you agree there are bugs? What are the other bugs out there? Are the calculations correct? I have lost confidence in this toy.

When customers complained, Adam did not want to help. In fact, he avoided answer on the

Recently, Adam Ginsberg has dropped his cover, and has become a modern-day monster. A vampire, sucking off people's money. To line up his pockets.

Take two recent written responses by Adam et al. on a public complaint web site. The source:

1) This person,..., is instead plastering commentary on the internet. If they have a legal issue they could hire an attorney.

The challenge is they have no issue other then they are broke, need some money, and believe we should give it back to them.

2) continues to be updated. To think that this would be considered a complaint is plain silly....

Only a coward would publish an anonymous complaint with a generic email attempting to solicit emails from other people.

Now, are you hoping that Adam et al will treat you better, like your servant? Please join us to bring him to justice. Justice must be served, even if it is late.

If you don't join us, there is no chance that you can recover your hard-earned money. If you join us late, Adam may escape the US and goes back to his native Australia, where he will enjoy your hard-earned money.

Moreover, please DO NOT hope that you will be qualified for his verbal promised "double your money back guarantee." It is not written anywhere on my "term/agreement," so it is probably not enforceable. And there are many conditions, as I understand from Adam's rep:

a) You have to earn no revenue. Even if you got one or two cents, you are out.

b) You have to continue to generate 30 new domains each month. If you have 60 in one month, and then 0 or 1 in the next month, you are out.

c) You have to apply his techniques each month, on all your sites. (now it is no longer passive income, is it?). If you don't do that, you are out. But if you follow his techniques religiously and still have no revenue, it's your fault.

d) After one year, your account must be in good standing. It means you must pay $2000 more to renew "access."

Please, join our efforts as soon as you can. You will be grateful that you did. And I will be grateful too.

Finally, for those you are willing to join our efforts, please ask for refunds from Speedlings immediately, by opening a ticket. You need to get Speedlings' response, and print out a pdf file as proof of the denial.

After you contact us, we will pursuit the class action. And you will get some free rewards for your participation. I have got some e-books on Internet marketing (80-100pp) to send out to you, at no cost.

The email contact is in the previous post.

Thank you.

Keywords: Adam Ginsberg, Speedlings,, fraud, scam, monster, frauds, fraudster, deceptive, complaint. on September 09, 2010:

Anyone interested in joining our class action lawsuit over Speedlings, please contact me at:


Also, please follow my threads at:


Adam is a vicious attacker and will try everything in his greasy power to confuse the issues. I have also posted the Speedlings contracts and over and over Adam responds saying that no income was ever 'expressed or implied.' And now he wants to spin this an an educational program? For $6000+ USD I can get a much better SEO education or even get a car with a newspaper route which will yield guaranteed cashflow.

Good luck to you all, hopefully my posting will help you not become a victim like me. :(

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on September 07, 2010:

Hi RedBlood,

thanks for commenting and sharing. Hope your comments will help our readers to run away from these and similar traps.

RedBlood on September 06, 2010:

I wished that I had found this discussion about Adam Ginsberg, and his misdeeds earlier! Very interesting and useful indeed.

I have lost money to Speedlings. Now, I want to post my additional inputs here, to help others to run away from this con artist & scammer.

I summarize the "blue print of fraud" or "blue print of scam" used by Adam Ginsberg to get more sales, and to steal other people's money. It is a trap, to get the uninformed people to give up their money, and cannot get the money back.

1) Appeared at a seminar or workshop organized by other people, or group as a "guest speaker."

2) Established himself as a successful business man. Started to promote Speedlings with all the potential benefits to generate revenues

3) Took one volunteer person from the audience (may be planted?), to generate a new site. This person would use Speedlings platform to create a site, and Adam loaded it to the server.

4) Asked the audience to open the new site; and proved that Speedlings could deliver the site "live" in minutes. Then, gave the "volunteer" a soda for participation.

5) Changed the new site here and there, and showed that it could generate $0.25 here and $0.10 there, from several links. Showed that the new site could generate a few dollars within 20-30 minutes.

{What he left out: It is not simple to choose a niche, or a keyword that is popular. It required work. And a new site may not have any traffic/revenue for a long time}

6) Opened his favorite web site,, and mentioned that it generated $14.00 a day for him on average.

7) Stated that if someone has 365 sites, the total revenues from all sites will be $120,000 (at least) per year. Everyone present would have mouth-watering desire to get on board with him.

8) Briefly mentioned his pricing info. Total $10,000, but for today only, he would discount it to something lower, e.g. $6,000.

9) Gave a "verbal guarantee" that if you don't generate at least your initial cost of $6,000, he would pay you back "double your money" after one year.

{note: contract does not give guarantee on revenue or traffic}

10) Gave more reasons to make people buy. Showed cost of buying domains from other sites as undesirable, expensive alternatives compared to Speedlings. Stated that buying a new domain from him will cost only $15 with privacy feature.

{What he left out: other vendors offer for $8-10 per domain per year, with the privacy feature for $10 a year for all domains hosted with them. And people can't buy a single domain from Speedlings for $15; that will be $25. To have lower unit price with Speedlings, people have to buy in bulk. The recent prices (undisclosed at the workshop): 330 for $4927.00; 100 for $1695.00; 50 for $897.50; 30 for $598.50. For comparison, some low-cost vendors offer hosting for under $8 per month for unlimited domains; and they may offer free domains. The Adam's verbal guarantee did not mention the cost for domain bulk packages.}

11) Asked people in audience to sign up. Asked the event organizers to handle the paperwork (contract), and payments for him.

12) Provided access to Speedlings intentionally late, after the 3-day window (e.g. on day 4 or 5), so nobody could cancel the transaction.

13) Visited other places to promote the product again.

14) Trained his reps to threaten those who want to speak out with legal actions, and to deny refund based on all various technicalities. At this point, the one who signed up has been "trapped."

15) If needed, Adam may deny his appearance at a workshop (organized by others), or deny ever collecting other people's money to avoid giving refunds.

I hope that you can remember more, and then add more to this list. I write this to inform people who have NOT been informed about Adam Ginsberg or Speedlings or

And here are the key words for the major search engines: Speedlings,, Adam Ginsberg, fraud, scam, blue print of scam, blue print of fraud.

Thanks all, and Benson especially

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on August 31, 2010:

thanks b10gc0

thanks for your wise words.

bl0gc0 on August 30, 2010:

This hub reminds everyone to think twice before buying the 'Gurus' turnkey programs. From what I have seen the products would not make you money as easy as you would have thought. Once you signed up you might find the quality of their results are not as you expected to generate the level of income they hyped about.

They always mention there are a limited number of offers to get you to make an impulse purchase, but their agenda is to use that tactic on many channels.

I think to be successful, one would need time and a truck load of dedication.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on August 28, 2010:

Hi Adam Ginsberg is a Scam Artist – 100% Truth

I think your pen name says it all.

Adam Ginsberg is a Scam Artist – 100% Truth on August 28, 2010:

After reading the above great comments, I googled “Adam Ginsberg Scam” and found out that,,,, and a lot more came up on the first few pages. All these websites are owned by Adam Ginsberg to cover up his scam, ugly truth and illegal activities.

It is very obvious that Adam Ginsbeg owns all these websites as on these sites they only talk about good things about Adam Ginsberg, which are lies.

Adam Ginsberg hires people and use the software to do SEOs to make sure his websites come up on the first few pages of Google to deceive the innocent people, when you search for “Adam Ginsberg Scam” on the internet.

I like the above comment of “Adam Ginsberg has sold his SOUL to the DEVIL and he is destined to go to the HELL. Adam Ginsberg is ready to scam you and rip you off whatever it takes to con your hard earned cash and life's savings.”

I know this is the truth, because I purchased the Adam Ginsberg's course and I am also one of the victims. Adam Ginsberg, you scam artist, I want to my money back!

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on August 27, 2010:

Hi, "another angry victim of adam ginsberg" and "another angry victim of adam ginsberg scam",

thanks for commenting.

Another Angry Victim of Adam Ginsberg Scam on August 27, 2010:

I agree with the above comments.

The Double Money Back Guarantee is a dirty trick to deceive you to sign up with Adam Ginsberg's courses, DO NOT be fooled. Adam Ginsberg is a ruthless animal and cold blooded. He will use every excuses say that you did not follow his techniques and WON'T give you back a penny!

The REAL TRUTH is that Adam Ginsberg is a SCAM!

Another Angry Victim of Adam Ginsberg on August 26, 2010:

Adam Ginsberg has sold his SOUL to the DEVIL and he is destined to go to the HELL. Adam Ginsberg is ready to scam you and rip you off whatever it takes to con your hard earned cash and life's savings.

The tools that Adam Ginsberg uses to scam you include but not limited to the following: double money guarantees, over exaggerated and “super value” products with massive discounts to the limited people within limited time period, fast and easy money, financial freedom, quit your job and start your own home run business, be your own boss.

Adam Ginsberg also hires lawyers to threaten to sue you if you ask refunds or leave negative feedbacks about him and his company.

Adam Ginsberg is running serious scams, why does the US government do nothing to stop his illegal activities?

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on August 26, 2010:

Hi, A Victim of Adam Ginsberg Scam,

sorry that I overlooked your comment. Thanks for your comment. Best of luck with your marketing ventures.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on August 26, 2010:

Hi Adam Ginsberg's Furious Customer,

sorry to hear that many have been ripped off. I do hope that con men get exposed and punished.

Adam Ginsberg's Furious Customer on August 26, 2010:

Adam Ginsberg Rip-off Reports

Adam Ginsberg's Furious Customer on August 26, 2010:

Adam Ginsberg, his eBay courses and his company are SCAM! Adam Gisnberg is a con artist! Adam Ginsberg's Doba warehouse, inventory systems and online stores DO NOT work and it is there to con your money out of your pockets.

Adam Ginsberg owns, to fool you and to hide his ugly truth. He has hired people to try to wipe out all the negative reviews, feedbacks and negative comments about him on the internet.

Adam Ginsberg even hires attorneys to threaten to sue you if you ask your refunds or run a website with negative reviews about him.

This can be proved with his customer reports on His angry customers have posted the threatening lettings they received , which was sent by Adam Ginsberg's attorney on this website.

There are hundreds and thousands of Adam Ginsberg's victims around world. Many of them trying to get their money back, but Adam Ginsberg refuses to give us refunds and even threatens for court cases using his attorneys and send you very rude and abusive emails.

In 2004, Adam Ginsberg was banned permanently from eBay due to overwhelming negative feedbacks from his customers and he also violated the eBay policies.

Do not waste your time and money and AVOID him like the plague! You have been Warned!

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on August 19, 2010:

Hi Westman,

I don't have good answers except that

1. read everything that Seth Godin has written about marketing and

2. try to find your answers from reputable sites like, and etc and

3. don't sign up for anything that doesn't give you a free trial.

Westman on August 18, 2010:

Hi Benson, thanks for your input. Do you have any good IM to recommend? I was scammed too to similar product and IM seminar that I purchased... I learn that many people are looking for oportunity without strategically think about the IM biz model. So I was one of the victim... :(

A Victim of Adam Ginsberg Scam on August 13, 2010:

Adam Ginsberg is a serious international scam. Do not be fooled by him. I bought his course and soon found out I was conned. All of my classmates want to get their money back, but Adam Ginsberg this conman is not giving us refunds. Stay away from this con artist and tell all your friends, families and colleagues about this scam!

web marketing company on July 07, 2010:

great advice. thanks man

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on July 06, 2010:

Hi Ann,

thanks for your very informative comment which beats my hub by miles.

Good to see you.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on July 06, 2010:

Hi online marketing2,

thanks for commenting and the well wishing.

Ann on July 05, 2010:

Hi Benson,

Yes, they are many IM's apparently tryng to link up with people on Facebook so other people on your account can become their customers. People using facebook are already hypnotised - it's so addictive - so soon they'll start advertising their material to a suseptible maket, myself included (as a FB gullible).

I bought a 'secret' product by Ewen Chai, and was very disappointed. Basically all he is saying is to remarket the ebook I had just brought in order to make money from IM. He also send's viral email - asking you to become a ClickBank affiliate, then put in your details before forwarding it to someone else. Then, if they buy you possibly get a commission.

It seems like just another version of Multi-Level Marketing. I expect to be claiming a refund from CB before the 8 week trail is up.

But on the other side - there are many small business, who should be wise to know that the affiliate/adsence 'goldrush' should be seen purely as a means of funding/ offsetting the cost of their website for their real business. Experenced IM's will hopefully only use their experience to help people promote the website and their root business, so that they may sustain the business.

Selling affiliate programs, shouldn't be seriously considered unless you have plenty of time, your own server and probably have no conscious about what you sell and to whom you sell it.

online marketing2 on June 29, 2010:

Sorry to hear that Benson. My hope is that Karma is now working in your favor.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on June 10, 2010:

Hi Connie Ho,

thanks for commenting.

Best of luck with your internet ventures.

Connie Ho from Quebec, Canada on June 10, 2010:

Hi Benson. Nice informative hub. I didn't know that internet marketing scam is so popular in HK too. I try to follow some internet marketer's advice to increase traffic to my sites.....later realize that his blogger account got banned. His articles disappear. Apparently, he uses blackhat techniques to get ranking. Gee, got to be careful who to listen to & what you should do. Cheers.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on June 10, 2010:

Hi Peter,

thanks for pointing out the suspicious features of their campaign.

Again, to our aspiring internet marketeers: think twice before parting with your money.

Peter on June 09, 2010:


I have download a ebook of Ewen. No secret. Many internet forum have these information. He has just told you what is affiliate marketing, how to you youtube,article marketing.

And he tell you some SEO blackhat skills. In fact, google maybe band your domain name if you use SEO blackhat skills. They tell you easy to make money.

I'm also a internet marketer. In fact, affiliate marketing is not easy to successful.

Their website google page rank, Alexa ranking and linking are not good.

Their SEO skill is very poor. Their backlink are affiliate link only.

But they can attach many people, because many people like to listen easy way rich or next day rich methods.

If you want to rich, I suggest read the book as "Think and Grow Rich".


Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on April 18, 2010:

Hi Lamme,

thanks for commenting and sharing.

Lamme on April 17, 2010:

Excellent advice. My inbox is flooded with emails from these "guru's". Thanks for writing this.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on December 15, 2009:

APD Marketing,

thanks for your tip. I shall check this out.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on December 10, 2009:

Hi quicksand,

good to see you.


quicksand on December 10, 2009:

Hi Ben!

You DID learn something at this seminar didn't you? LOL, but what a price to pay! HK$500.00 for what you could have gotten for much less!!!


Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on December 06, 2009:

Hi Ki,

thanks for commenting. You are welcome and best of luck with your ventures.

Ki on December 06, 2009:

Thanks for sharing, Benson. You are very compassionate and a Bodhisattva to me.

I attended this stupid 3-day seminar in Singapore this morning. Crap. But there was a big stampede for signing up for their courses.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on December 01, 2009:

hi wandererh,

I think I have to give him some credit for subsequently emailing me a relatively useful ebook on internet marketing.


thanks for commenting.

David Lim from Singapore on December 01, 2009:

I have never put much stock in Internet marketing gurus but I have heard good things about Ewen Chia from one or two friends who have attended his seminars.

A couple of months ago I subscribed to one of his newsletters and all I got from him were promotional offers nearly every day.

Seems that he is nothing more than a spammer. :(

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on November 30, 2009:

Hi netsight,

thanks for commenting. Best of luck.


netsight on November 29, 2009:

Hi Benson and thanks for the insight! You've probably saved many people from parting with their hard earned dollars to see some of those seminars.

As your hub states it seems more of a 'sign up' exercise for marketing gurus hoping to recruit the uninitiated.

I think I'll check the ripoff report and scam dot com sites a lot more often, especially if I'm subscribing to some of those kinfolk out there selling snake oil and the like.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on November 29, 2009:

Hi Eric,

good to see you. I did learn something: don't believe in something just because the people involved are big guns and the scale sounds global.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on November 29, 2009:

Hi Jerrilee Wei,

thanks for dropping by.

good to see you.

Benson Yeung (author) from Hong Kong on November 29, 2009:

Hi dohn121,

thanks for joining me. Glad we share similar views.

Eric Graudins from Australia on November 29, 2009:

Hi Benson,

Some great advice there.

I've never been to one of these seminars, but it would appear that most of them are just fronts where the presenters have a captive audience to flog their more expensive courses and products.

So - did you learn anything useful to justify your investment?

Jerilee Wei from United States on November 29, 2009:

For a long time I've known so many desperate people here in the U.S. buying into this and similar "get-rich" schemes. Have a relative who is king of being a "true believer." While you can sometimes make some money, the bottom line is that true success comes with a price of hard work and that involves time. The only people getting rich are the ones who are selling the "dream." Wrote a hub about that a long time ago, not saying that all are bad, just saying that you really need to think long and hard and verify. Great hub! Glad my son and daughter-in-law there in HK didn't buy into it too.

dohn121 from Hudson Valley, New York on November 28, 2009:

Yes, I totally agree with you, Benson. I feel sorry for all people whose intentions are good, but fall short of making a success out of themselves due to the fact that they themselves are the victims and are only helping their prey and not themselves.

Thanks for sharing this. I hope that others will now think twice before partaking in such scams.

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