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Background Image Photo Not Printing Excel - How to Print


Introduction to My Print Won't Print Excel Background Picture

Excel has a pretty cool feature that allows you to insert a background image, that repeats infinitly, throughout the entire worksheet. The nice part is that 100% of the Excel worksheet is still fully functional. You can type directly over the background picture just like you would on a spread sheet without a photo. The grind lines are still visible over the image. You can create formulas, add text, insert pictures, resize the cells, add cell borders, etc .

I was pretty excited about this feature when I first tried it. I thought it could add some flair or even some humor to my worksheets. We print out and submit Excel reports from time to time and I thought about printing out page with our company logo repeating itself in the background. I thought it would look professional yet really bold.

I Made The Report and Added Background Picture

created the report and then I added a background photo of our logo. The spreadsheet looked great on the PC screen. The report was proofread and was accurate. I was told that the image looked pretty good. I was able to save to file email the Excel spreadsheet without any problems. The image was clear and the data and formulas functioned properly.

Then Reality Set In

I needed to print a hardcopy of this spreadsheet and hand it in as a report for the paper file. When I printed the report I found that only the text I entered and the gridlines I set up to be visible over the spreadsheet could be seen. The printer did not print out the background images. Why wouldn't it print? I messed around with this for a while.

What I Tried in Order to Print Out Background

Someone suggested that I copy and paste my spread sheet into the header (in the printer / page set up) and then try printing out. I did this and an image did print out but it didn't look very good. This wasn't the exact solution I was looking for.

I tried some other goofy stuff too like printing with and without the heading blocks and rebooting my PC. Nothing worked.

How to Move Entire Brio Query into Excel

What I Did To Get it to Background Pic to Print

Here's what I did to get the image printed along with the rest of the data in the cells:

1. Copy the entire spread sheet with image in background. Only copy the areas you want to print.

2. Open a new Excel worksheet

3. Paste into the new worksheet but DON'T use the normal 'paste' function. Click "Special Paste", which is just below Paste when you right click .

4. A window will appear asking you to how you want the background image inserted. I admit, this part you are on your own. What worked for me is when I chose "Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object" There might be a better option for you. Play with it a bit. This worked for me.

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Your spreadsheet should copy into the new worksheet just fine. From there you will be able to send your spreadsheet to the printer and have the background images, and the rest of your report, print out just fine.


Kadali on October 11, 2013:

Your post was really helped a lot thanks, Good work :)

TurtleDog (author) on May 25, 2012:

Keep trying Rogfelyn! I think you might be accidentally using normal 'paste' instead of 'special' paste when that window appears that asks you how you want the picture inserted. You'll get it my friend. Thanks for the comment. Hope that helps you to get that background picture to print out.

Rogfelyn on May 24, 2012:

I tried it but even how many times i tried the image doesn't appear. . please help me understand more

Sherry Hewins from Sierra Foothills, CA on January 21, 2012:

Thanks for sharing this. I'm unlikely to need it but for someone who does I hope they are lucky enough to find your solution. It's so frustrating when you're just trying to accomplish a task and you come across these roadblocks.

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