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Boxe Is the Portable 1080p Mini Smart Projector That Goes Wherever You Want


A Front Projector You Can Hold

There was a time when televisions were small and puny to watch — once the 19th inch TV was the big guy. As size only slowly increased, many turned to creating their own home theater using a front projector that could provide a big picture. In order to do this they confronted the problem of the front projector screen. This rooted the positioning of the front projector in one place and needed a good amount of room to “throw” the picture. Few had a dedicated room to give up for that. Things are quite different today because large screen TVs are now common, so that means a front projector needs to be radically different than what has been the case before. Today’s front projectors must be more than technologically advanced and competent and affordable — they need to be portable, since this would allow a person to have that large picture anywhere in their house or take that large picture to a friend’s house or just about anywhere because it contains all that is needed to create that big picture. That’s the idea behind Heyup’s Boxe Portable 1080p Mini Smart Projector.


Take The Big Picture With You

Start by looking at the Boxe and you’ll see that it doesn’t look like any front projector out there. Not only does it contain all that it is in a small package, but it is appealing due to its vertical and curved shape. A design that attracts the eye without being harsh and glaring. This not only makes it easy to carry, but it also makes it inviting to use.

Nor should it be ignored that portability can also mean having an internal power supply. Boxe does so although it can be plugged into a wall outlet for sure. But it’s good to have a rechargeable battery providing around 1 1 /2 hours of powered functionality (this can vary depending on which technologies are put into play). So one of those sub-90 minute children’s movies shouldn't have any issues in finishing, but to avoid annoying the kids it’s best to make sure the battery has been fully charged or go with using AC consistent power. Of course uses aren’t limited to it playing for the kids — because bringing it over to a friends for some in-person movie or gaming competition makes for a good time and means others have to bring the snacks.


What Makes Picture and Sound

Let’s get those pesky inputs/outputs out of the way — besides a USB-C for taking in power, there‘s a USB 2.0 for connecting a phone for charging. There’s also an HDMI for input, although that does mean there needs to be a connected video source (like a Blu-ray player, as example). But there’s also screen mirroring via Android and iOS (Apple) which lets you push content to Boxe and then out — that’s where a smartphone comes in handy. But because of the operating system inside, you can download and install apps to view directly -- such as streaming sites and using a browser, among others. That means, obviously, that it can connect via WiFi to a home network.

Audio is taken care of because there;s a Bluetooth speaker built in. Besides providing audio for what is being projected, it also means that one can project streaming audio into Boxe for listening. Fortunately the audio sounds better than it just being a convenience, and it can be shuffled off to externals through an audio out minijack.

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There’s Light Coming From That Lens

Now it’s most important to go into the tech that beams the images out for viewing. The light being emitted comes from LED illumination — that doesn’t generate the heat of conventional bulbs and can handle ambient light fairly well — although a dark room will always look better.

You also want to consider where the image is being projected on. Sure you can use a wall but then any color tint from the paint is hurtful. Back in the den we went with an old slide projector screen from the garage because it had a clean white to project against. We also did our best to shoot the projector straight across to the screen — because while having the keystone correction controls makes for an easy way to straighten out the image, doing this digitally does affect the overall resolution and so should be avoided when possible.


Let’s Watch A Big Picture

We also tried it outside using the screen and for sure Boxe was easier to set up than the screen was. The menus are quite simple to use, although it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with it before it gets pressed into service with a crowd surrounding you. Eschewing hooking up the PS4 (which we used earlier as part of the setup), we all sat down to watching the Blu-ray Disc of Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Supe in his black outfit is impressive). Boxe does its job at 1080p which means good detail. BTW, the remote is pretty easy to use, as is the manual focus wheel.

[Keep in mind too that streaming content being transferred into Boxe will be more compressed and so less highly detailed compared to a locally played disc and the smaller the screen image, the ”stronger” the picture will appear]

So the verdict is in and Boxe gets the thumbs up. Having the capability of taking a large picture just about anywhere you want and using it whenever you want is huge (yeah miserable pun since we're talking about a projector). There’s a tripod socket, a remote, It’s not expensive and it’s portable. See more about it at


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