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BCDP tech solution Sales Agents Orientation

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BCDP tech solution

BCDP tech solution

BCDP tech solution Sales Agents Orientation

BCDP tech solution is a newly launched entity which comprises of 13 members, which recycles LED bulbs for re-using. The group has also invented and tested USID internet data devices which offers unlimited simless internet with a single purchase of the USID data device.

The group has also successfully invented and tested AP device which is able to offer auto electricity without the use of any solar or fuel.

Previous weeks, the group published vacancy advert, looking for competent boys and girls, men and women, to join them in collecting of non functional LED bulbs for recycling using their newly discovered BCDP technology. The group was also looking for competent individuals, who could help them selling their recycled LED bulbs to Malawians at a lower cost.

On the 2nd August, 2022, the group has organized orientations on how the newly joined sales agents will be performing their duties, which among others involves non functional bulbs collection and selling of their recycled bulbs. The meeting will take place in the area 25C in Lilongwe Malawi. Stoping stage, is Pandalama.

Other agendas

The group also aims at meeting with these agents to give more details on how they were able to invent different devices which offers different tech solutions to Malawians, which after a few years will help Malawians lowering their total spendings in purchasing electricity and other tech services.

Their involvement in recycling, LED bulbs, has helped in cleaning environment as non functional LED bulbs had in the past years, contributed to environmental damages or pollution.

All shortlisted sales agents, will cooperate with territory managers within their assigned locations.

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