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Artificial Intelligence By Seiluke

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I sit here as I just finished watching the new Terminator movie. Which inspired me to write this article on a very emerging topic: Artificial Intelligence

If you would be patient as I’m not having this article professionally edited. I’ve dedicated my life to studying psychology, quantum physics, and the science of life. I’m not a grammar junkie. I speak several languages so many times people mistake my “voice” as a foreign speaker.

Outside of studying psychology, quantum physics, and the science of life. I’ve also had the privilege of being an entrepreneur my entire life. Another part of me that was passionate about writing this. So let’s dive in!

Driverless cars can be found all around Arizona, where I currently live. They’re being tested and used all over the United States by big corporations. Machines are at a new frontier and by now we’ve all heard of Virtual Reality.

Diving into this topic it’s important to understand “life”, and two emotions that govern “life”. One is fear and the other love. These are the root of everything in “life”..

I talk about it in my book, there are two main emotions in this world, fear, and love. Not the bullshit love you see propagated in our teenager’s music and on cable T.V. Which is all owned by one single family. The same family that endorses all the global politicians on both sides of the aisle. The same family invading the middle east with 40,000 troops for oil money. No, not their fake love they enjoy propagating in their media.

No, I am talking about true love, divine love, that the prophet Jesus laid down his life fighting for. The same love that Martin Luther King died for and many other geats around the world. The opposite of what “society” propagates.

Now I want to briefly turn to something even more important in this discussion. That is the mind and no, not your physical brain. I’m referring to what Arnold Schwarzenegger’s robot character in the movie “Terminator Dark Fate”, referred to as “consciousness”.

Now, our thoughts during the day are what dictate what vibration our emotion is in. And the feeling of true love stimulates from exactly that “understanding”… Not just knowing someone has a beautiful smile, but why they smile so much. Not just knowing dumbbell curls can enlarge your bicep muscles. But understanding why isolated dumbbell curls can enlarge your outward biceps heard or inner biceps head. Depending on if you apply a wide grip or close grip.

The opposite of love is fear, stimulating from the opposite of understanding-Ignorance: not understanding something. This creates doubts, worry, and fear.

I did not always walk a straight and narrow path even though, I was born orthodox Christian. By two extremely traditional parents. While in college I went through a very dark period in my life. After already being molested as a teenager and dark childhood, to say the least.

When I sat in a forest on News Year's Eve all by myself with sharp rocks in my hand. I had just hit rock bottom with four mouths, I was responsible for feeding. In an “Ego buddy” relationship, society had told me was “love”. Not the propagated fake love in the media and our poor teenager's music. A selfish, reliant, needy, and non-self loving propagated love.

All of my intentions had been wrong up until that rock bottom.

After I finally embraced myself from within and started to give myself self-care, self-love, and self-respect. After truly embracing and loving my true self from within. This allowed me to send out an authentic and genuine true love to humanity and “life”. I then heard one quote that made everything I had studied my entire life from quantum physics (energy), psychology ( the mind), and the science of life, CLICK…

“We are all 400 trillion to 1 miracles” . The lightbulb went off in my head… Wait a moment all of life, the trees, animals, plants, vibrate on 528hz, and 432hz. Even the rainbows and stars vibrate on 528hz,432 Hz. Yet they call these the “miracle frequencies”, “love frequencies”, “positive frequencies”.

Two scientists put an instrument down into the ocean after an oil spill. Which vibrated at 528hz and it began dissolving the contaminated water. In just one-day seal life returned to this area. And when skeptics came to test the water they were left dumbfounded at their results. It was true.

THIIIIS!!! Is the power of LOVE! The same “miracle frequency” that is being listened to by hundreds of millions of souls around the world. Curing diseases right and left!! The same miracle frequency that Jesus used to cure diseases and raise the dead!! Leeeeet itt be known!

And yes! You and I were born a miracle, a 400 trillion to 1 miracle.

Now that we’ve discussed what “life” is, I want to dive into “the mind”…

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Once again in the 700-page book, I wrote “The Book Of Life” by Seiluke. I discuss how we are energy and vibration. And it’s our thoughts that create our vibration, down to the exact decimal. Then our bodies the faithful servant respond to this created vibration. This is exactly why the physical realm is nothing more than an illusion.

Our subconscious mind has 50,000 thoughts a day. Some experts say over 100,000. And it's our paradigms: The habitual set of beliefs and habits. That formulate these thoughts. Long story short, Paradigms are formed after 21 days of repetition. This is the “magic” that millionaires and billionaires use to create their magical realities. Through reprogramming their paradigms that then recreate their energy and vibration.

Once again, they understand they can reprogram their paradigms at will. And this will change their thoughts and then reality. Tens of millions of souls are listening to subliminal messages online. Which reprogram people's paradigms and subconscious. People are currently changing their eye colors, losing weight, gaining weight, growing hair faster, becoming more confident, better at public speaking…It’s our thoughts that create our neurons in the brain and the vibration our atoms vibrate at.

Unfortunately, the one family who owns all of the media uses this to their psychopathic greedy crusade. On top of making airplanes disappear with innocent children. And leading wars into the middle east for their oil money. Where innocent families are killed raped, and more for their oil money.

All of these thoughts are what dictate the vibration we rest in. The physical realm is all an illusion, energy really is all that really exists. Energy cannot be picked up by any of our 5 naked senses. It can only be “felt”. It’s where the term “vibe” came from in the English language. It’s why some people just “rub you the wrong way”. Leading us into the third point of this article: intention.

We constantly vibrate even while we sleep, and when we die still let of an energy signature. We have enough energy to light up an entire city. Just with the palm of our hand!!

Some religions call it holy spirit, I call it infinite life which is the energy flowing through all of life. It is faster than the speed of light which is why it can only be felt. Unless you utilize modern technology to pick up the vibration.

Our intuition is a beautiful gift, just like our imagination, will power (free will), reason(common sense), memory, and perception. These are all beautiful gifts we were given like no other creature. This is how we create spaceships, lightbulbs, airplanes, the internet, and so forth… Yes, not aliens. But “The Creative Mind”. The same mind the most powerful humans alive, all understand. Which would never be taught in the public educational system owned by the one family we have been discussing.

Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve, Jobs, two of the most powerful in humans in history. They both went to an India “spiritual awakening retreat”. The one slogan from the retreat was, “WE ALL ARE ONE”.

It is our intuition that protects us, and why many times are grandma would ask, “ What does your gut tell you honey?”… Everything is energy that vibrates and it’s our intuition that connects us to “infinite life” or the creator. This is why we cannot fool the universe with “good deeds”. This is the whole kindness versus being nice. Are you doing it form the heart or because your religion or society told you too. Are you doing it for a reward in heaven, or for money? If not then you do it from the heart because you know it'll make humanity and all of life a greater place. And you and me we are all a part of life <3

Now many are wondering what the hell do these 3 points have to do with Artificial Intelligence? Everything.

This is what life purpose is we are all 400 trillion to 1 miracles. We all have unique talents, gifts, and so forth that nobody else has. And being the highest form of life there is, we’re created to contribute our unique part. This is where true JOY originates from, versus the opposite. Someone who is insecure thus empty on the inside and constantly trying to feel it up.

This is the issue with humanity and society right now. Not Artificial Intelligence. This is why suicide rates are climbing to 1 adult every 20 seconds will soon be taking their life in the world. And why depression is higher than ever before.

As we talked about the health and wellness industry is a trillion-dollar empire now. Hundreds of millions are “awakening”. Awakening to everything I introduced to you just now. More good is occurring than ever before in the world.

And the moment you step out of “the matrix” or the dream of one psychopathic family. You begin to see the truth. The truth of how “GOOD” is winning right now and we are almost at a perfect world. More perfect than ever before in the history of mankind.

The issue we have with artificial intelligence is how billions of humans are still asleep. They still haven’t discovered their true selves from within. And above all don’t understand how their creative mind works. This is what truly being a “human being” means, and where joy and coming alive begins.

While talking to one of my partners Paul who is a brilliant entrepreneur. We both agreed this is where tens of millions if not more souls will lose their jobs. Why? Unfourntely being brutally honest, a robot can think and perform better. Street smarts aka common sense are not common anymore. Instead of teaching people in school how their creative mind works: imagination, perception, intuition, will power, memory, reason, and the subconscious. How to create real goals and the physics of our universe and the science of life. Instead, they are taught by this one family how to memorize “the same information” and be another repeat.

Albert Einstein said it perfectly “We cannot teach in our educational system the memorization of a bunch of information. We must teach people how to think, aka develop street smarts.

The American educational system became obsessed with book smarts or memorizing repeated information. They completely forgot how to think and use street smarts at all. After living in Mexico, I came back to find people locking their car door 3-5 times. People in middle-class suburbia locking their house doors at night as if their hiding from somebody.

This is why tens of millions will lose their jobs over the next 5-10 years and then hundreds of millions the immediate years after.

At the same time, there is a much more positive and wise perspective. Now that I am done playing devil's advocate…

After studying the 12 universal laws and the science of “life” like Albert Einstein, Aristotle, and others. You can observe just like a stock market graph the patterns of every growing life…There is always evolution aka growth and then some form of destruction occurs. Soon after massive growth occurs, more than before. This pattern continues exactly like a stock market graph. It’s why death really implies life and black really implies white when you understand this wisdom of life. The same wisdom which billionaires practice and why they invested after the stock market crash.

Why did I ramble on about intention on a very deep level and life? Well, we must understand the roots of “life” in order to master life. And above all, solve real problems instead of the symptoms like mainstream, pharmaceutical psychology. Which does exactly that focus on the symptom and never solve the real issue. The other psychopathic greedy trillion-dollar partner of this one family.

We now have artificial intelligence, and have thousands of experts preaching the fear/ ignorance, or the opposite of how it can help the world (love)… Now many are starting to understand why I started this article diving deeply into the foundation of who we really are and the mind…

Life really is the most resilient energetic force in the entire universe. An entire sea community can be ripped away. A thousand years later guess what “Evolves” back? An entire Forrest can be burnt down into ashes and guess what will come back. ….Yet, you and me all human beings we were created as the most powerful force of life.

The law of attraction, one of the 12 universal laws I write about in my book of life. This law teaches people how to use one of the gifts of our creative minds: The imagination.. See whatever we focus our imagination we are directing infinite life to that direction. Now it’s the emotion that we attach that decides if it’ll manifest, or “our prayers answered”.

This is why everything you saw writers from the Bible to Star Trek, see with their imagination. All of its coming true right now from cell phones, traveling to space, etc… The difference is now souls understand how the creative mind works including the imagination. Now they are taking the actual action and every action will always have an equal reaction. Just like the law of attraction states, we are the most energetic and dense energy force ( magnet) there is. And everything will come right back to us.

The imagination something no machine can ever program or replicate as there is no authentic form of life. Two, the imagination is not something that can be coded. Like many of our other creative minds abilities, perception, intuition, reason, will power, and creativity. Along with being able to reprogram our subconscious minds and the gift of “thinking”. These cannot be codded by “flat” coding.

An open mind will always prosper and receive abundance, that is our birthright as miraculous 400 trillion to 1 miracle. A closed mind which refuses to understand and learn more about life, the mind, and so forth. Will Parish. “The old will pass away and the new will come”. . Sure many older generations despise subliminal messages and what teenagers are doing. Just like when the cell phone came out everyone was “Afraid” and many older generations despised it.

Yes, artificial intelligence will come where robots will walk among us. Yes, we will go and live on other planets and new forms of life will come. For wherever life goes more life evolves and “grows”. And we are the highest form of life there is.

This is why I rambled on very deeply about intention. There is so much good AI could be used for right now to help the world. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. Why not have advanced drones begin cleaning this problem up?

Global warming is a major issue and although that one power-hungry family gives two shits about you and me. Exactly why they kill innocent families for their oil money or legal patents (Malaysian aircraft). .. Soon though the issue of global warming, will spread around more of the world. Once again AI can help this issue and support “life”.

While running my remodeling and landscape business in Arizona, I loved working with the Hispanic culture. This was before, I even lived in Mexico for quite some time. At first, everyone in Arizona was afraid of the Hispanics migrating to the border states. Why? They were ignorant like we discussed earlier… What about our jobs? What about our children? We don’t even understand anything about these people….

Fast forward about a decade, everything is alright. Nobody else wants to go outside in 100-degree weather and do the millions of landscape jobs every year. It creates beautiful competition and affordability within the remodeling industry.

Now stepping away from the mind and intentions, I want to end this blog post on something else…”The science of life”

Will there be destruction and even more brutal wars? Maybe even complete destruction we discussed earlier before we reach this beautiful point in life’s expansion. Yes. Will there be enhanced humans in our lifetime? Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg recently made WhatsApp unencryptable. Even if there is a crime WhatsApp cannot decrypt their messages… This is a beautiful decision because now that one family cannot step in like they did cell phones and the internet. Corrupting it for their own good. Instead, Mark is saying “infinite life” or “karma” will keep evolving and winning in the end.

It’s amazing that he also donated %99 of his funds after giving birth to “life”. And now is fighting for cryptocurrency, aka decentralized banking form this one family. But, guess what? Is now having to battle congress and all these endorsed politicians we talked about…. Funny how their media said so much bad about his company Facebook… One more bonus point: Marks Facebook also does not charge donating fees for people donating to charities on Facebook. We will stop there on his list he began creating after giving birth to his first child.

Yes, there will always be the bad side which is losing their power more and more every year. But at the end of the day, this is why I write articles and make free videos. Why I started my non-profit to help unite cultures together like MLK, JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and Jesus.. And hope this will then inspire others to do the same. The more understanding humanity has about everything discussed in this article. The more power “infinite life” or “the universe” has. If one of you succeed, then we all succeed.

We must be willing to fight for life and lay down our physical life because we are “life”. And we are all one. Above all we are creators, and this is what, being created in the creator's highest image means. Not physical image but a self-image and the spiritual gifts we have.

A quote from another recent sci-fi movies Star Wars “The enemy always wants you to think you’re alone”. . . However, as we discussed this isn’t the case. And in the end, AI will only advance “life” further. Just like the wheel, lightbulb, printing press, cell phones, computers, airplanes. Where the wright brothers orthodox father told them, they’d burn in hell.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence lacks the ability to "think", street smarts, creative thinking, whatever you call it. This creative thinking and empty imagination. This leaves for a great robot. However, all of the movies and "imagined" problems by humans will never occur.

In the end, Artificial Intelligence will cause lots of harm from humans with bad intentions. In order to feel their insecurity and destroy “life”. However in the end life will not just win but, evolve like it always has. Which side are you truly fighting for? Like batman said you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. There is no lukewarm

Blessings to you and I wish you and all your families the very best in your journeys <3.


SQIT Consulting on January 30, 2020:

Thank you for sharing such a nice and interesting blog with us. I have seen that all will say the same thing repeatedly. But in your blog, I had a chance to get some useful and unique information.

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