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Are Apple Computers Worth the Price?

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Hardware and Software Features

There have been a lot of divided opinions concerning Apple Macintosh and Windows Personal Computers with different people raising different concerns about both of them. These two computing giants have been the subject of continued competition with each one trying to prove a point on which brand is the best. Recently many computer users are turning to Apple for a couple of reasons.

Before purchasing a computer it is important to consider the Operating System, brand, make price, specifications, and the types of software which you will need to use. PCs are good for personal home use while Apple is best for business, especially for those who do professional graphic designing and movie editing. But are Apple computers worth their hefty price?

Apple Computers are very secure in that they are not susceptible to virus attacks. Apple users boast of having a machine that is reliable and not vulnerable to breakdowns which are mostly experienced in windows computers. Apples’ Mac OS is very secure because most viruses are designed to infiltrate Windows computers. Windows computers become prone to viruses because many computer users across the world use them. This makes spreading very fast and easy through emails and removable disks.

Apple care is very brilliant. Apple customer experience is rated the best in terms of service delivery and response to customer queries. The customer service team responds s to customer needs instantly and solves all technical issues that have arisen after the purchase of the apple computer. They have a good sense of humor and marvelous public relations skills. Whenever you experience a technical situation with your Apple computer, contact apple care and you’ll be served at ease.

The Apple Corporation is known for the best soft wares and applications for media organizations. Apple computers come with an Operating System installation disk which includes application packagers for Mac Books and iMacs. One of the best software of all time is the Final Cut Pro which is used by professional editors for movie editing. It is the best in the world for editing videos but it is only designed for Apple Macintosh.

Apple Macintosh has the best hardware design, layout, and integration. Mac Books have a strong keyboard that facilitates typing. Keys are well intact and flexible. The monitor displays brilliant and beautiful graphics. Apple computers don’t have issues with drivers’ compatibility as their universal serial bus port accepts all removable media without any hardware conflict.

As the number of Apple users increases, the challenges are also adamant. The old and elderly or those who are starters in computing cannot easily operate an Apple computer. They need to undertake special training in order to effectively run different programs and other utilities.

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Another limitation of Apple computers is that they don’t run all soft wares. They are very selective and only use Macintosh-based programs. Apple computers are also expensive but not overpriced. This is because they have extra-soft wares and specifications as compared to windows personal computers. As the debate goes on, apple computers still stand out from their windows counterpart. It is always not expensive to buy something worth your money. An Apple computer will accomplish the task you bought it for, and still operate longer than a PC. Apple warranty rights will protect your machine for more than 3 years.

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