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Android Core Apps Affecting Battery Life (Nexus 5) - How To Solve This Issue

I'm not a techspert, but like to give a shot at sorting out tech problems before I give up

Problems With My 18 Month Old Nexus 5

I had a Nexus 5 as my primary phone. It was purchased in 2014 and I loved it (I still do). It however started giving me 3 problems which were extremely frustrating and made the phone almost unusable.

  1. Poor battery life: After barely 4 - 6 hours of charging fully and average use, the phone battery would drop to less than 10 percent charge. This meant that I constantly had to keep charging the phone and was in trouble every-time I traveled. A Power-bank was a necessity and my phone was literally connected to one in my bag when I traveled .
  2. The performance became sluggish and it hung quite often. For no reason at all it would turn off. I also had to restart it multiple times for a frozen screen. This has happened when shooting videos, on a phone-call or with it lying unused in my pocket
  3. It used to overheat at times: This was the least of my problems as it was not very often.

Poor battery life on my Nexus 5


The Search And The Solution

You can see from the above screenshot that I was really struggling with the battery life. The first thing you notice is that Android Core App seems to be the biggest source of battery drain. Now I had to figure out a way to fix that.

So I consulted my friend Dr. Google (Don't we all!) and found that this could be linked to the contact storage app (a system app). Some people also mentioned that apps 1 like Viber could cause this

I first deleted Viber, but the phone showed no improvement. So I took a deep breath and decided to delete the contact storage app.

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I ensured that I backed up my contacts and phone settings

This is a video of me showing you how to locate and delete the contact storage app. It's simple, but you'll need to dig in a little to find this app .

Make sure you follow each step properly to both locate the correct thing to delete and delete it properly.

The video is self explanatory.

Video tutorial

The Verdict

Did it work?

Yes! It was absolutely magical. My phone life was back to normal. Now this is an old phone but easily lasts me a full day of average use. I use it as a backup phone even now. The Nexus 5 does have a smaller battery than modern phones and hence I still need to charge it more often when I use Maps, bluetooth or watch videos, but I feel this is acceptable for a phone that is 5 years old.

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