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Alternative for Google Voice

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Small Businesses: Budget-Friendly Alternative for Google Voice

Running a small business means you need to be your tech guy, finance manager, recruiter, operations manager, and support staff. Since you are going to wear so many different hats, you need to know how you can comfortably swipe these hats to improve your business progress. As you are not hiring any extra help and doing everything on your own, the use of simple business management tools can be pivotal for you. There are so many communication tools, management tools, and progress tracking tools that are available for free.

For every business, communication tool plays a very importantly. This is the reason almost all social media platforms have a separate variation for business communication. One of the leading names in the business communication domain is google voice. recently, businesses are reporting that google voice is not helping their business. One of the main issues that have been reported by businesses is that google voice doesn’t offer customer service even if you report any issue.

For start-ups that are just starting their journey in this cut-throat world of business, we have listed down some of the budget-friendly business communication alternatives for google voice.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business is one of the most used apps globally and it is the best business communication app for your business. It is completely free, and you can have your business account that can be linked to your Facebook page and your website as well. As a small business, this app will work wonders for you, and it is a great alternative for google voice. you can send text, voice notes, business messages and you can sync this app with your laptop for sending messages.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is another very Alternative for Google Voice. Most buyers are already on Facebook so you can run a paid campaign for generating business and direct it straight to your Facebook messenger. Your Instagram messenger messages can be synced with Facebook messenger so you can reply easily. You can send texts, calls, stickers, and this can be a great way to get insights about the targeted audience and type of customers who are interested in your business, service, or product. Although Facebook Messenger is loved by, it is available for iOS, Android, and Windows users only.


Known to be the oldest and still the most famous app used for business communication, skype has come a long way. By using skype you can conduct, audio calls, video chat, send stickers, and voice messages as well. Skype is usually used for corporate business so if you are running an e-commerce store or any other business, you might have to reconsider. The best feature of skype is that it allows you to call any number by buying credit. Skype is available on android, apple, Linux, window, mac, and kindle fire as well.


If your business serves a younger audience, Snapchat is an ideal place for your business. It has a solid user base among the younger audience. You can enjoy free audio and video call anytime. You can send pictures and messages as well. With Snapchat, you can send messages and pictures for a one-time view as well as for permanent saving. All these features make it an ideal Alternative for Google Voice.


Viber is a very popular messaging app among countries where WhatsApp is not available. If you are running your business in a country where WhatsApp other apps are not available Viber would be your priority. You can use Viber to call and message people on the app. If you have saved the contact details of your customer on phone, you will be able to fetch their account on Viber. You can also make Viber to landline and other mobile number calls with Viber credits. If you want to use Viber for free calls only, your customer needs to have the Viber app as well. Viber is known for its colorful stickers and a business; this can be transformational. You can use your company logo as a sticker, or you can even send videos and gifs as well. Viber is available on Linux, windows, android, and iOS as well.

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Telegram is an excellent app that allows you to call and send messages to your customer. Although the app is going through a lot of advancement, thanks to the competitive telegram team. Every chat and message is end-to-end encrypted. Telegram can be used on android, apple, Linux, windows, and mac as well. Most businesses are using telegram as their second priority after WhatsApp. However, you cannot link telegram links on your social media accounts and the customer will only be able to reach you if he already uses telegram.

Text Now

Text now is the closest thing to landline office phone that you can ever come across. It uses a real phone number, and you will have a separate voicemail box where you can receive all the voice messages. You can customize this according to your need and you can buy credits to call any other number. Since calls are only free for the text now users, you have to pay if you need to call someone on the landline, etc.

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