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Alternative Chat sites and Apps To Omegle

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I know some of you really enjoy chatting especially online where the availability of people to talk with is not a problem. You don't have to give up making friends online. There are several other websites like Omegle, if not better, where you can freely chat online.

How to use Online Chat Platforms

However, when using online chat platforms, it is important to exercise some caution and follow these basic rules:

1. Do not share any of your personal information (this includes your social security id, the name of the street you live, your school name, your university name, (anything that can be used to identify you via password extended questions.)

2. Do not give out Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, If you are 100% sure that the other person is trustworthy, then you should do so at your own risk, but only once you’ve been talking with them for a while.

3. Be aware that even the most honest sounding can always be faking, to try to get your details for ulterior motives.


Are you not an enthusiast of small talk or hoping to make more friends? Here is a site that is developing at a quick rate in online chatting. Chatous is a social networking platform a site for mysteriously visiting with various individuals. If you would prefer not to unveil your data yet but at the same time, need to make companions then this is the site for you.

Chatous incorporates a terribly easy system that offers you choices on what information you wish to share with the public in order for people to know you. The app is compatible with Android and iPhone. Also, you can synchronize your account details between your personal computer, the web site and the app. If you're searching for an app like Omegle for Android and iPhone then, this is it.

Chatous is not only available on computers but also on the smartphone. The matchmaking system of Chatous uses the hashtag (#) as a base for its search.


WeChat is easily China’s most popular messaging app. It has a monthly user base of more than 1 billion people. Imagine that, considering Facebook use is just over 1 billion users, it’s no wonder Zuckerberg wants to make an impact in China. Wechat is owned by Tencent, which is one of Asia’s largest and well-known tech companies. While it just started out primarily as a messaging service, it has since become an all you can eat app, where you can do everything from make payments to friends to hail a ride or even book a flight.

When people want to exchange their contact details, you will see each person scan with their camera, the other person’s phone screen. Every single WeChat user has a unique barcode known as their QR code. You just need to scan the other WeChat user’s self-generated QR code to add them to your WeChat contact list. You can also use the traditional method such as a phone number.


Shagle is among the biggest chatting platforms on the net. If you haven’t come across this name, then I feel you have not been online for the past decade. Here, you'll be able to meet with people around the world within a few seconds that share similar interests as you.

Shagle includes a very user-friendly design that attracts many people, and you can always see thousands of people online all day. This makes it easy to find folks with the same interest as you any time of the day.

When you enter the Shagle, you will find options whether you want to see only girls on cam or single guys and girls. The simple design makes the website feel great to use, and you could find yourself spending hours on it. Also, you may also select a country to chat with people.

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In addition, you have the option to see who has a webcam active and who doesn't, so you don't encounter a dark screen. The good thing is that, each one of these features you get for free. Also, it doesn't have many rules concerning the chat so you don't get banned for silly reasons.


Chatroulette is, without a doubt, one of the absolute best social networking chatting websites where you can meet total strangers to chat with online. Chatroulette is the first video feed that randomly selects the webcam to chat with you.

The interface of this web site is similar to the other video chat web page. But the appearance doesn’t look cheap and simple. Rather, it looks professionally made. There are many things one can do on Chatroulette. You could make a laugh dialog through drawing at the chat box. Also, you can change the size of the font, save your discussion and your chat history. You can also make a choice on what you like, your interests, hobbies, etc. you wish to have made public in your profile.


Chatki is a free website that doesn’t have any hidden or any other charges. Chatki is robust and is one of the best Omegle replacements that allow users to connect with each other through the webcam. The choice to which you want to chat depends on your location and preference, or you can just go for random selection.

Chatki is among the best alternatives of Omegle as this is an Adult-only website so that you will meet people of 18 or above age. You can also select people according to the countries, like if you want to talk to select American USA and filter the rest of the people.

Chatki is the fast-growing platform that allows users to meet with thousands of people across the globe this is why is one of the best sites like Omegle.

Emerald Chat

Emerald is another platform built to help people meet each other. In this fast-paced modern world, it's often quite hard to make new friends and meet new people.

This is exactly where Emerald comes in. It gives you ways to meet similar minded people really easily and that's why Emerald's special built-in software focuses around the idea of matching conversations you have with people, based on their own personal interests.

There's is a massive demand for a chat website that lets you connect with people in a platonic way. Most of the current platforms are known to have bots and are very poorly administered. This is exactly what Emerald wants to change, by offering their users a decent platform to chat and go on to meet with real people.


Chathub is a platform with an amazing amount of unique features that no other site has and especially not Omegle. There is a hunting mode, where you can view 4 partners at the same time, and pick the person you want to connect to. It is a bit sexist though, as it's only available for women, who seek men. The block feature is another great addon with Chathub, were blocking someone happens, the website will ensure you never connect with that person again.


With the rise of chat room apps and social media websites, helping you connect with new people from various parts of the globe, Chatrandom is another alternative to Omegle which provides you the option of chatting with new people easily and quickly, by choosing the countries from the list. This way you know you are speaking with people and have a chance to meet with others in the same country.

This website is gaining much popularity among its fan base of being a nonintrusive way of flirting and chatting with strangers, sharing their favorite moments from their life, and their photos and videos.


Fruzo sounds like a tasty yogurt drink, but it's actually a popular messaging app that allows you to make friends and contacts on social media.

You can easily join tens of thousands of users who all friends, connect with strangers, and find love, on the world’s first social networking app that features cam-to-cam chat in a big way. You just need to make a personal profile, search for friends, and send them private messages. All across a secure platform. There is much more on offer from this website app, an extremely good and family-friendly alternative to Omegle.

Face Flow

FaceFlow is a free platform centered around video conference calls as an alternative for the Omegle chat room model. There is no maximum amount of video conference participants you can have, as long as they are members of the main website. You can send all your friends a link on email to get them to join the platform and interact with you in great video chats. You can also search for new people, and have them join in conversations.

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