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All We Need to Know About BCDP Tech Solution

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Recycled REF bulb by BCDP tech solution

Recycled REF bulb by BCDP tech solution

All We Need to Know About BCDP tech Solution

BCDP tech solution is a newly introduced group in Malawi, which offers tech solutions to the current tech problems Malawians are facing. The group recycles LED bulbs using BCDP technology. The group also invents different tech devices which offer timely solutions to the current electricity problems and internet data challenges Malawians are facing.

With the current increase of LED bulb products, BCDP tech solution recycles non functional bulbs for re-use at a lower cost. All its recycled bulbs are called REF bulbs and are sold at a one month warranty. The group was founded by Robert Gomani and currently has 13 members and have recruited territory managers and sales managers.

Advantages of Recycling Non functional Bulbs Using BCDP Technology

  1. Reduces cost of spendings on buying bulbs through use of recycled lower cost REF bulbs.
  2. Ecosmart as it does not pollute the environment
  3. Locally produced and available

BCDP tech solution understands the current tech problems its customers and Malawians as whole, are facing and tries to offer timely solutions that are best in current tech challenges.

To recycle non functional bulbs, firstly the group buys all non functional bulbs across the country at a lower cost, then recycles them using its BCDP technology and produces it's own packaging materials which they put its recycled REF bulbs.

Apart from recycling non functional LED bulbs, the group has also successfully invented AP device, which is able to offer auto electricity. The group has also invented and tested USID data device, which is able to offer Unlimited simless Internet, which does not use any network provider.

Currently, the group has brought on market its products in Lilongwe Malawi and it's yet to launch other branches in Blantyre, Mzuzu and Zomba.

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Summary of products offered by BCDP tech solution

  1. REF bulbs
  2. USID internet data cables
  3. ACP phone chargers
  4. Auto Electricity- AP devices

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