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All Browsers for All Devices - All Ages - All Devices and operating systems. Plus Top Browser Tips

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Complete database of browsers for your surfing pleasure. Find one you'll love


There are so many browsers on the market today. Within this database, you'll be amazed at how many alternative browsers there are - how advanced they've become, and why installing/trying a new browser can be very beneficial.

You can install and use as many browsers simultaneously as you like. Change your browser and experience faster speeds, improved security, better performances, newer features, anonymity, and sleeker designs.

When comparing a new browser, it may appear to perform faster because 1, it is faster, or 2, it has not been cluttered with junk, add-ons — or extensions that your old browser has - much like cars that people modify and put too much 'junk in their trunk' (boot). Pcs and cars need cleaning and maintenance to make them perform at their best.

Luckily, it doesn't take long to download, install and take them for a ride to see how they perform.

In this article

  • why would i need another browser?
  • Most popular browsers by operating system
  • Browser speed-up Tips
  • Safe browsing for very young children & teenagers
  • Safe browsing for the older, senior generation
  • Browser Facts: Did you know...

Why Would I Need Another Browser?

Everyone has their own needs when it comes to choosing a browser. If you want to experiment and modify a browser, then use another browser to inspect every element of a browser from the settings.

I have resolved many browser problems with a browser by either reinstalling it or changing it for another.

So, forget spending hours or days trying to fix, or configure a browser, trying to make it more suitable for your personal needs, because a simple change of a browser can help resolve many browser related issues. Keeping them updated is also key

Browsers get slower the longer we use them, and doing the following will help you speed them up; Remove unwanted applications, add-ons, extensions and plugins you don't use. Clear the Internet cache files regularly. Disable images within the browser settings for text-based searches.

  • Android devices (Google)
  • Chrome (Google)
  • iPhone / iPad. (IOS - Apple)
  • Linux
  • Mac / PCs & tablet's. (Apple)
  • Unix
  • Windows

Browser List

Compatibility. Information. Release date.

  • AirBrowser. A - iOS Desktop browser for your Apple TV. 2013.
  • Avant Browser. W. Low memory usage yet packed with useful tools, accelerators and very secure. 2004.
  • Baidu Browser. A - W. Lightweight and customisable. Account syncing, mouse gestures and lots of useful tools. 2011.
  • Beaker Browser. A - L - W. Free and open-source web browser currently in development by Blue Link Labs. Deploy a website from your computer; no server required.
  • Bitty Browser. W. Easy customisation tools to keep track of your favourite sites.
  • Blink Browser. L - M - W. Open-source browser layout engine developed by Google as part of Chromium (and therefore part of Chrome as well). Chrome OS, Fuchsia, Android, and Android WebView.
  • Blisk Browser. L - M - W. Chromium-based web browser to improve productivity and code quality by providing many tools for Web development and testing for different type of devices.
  • Boat Browser Mini. i. Lightweight browser with a simple user-face. Packed with useful features. Incognito mode and fully customisable. 2012.
  • Brave Browser. A - C - i - L - M - W. Browse the web faster. Automatically blocks ads and trackers that violate your privacy. 2017.
  • BriskBard Browser. W. E-mail client. FTP client. Media player. Newsreader and IRC client. Browse securely with triple protection. 2016.
  • Browsix Browser. U. A Unix-like operating system in your web browser. It allows unmodified programs expecting a Unix-like environment to run directly in the browser.
  • Browse 3D browser. W. Simple, nippy and very visual. View multiple pages at once. 2005.
  • Chrome Browser. A - L - M - U - W. Google's simple and secure browser with new and improved tools and features. Unlike Chromium, Chrome offers built-in support for media codecs. 2008.
  • Chromium browser. A - I - L - M - W. An open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web. 2008.
  • Citrio Browser. M - W. Smooth, fast and lightweight. Includes a download/torrent manager. 2014.
  • Comodo IceDragon Browser. W. Fast, easy to use. Lightweight. Built on the Firefox Core. 2017.
  • Cross Browser For developers. Easily debug and resolve issues to ship better code, faster. For QA testers. Ensure flawless experiences on every browser and device. Test a site's cross-browser compatibility.
  • Dolphin Browser. A - i. HTML5 video player, Ad-blocker, tab bar, incognito browsing and flash player.
  • Dragon Browser. W. Based on Chromium. Good security and privacy features. Fully compatible with Firefox plug-ins. 2017.
  • Edge Browser. A - C - i - W. Pre-installed on all Windows devices. Easy to use. Built-in Cortana personal assistant. 2015.
  • Elinks Browser. L. A text-based console - for Unix like OS. Auto-blocks all flash, Java and images for faster page loading. Highly customisable. 2009.
  • Epic Browser. W. Incognito mode. Packed with security and privacy features. Network privacy with free Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities. 2010.
  • Firefox Browser. A - C - i - L - M - W. Easy to use. Useful tools and a multitude of extensions. Private browsing with tacking protection. 2002
  • Freedom Browser. A - C - I - M - W. Designed to free you from distractions, allowing you time to do more creative things by blocking websites, apps, and schedule sessions.
  • GhostBrowser. M - W. Ghost proxy control. Securely manages all your multiple on-line account identities with ease. Import your Chrome extensions. 2017.
  • Ghostery. A - i. Browse the web safer, faster & with less annoying ads.Free tools which highlights third-party tracking on popular websites. 2017.
  • Green Browser. W. Easy to use. Useful AD filter, mouse gestures, auto-fills forms, and many useful plugins. 2016.
  • iCab Browser. M. Many useful tools. A non-free version and a limited use of their free version are available. 1999.
  • InBrowser. A. Incognito private browsing mode. Auto-deletes history, cookies after every session. Auto-erases data when exiting sites.
  • Internet Explorer 11 Browser. W. Check compatibility - will not run on all systems. 2013.
  • K-Meleon Browser. W. A simple, nippy lightweight browser easily customisable. Includes mouse gestures. 2000.
  • Konqueror Browser L - U. Ad-block and pop-up blocker. File and password manager. PDF viewer and custom plug-ins. 1996.
  • Knowtilus Browser. A Text editor. RSS reader. Text to speech, spell checker and page translator with over 50 voices. 2013.
  • Links Browser. L - U. Open source text and graphic web browser. It can render complex pages. 1999.
  • Lunascape Browser. A - M - W. World's first triple engine integrated into one browser. Fast and versatile with a simple interface. Includes add-on support
  • Maxthon Browser. A - M - W. Customisable, speedy and easy to use. Powerful ad-blocker and free cloud service. 2002.
  • MI. Xiaomi's official web browser comes pre-installed on all its phones, and the app is compatible with other phone and tablets and devices.
  • Microsoft Edge Browser. A - C - i - W. Pre-installed on all Windows devices. Easy to use. Built-in Cortana personal assistant. 2015.
  • Midori Browser. L - U - W. Open source. Fast, lightweight and very powerful. 2007.
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser. A - C - i - L - M - W. Easy to use. Useful tools and a multitude of extensions. Private browsing with tacking protection. 2002.

Video: How to Install a New Browser

  • Nano Browser. A - L - M - W. Lots of useful features. Password protection and internet security. Back-up all your browsing contents and contacts. 1995.
  • Oh Browser. A. Revolutionary, next generation user interface. 2018.
  • OmniWeb Browser. M. An advanced version of Safari. Sidebar tabs and built-in HTML editing capabilities. 1995.
  • Onion Browser. I - M. Browsing is private.

    Encrypted traffic for security and privacy.

  • Opera Browser. A - C - L - M - U - W. Sleek and smart. Turbo mode. Free VPN. Built-in ad blocker. Customisable and very stable. 1995.
  • Opera GX. L - M - W - A. Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser built specifically for gamers. Set limits on CPU, RAM, and network usage. Plus, free games. 2019.
  • Opera Mini Browser. A - i - W. The most popular and efficient mobile mini browser. Compressed downloads, ad locker and built-in news-feed. 2005.
  • Pale Moon Browser. W. Open-source web browser with customisation and configuration options. Support for many Firefox extensions. 2011.
  • Polypane. The browser for ambitious developers. Powerful tools, multiple synced viewports, full-height screenshots, over two dozen debug tools, device and media query emulation, built-in live-reloading and more.
  • Puffin Browser. A - i - M - W. Cloud powered flash supported browser. Fast, sleek and secure browsing. Incognito mode.
  • QtWeb Browser. M - W. Open source, lightweight, fast and secure. Unique user interface and privacy features. 2008.
  • QupZilla Browser. A - L - M - U - W. Fast and sleek. Simple to use. Lots of useful features. Ad-blocker. 2010.
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Browser Speed-up Tips

Browsers get slower the longer we use them, and doing the following will help you speed them up; Remove unwanted applications, add-ons, extensions and plugins you don't use. Clear the Internet cache files regularly. Disable images within the browser settings for text-based searches.

Turn off the flash, Java and sound. Close unneeded toolbars when not in use. Instead of turning off individual features from your existing browser, install another (fresh) browser to customise and add what you need for what you're searching for to help with faster page-loading and provide more time for surfing and researching.

You can switch to your existing browser when you need to view images and videos.

  • Safari Browser. A - i - M - W. Lightweight and sleek interface. Built-in privacy feature helps keep your browsing your business. 2003.
  • Samsung Internet Browser. A. Simple, fast, & reliable. Experience more secure web browsing with secret mode, Biometric web login and contents blocker. 2012.
  • SeaMonkey Browser. L - M - W. Advanced email, newsgroup and feed client. SeaMonkey uses much of the same Mozilla source code which powers Firefox and Thunderbird. 2006.
  • Sizzy browser. L - M - W. Made for responsive development. Preview a website on multiple devices at once. The Sizzy Chrome Extension is only an addition to the app. It adds a button to your toolbar. When the button is clicked, it it's going to open the current url in Sizzy.
  • SlimJet Browser. L - W. Fast, smooth, efficient and secure. Ad-free with security and protection features. 2018.
  • SRWare Iron Browser. A - L - M - U - W. Based on the free source code "Chromium". Private and secure with simple design and features. 2008.
  • Sunbird Browser. W - M - L. Clean and simple interface. Useful calendar, schedule and task management extensions. A good complement to Firefox and Thunderbird. 2010.
  • Thunderbird Browser. L - W. Open source free email application that’s customisable. Lots of great features such as add-on's and themes. 2003.
  • Tiny. This tiny web browser is under 50 kb in size.
  • Tor Browser. iOS - L - M - U - W. Search the web securely with cool anonymity and security features. 2002.
  • UR Browser. M - W. Fast download speeds, News stories displayed on the Home screen undergo strict guidelines for content quality to avoid fake news.
  • Vivaldi Browser. L - M - W. Customisable keyboard short-cuts, themes, mouse gestures and appearance. 2016.
  • Waterfox Browser. A - W. Open source and customisable. Personalise themes, extensions and add-ons. 2011.
  • Whonix Browser. C - L - M - W. Designed for extra security and privacy. Stay anonymous. Defend against network surveillance. 2012.
  • Yandex Browser. A - W. Simple and easy to use. Turbo-mode for faster page loading. Secure and clutter-free. 2012.

Safe Browsing for Very Young Children & Teenagers

  1. SafeSearchKids. A home-page to browse the web, view images and videos securely. Includes a Wikipedia. Practise maths & English. Suitable for children aged 1 - 13.
  2. Swiggle is a child friendly search engine for kids to search the internet to keep safe.
  3. ZillaDog. A home-page with free parent password protection email service for kids. Complete with a home page with games, film trailers and more. Kids can stay connected with friends and family with excellent child safety features and educational news to keep children safe online.
  4. Zoodles Browser. Create your child's perfect playground with free learning games, videos, and books for your kids to educate them in a safe environment.

Safe Browsing for the Older, Senior Generation

  1. Eldy. Software to turn any standard PC into an easy-to-use computer. Easy interface for email, internet, chat, video-conferencing and more.
  2. SilverSurf. Ideal for the elderly - computer training for seniors. SilverSurf will help with all your online needs.

Browser Facts: Did You Know...

  • In 1990 the English computer scientist Sir Tim Burners-Lee invented the first web browser called the 'WorldWideWeb'.
  • In 1993 the American software engineer 'Marc Anderson' released 'Mosaic' which was later renamed Netscape, this browser was much easier to use than Burners 'WorldWideWeb' browser.
  • In 1995 the American software company Microsoft then entered the picture by releasing the first version of Internet Explorer.
  • in 1998 Netscape launched the Mozilla Foundation which created Firefox.

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What's your favourite browser?

rodocop on February 21, 2018:

Dear author!

Please, fix the K-Meleon info: browser is still developed and the latest was published 10 days ago.

Virat on September 22, 2017:

Checked out Polarity Browser and I was pretty pleased with how light weight it was.

Salvador Diaz Fau from Spain on March 01, 2017:

Impresive list!

Other articles only include the usual 3-4 browsers and this makes it clear that there are many more options.

Good Job!

rodocop on July 15, 2014:

Dear Author! You need to fix your info about K-Meleon.

The development was restarted in November 2013 and the last beta updated a week ago!

And new K-Meleon is fully compatible with all new web techs!

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ps. It has it's own built in browser!.

Callum Yates on March 06, 2014:

Anyone on Kik messenger? Wanna talk, browse and share what you love? What's not to love? It's free for smart Phones only.

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Bookmarked! and a very useful page!

Thanks!! :)

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use linux OS ..keep those bugs away..

Dave_69 on September 30, 2013:

I'm so shocked AND surprised at the amount of browsers available today. Is it really necessary for so many browsers to be available!? Surely, it should be quality and not quantity! But I guess these days, everyone wants a slice of the cake!

krushnach80 on June 30, 2013:

use linux OS ..keep those bugs away..

Umm, on November 03, 2012:

I use Firefox for my PC and Dolphin for my iphone. I have just installed Opera and it;s pretty cool!

Brian Clark on November 01, 2012:


I have Internet Explorer installed. It was on my PC when I purchased it many years ago, and I had no idea there was such a wide range of choice!

Thanks for sharing.


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