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Advertising Impact on Buying Decision of Consumers

Based on the understanding of the intensity and generations of advertising results, the marketer devices the plan and tries to implement

Advertising generates an impact on buying decisions

Why consumers make purchasing decisions and the various factors that affect their buying behavior

Why consumers make purchasing decisions and the various factors that affect their buying behavior

Advertising and buying methods are interrelated

Advertising Impact on buying decision of consumers

The behavior of buying is the decision-making procedure, the acts of people to buy and use the products. Consumer behavior is therefore a study of all individuals, organizations, or groups, and their related activities with the purchase, utilization, and disposal of products and services, that involves the mental, behavioral, and emotional knowledge and responses of consumers that follow or lead such activities. In the year 1950, Consumer behavior and its activities emerged as the most vital sub-discipline in the region of marketing fundamentals. Hence, to succeed in prevailing today’s rapidly evolving, competitive, and dynamic marketplace, the marketers have to be aware of everything regarding the consumers, like what they think, what they need, how they spend their time and money, and how they work, by identifying all the influencing forces that impact consumer decisions, the Consumer Behavior has become the most significant social science of interdisciplinary blending elements involving economics, marketing, ethnography, anthropology, social science, sociology, psychology, including the behavioral economics. As per Hoyer & Macinnis, the authors of the book "Consumer Behavior," the subject and intricacies of consumer behavior go much beyond their purchasing of the products and services and involves its usage as well as disposal.


It plays a major role in creating, building, and sustaining product brands, also induces and influences people in informing, persuading, and reminding the availability and potential of products for the existing and new customers towards taking purchasing decisions. Advertising plays a pivotal role to shape the dreams and aspirations of customers, helps customers consider conscious decisions to buy branded products they need. The Advertisement endorsements help customers generate easy ways to remember brands of products, because, normally, the customers associate the product brand with the celebrity. For every marketer, the measure that influences and generates product sales due to Advertisements is the most essential part of their working methods and future operations. Creating a balanced demand and supply position, by understanding the Consumer Brand Preferences is the most significant part of the marketing techniques and strategies. In case the advertisement fails to generate any positive changes in the consumer brand preferences, every resource utilized like time, money, and efforts devoted to the advertisement will go waste. Advertising further helps to create Utmost Awareness of a brand availability and also aims to facilitate brand recall. This study focuses on the consumer behavior assessment of the impact of advertisement on the purchase of youth with reference to consumer goods.

The Behavior Reading

By scrutinizing the process of consumers undergoing the final purchasing decision, the marketers can recognize, categorize, and reach their specific target marketing areas, which provides them an edge to locate where and how precisely to advertise, and most prominently, to whom to target advertising. Thus, by meticulously collecting, analyzing, storing, and utilizing the behavior pattern of consumers, their structural and behavioral characteristics, physiological and temperamental peculiarities, and other idiosyncrasies that drive them to make decisions, and by utilizing their past behavior, they can properly predict the future influential behavior.

Buying activities

The buying behavior is the most complex combination of culture, personality, socioeconomic status, geography, and exposure to various circumstances. In case a direct question is asked to consumers regarding their buying tendencies and habits, they always prove insufficient to describe because of several influences that cultivate their buying decisions that go much beyond the control of consumers, and even their recollection and recognition. Most of the time, the consumers fail to fully comprehend how, why, and what really influences them, and what internal, psychological, and external factors induce them to make particular purchasing decisions, by selecting a specific product, like what they normally do.

Consumer buying trends and behavior

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The most important consumer buying behavior study lead by Tadajewski. He analyzed the impact generated by the previous buying experience and the decision-making behavior while purchasing fresh foods, specifically mussels. He structured the equation model so as to recognize the link between the previous buying experience, normal habits while taking the consumer buying decision. His findings indicated that the personal habits along with the previous experiences of consumers certainly have an absolute impact on the purchasing decisions of consumers while giving the example of fresh mussels purchasing. He further discovered that the product image generates a remarkable impact on the consumer purchasing decisions and he further emphasized with certain recommended to provide an excellent product image to constantly improve its attractiveness, encourage, and induce people so as to attract the consumers toward purchasing.

They conducted another study to evaluate the influence the consumer decide on the packaging process for FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods. The objective was to assess the packaging impact of the process of decision-making consumers of low-income in retail shops. A specific survey methodology was used so as to arrive at the final objective. This distinct survey was conducted in the Canterville town Hyper Star Hotel, where 260 respondents participated. The research findings indicated that the consumers of low-income derived additional preferences regarding the premium packaging because, the packaging could be further used after the product gets consumed, even though the findings indicated an insubstantial relationship between the brand experience and product packaging. But, it was proved from the research findings that the consumers of low-income had more brand experience as they had several times purchased premium brand products while evaluating their overall experience after buying the cheaper range of brand products.

The Five Phase Methodology used in the consumer decision-making procedure has been widely accepted. Consumers offered different tendencies and inclinations toward the five-phase definitions, all of them showed a standard view, because, they described the phases in a similar manner. As specified the five-phase consumer, making decisions and processes elaborated as mentioned below:

  1. Problems that need recognition;
  2. Searching for Information;
  3. Evaluation of any alternatives;
  4. Making purchasing decisions; and
  5. After purchase evaluation.

They further stated that there is a need for the recognition to occur because of many circumstances and factors like professional work and conditions, personal life and its surroundings, and the lifestyle of living, which subsequently leads to the development of intentions and ideas to purchase.

Post purchasing decisions

Eventually, the post-purchasing decisions involve several experiences regarding the consumer approach, thinking methods, outlook, attitude, and opinions regarding the final purchases. Even though the importance and value of every phase are not extensively highlighted by several authors, they informed that this can be perhaps the most significant phases in the procedure of consumer decision making, because it directly impacts and considerably affects the purchase stages of consumers of the similar or same product and service, by purchasing in the future, from the same supplier.

The mode of advertising and consumer buying methods are interrelated to understand the appropriate product to purchase and the fundamentals of advertisement that generate considerable impact on every buying decision people make and the normal procedure through which the consumer behave and take the decision, which is imperative in the initial stages of developments in advertising and marketing communication designs.

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