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Advantages of having a Multifunction Printer


Is your office or workplace considering a printer upgrade? Are you looking for something practical and functional for your home office? Are you a bit overwhelmed by all the options out there?

Worry not! Multifunction Printers (also known as MFPs) could make your life much easier. MFPs can tackle just about any office task, all from a single, convenient, all-in-one printer system. Functions include printing, faxing, scanning, photocopying, and email, and the technology and practicality of these fantastic devices have improved significantly in the last few years.

Here are some benefits to having a multifunction printer that you may not have thought of:

They save money – Most people have a budget when setting up a home office and need to allocate money carefully. With a Multifunction Printer, you get more bang for your buck. They may seem more expensive at first, but you only need to buy one device as opposed to a separate scanner, printer, and fax machine.

They save space – Setting up your home or work office in a space-savvy way can be extremely difficult. Trying to squeeze a scanner, printer and fax machine around your desk, chair, workstation, computer and filing cabinet can seem like an impossible task. Multifunction Printers are a massive lifesaver. They’re all-in-one, plus many are now built to be compact and light (some weigh as little as 4.5kg!)

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They save electricity – This is such a bonus! Instead of running three devices and needing power for all of them, you only need to run one. This saves on electricity costs in the long run and is good for the planet!

They’re faster – You might think that having so many functions would make a Multifunction Printer perform slower. On the contrary, MFPs use brand new print technology that makes them faster and smarter. You won’t be sacrificing speed or quality for convenience. One of the best brands in office printers is color or mono Brother laser printers.

More convenient and streamlined – It’s honestly just so much easier! You can swap between printing and scanning with just one button rather than going to a whole new machine. This makes the whole process much more streamlined and promotes productivity in the workplace.

Can connect to other devices/the cloud – MFPs can connect to the internet and the cloud, meaning that you can access your device from anywhere in the world. Connecting to mobile is fast becoming a necessary function of all technology, and Multifunction Printers can do this quickly and easily.

Less breakdowns and repairs – There’s nothing worse than being in a rush to print or scan something and finding an error message flashing on the printer. MFPs are much easier to fix and repair – a professional can check all parts of your device for any issues and troubleshoot. Fewer repairs and upkeep mean less stress for you; you can focus on your work without the distraction of a malfunctioning printer! If you are looking to print labels with your printer, do not do that as it will break it and it won't work for a long time instead you can use label makers like Dymo or other brands.

Whatever your job, whether you work from home or go into the office every day, a Multifunction Printer will make your life just that little bit easier. Check out some of the top models today!

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