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Add the Developer Tab to Excel on a Mac

What is the Developer Tab

The developer tab is a handy place that holds all of the user developer tools in Excel. These tools include the following:

  • Record a Macro
  • View Macro Code
  • Adding Form Control Buttons
  • Inserting Other Form Control Items

Displaying the Developer Tab

If the developer tab is not available in you Excel interface, then you can easily add it with a few easy steps.

Start by clicking on the three dots located on the Excel menu. If you hover over these dots a tool tip will appear that says customize quick access toolbar.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar Button


After the drop down menu appears, click on more commands.

Select More Commands


Next, click on ribbon to get the ribbon options to appear.

Select Ribbon Options


Scroll down on the customize ribbon side and click the checkbox for developer tab. Click save to exit.


The preferences window will be open. You can just X out of this.

Excel Preferences


The developer tab should be visible as it is in the illustration below.


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