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About the Internet of Things

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The internet of things or IoT is a new concept where things _machines and devices_

act and interact with smartphones and make decisions without human intervention.

This transition becomes possible thanks to the internet network. It makes life easier

than it was before.

To make it clear, imagine you are traveling somewhere abroad, and you still have

two or three days before coming back home. Then, you want to know what food in

your refrigerator is left and how much of it. Today, this is so simple. There are smart

refrigerators that will be interconnected to your phone and notify you about the

remaining foods and also what food is expired. Moreover, the fridge will even know

when you return home to bring you all the foods and veggies you need from the

market by sending it a quick message.

You ask how? Do not worry because your smart refrigerator will pay the amount

automatically from your bank account, which is interconnected as well.


This example applies to all household appliances like the oven, washing machine,

coffee machine, bread toaster, automatic blender, etc. They are all programmable

machines that use smart apps and internet networks to interconnect with your phone

and obey your instructions wherever you are.

To have a smart house, you need to add what is called Smart Gadgets.

These gadgets are helpful and simplify life.

For example, the smart mirrors that can provide you with weather information,

DateTime, allow you to set an alarm clock, and surf via the different apps available

on it. You can also play any music you want and enjoy doing house chores.

Moreover, smart mirrors are made with integrated Led light for a better experience.

Another Smart Gadget is the weight scale.

In addition to giving you weight information, this smart scale measures your body

temperature, heart rate, and fat accumulation rate. It will analyze these data and

notify you on your phone _via an installed app_ about your health condition and

suggest you visit a doctor if there is a health problem.

Moving from these examples to another of the internet of things. Self-driving cars.

This intelligent car will take you to your work office safely and right on time.

The car will choose the less crowded roads, and respect the traffic lights and

signals while you sit comfortably.

This concept includes taxis and buses also, which will decrease road accidents



Besides, there will be infrastructural sensors that will reduce crowding and make

alerts if the infrastructure is in danger.

There will be smart cameras and devices in the streets to observe and control

environmental changes and warn about impending disasters.

The Internet of things is a real revolution that will drive us to the future.

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