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A Story of My Computer!

A (not too short) story about my PC!

A couple months ago, my PC started rebooting unexpectedly, and suddenly it stopped working. I checked everything inside, reconnected every part, and still it was not booting up.

As soon as possible, I started checking every part inside it. I opened the PSU and got it cleaned, including the RAM and motherboard, even though I was doubting the processor and processor pins. ;) (That comes with gold plating on the mobo). Nothing happened.

I opened up the PSU and got it cleaned for dust. I tried to start it manually by shorting two connectors, but it did not start. I called a local shop and ordered a new PSU because my final doubt was about the PSU because it had not started even manually by shorting connectors.

At this point, everything I have done so far, except replacing the PSU power cable!!! :):) At this point, I should be called an idiot because I put too much trust in cable.

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I changed the PSU power cable that I had in reserve (even though it was a low-quality one, it still works fine temporarily). PC booted up!!! I checked everything, like stress testing, etc. Everything started working fine!


Don't be an idiot about the small things that matter!

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