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A Genius Standing at the Intersection of Art and Technology: Meet Unit 9’s Gilles Boisselet

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Executive Creative Producer Gilles Boisselet - Photography by Andras Ridovic

Executive Creative Producer Gilles Boisselet - Photography by Andras Ridovic

Grabbing an audience’s attention is key for any brand, but maintaining it is equally as important. With the evolution of technology, and more and more flashy things popping up in brand advertisements, it takes something truly unique and innovative to turn heads and keep them looking.

Unit 9 Executive Creative Producer Gilles Boisselet has spent the past 14 years utilizing the combined power of art and technology to come up with eye catching concepts and mind boggling creative designs that stop people in their tracks.

“In short, I'm a creative director specialised in conceptualisation. I come from a pure mathematical background, mathematics is probably the closest thing to poetry,” says Boisselet. “I understand art, brands and technology. I mash them up to create innovation communication pieces as a form of entertainment to bind brand and audience relationships.”

Some of the projects Boisselet has become best known for include the FWA of the Day Award winning Charmin: Go-Lab installation at CES 2020, the Bronze Cannes Lion Award winning Snow Drawings project for Swisscom, which orchestrated a brigade of snowmobiles to create a series of artworks in the snow during the Alpine Ski Championships and Arcade Fire’s short film “Reflektor,” which earned three Webby Awards, two Cannes Lions and an Emmy in the Interactive Short Film category.

He was also the creative strategist behind the BBC’s Tomorrow World photo analysis tool, which was geared towards helping youth to improve their visual skills on social media to avoid bullying.

“It's very hard for teenagers to communicate online with fears of bullying, therefore we decided to help with AI in creating an app that will tell users how many lines they're gonna receive from their posts prior posting and giving them tips on how to improve their visual skills with composition, light, and certain topics for them to grow in confidence,” says Boisselet about the inspiration for the BBC project.

“We had to analyse millions of posts and the results versus predictions were amazing... they proved AI is not bad.”

From fusing tech and art to create an eye-grabbing visual display in front of a massive live audience for Swisscom to using art and technology to create a socially relevant user experience for the BBC’s Tomorrow World project, Boisselet has proven time and time again that successful advertising lays at the intersection of art and technology.

As someone who grew up immersed in literature, poetry, painting and film, but studied science and pure math, Boisselet brings a unique skillset to the table; and he’s helped lead creative A-list production company Unit 9, which develops innovative content for major brands, to international success.

In many ways Boisselet has been responsible for a number of the unique offerings that have made Unit 9 stand out in the modern age, such as creating the Unit 9 Apps division, a game and applications division for mobile phones that supports their production company, as well as their VR division and Experiential division.

As an executive creative producer and partner at Unit 9, Boisselet provides more than just direction, but a seamless integration of technology, art and innovation for their clients, which often utilizes VR and AR to make both their digital and live event offerings more appealing.

“I have a 360 pov,” admits Boisselet. “I can combine art and science together, which is quite powerful… I can understand engineering, big tech and create original products with a form of entertainment inherited from art.”

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His unique blend of skills have given him the foundation necessary to weave art and technology together in a way that is not only brilliant, but groundbreaking. Intel’s “Drop In,” which included a VFX concert featuring renowned artist Diplo during the 2020 Intel Keynote presentation, is among Boisselet’s impressive achievements.

Executive Producer Tracy Moore, who worked with Gilles on the Intel “Drop In” project, says, “Gilles is an innovative, quick thinker. He can take a concept and add dimension and depth like few I’ve worked with… He encourages collaboration and is able to curate the best ideas into a cohesive whole.”

Over the years Intel has become known for unveiling revolutionary technological advancements during their live Keynote events. Last year though, due to the pandemic and its inherent constraints, they had to come up with an alternative to their traditional live format; so they teamed up with Boisselet and Unit 9 to come up with what is arguably one of their most exciting keynotes yet-- and it was all done virtually.

Partnering with Unit 9 to present their new Tiger Lake processor, they created the Intel “Drop In” project, which featured the artist Diplo in an exciting virtual concert.

“The goal of the project was to be able to do a b2b and b2c in the context of covid 19,” explains Boisselet. “I participated in the conception of a fantastical concert using VFX and animation artists, motion capture technology, and Intel’s own Tiger Lake processor to bring our vision to life. This communication piece was the opportunity for Intel to launch one of their new products as a new form of entertainment for the audience in lockdown due to the pandemic. It was also the opportunity for the artist Diplo to drop a new track during this new type of gig.”

Using motion capture and CG technology to capture Diplo’s movements, the team at Unit 9 constructed a captivating digital concert that allowed viewers to feel as though they were in a live audience.

“[Gilles] led the pitch and concept development for Unit9. The concept he led beat out two other premium production shops and won the over one million dollar project,” says Moore. “A large part of the project’s success was due to Gilles helping to shape the original concept and approach.”

Being able to think creatively outside of the box and blend art and technology in a way that connects brands with their audience is undoubtedly one of Boisselet’s strengths, and it’s been integral to Unit 9’s ability to create innovative content for their clients

About working on the Diplo project, Boisselet explains, “I like this type of advertising, respectful and inspiring, where brands gather their consumers through genuine engagement and values.”

As a creative strategist, Boisselet has melded his understanding of architecture, product design, engineering, finances, AI and big data together in order to develop projects that make not only Unit 9, but their clients, stand out in a highly competitive market.

Utilizing the wealth of knowledge and creativity that he has at his disposal, Boisselet’s work has continued to reveal just how important it is to blend tech and art in order to keep viewers engaged.

When asked about his favorite project, he responded coyly by saying, “The next one, and I will conceive it.”

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