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9 Biggest Contribution To The World With Your Code


This is how we can make our contribution to the world with code

What is Coding?

There are lots of programming languages a computer can understand and we write programs in those languages to instruct the computer to do specific tasks, writing those programming instructions or codes is called Coding.

9 Biggest Contribution To The World With Your Code

1.Apps that make your life easier

Technology makes our life easier and there is no doubt about it, this is why technology is here for. Todoist, Evernote, Freedom, Mint, Fast lists, all these apps are daily use apps to be more organized in day-to-day activity.

If you are interested in coding then this field of apps development is a big opportunity to take the chance to contribute to the world.

Notes Keeper

Notes Keeper

2.Apps that make you Entertain

How important is entertainment? This is what most of us realize during pandemics, staying in our homes. Entertainment is one of the most growing industries during this time. And from this point in time, the growth will rise higher and higher, which makes programmers create a future in this field. The top categories of entertainment apps are where a developer can get into are Music Apps, TV Apps, Gaming Apps, News apps.

Entertainment Apps

Entertainment Apps

3.Apps that cause self-improvement

From 2019, self-improvement took a huge pick due to pandemics. In lockdowns, staying in their homes, people now realized that how important it is, to keep yourself mentally in shape. Self-growth is for everyone, there is no age limit in it. Either you are young or old. This will give us a better life by increasing self-awareness, personal strength, overcoming weaknesses, improving mental health, making relationships stronger, improving clarity, etc.

IT industry and developers taking a huge interest in making kinds of apps, which makes this another in-demand field for programmers. The top category of apps about self-improvement is, Book reading apps, Physical fitness apps, Healthy diet apps.

Self-improvement apps

Self-improvement apps

4. Global Problem Solutions

Social media is another big example that solves problems. There was a time when connecting with friends was tough. But today it becomes easier to stay in touch with friends all around the world, now we all can share our memories, chat with them via video calls and what not?

Social Media

Social Media

5.Going Into Automation & Working With Hardware


Automation is something where human effort or labor is not needed. In factories where human effort is needed to work done, these works are time-consuming, risky, low-quality performance is the basic problem.

The contribution of coding in automation industries helps to achieve goals faster. In nowadays, automation is saving time, improving product quality, performance, improved safety.




Smart Home

In today’s world of technology, coding brings bringing the internet into hardware products like our tv-sets(smart tv), watches.

Making it possible to build smart homes where we can control everything with our mobiles (like turning on AC, changing lights according to our moods, shutting doors and windows).

Self-driving cars are another example where multinational companies have made it possible. And this technology is also being adopting by transportation companies like Uber.

Software programming is also made it possible to make drones.

If your mind can think like programming languages or have a passion for coding you can contribute in these fields.

Smart home

Smart home

6.Software With Biotechnology

Software with biotechnology made it possible to create bionic limbs, taking signals from your body and moving those limbs according to you. And with advanced bionic limbs, sensors can be put into your muscles which can take signals from your brain directly and you can move the limbs with your mind. Coding made all these possible.

Bionic limb

Bionic limb

7.Coding with nanotechnology

In this industry, coding helps to build applications to identifying molecules, rapid sequencing of polymers. Classifying potential penchant to inflammation or genetic diseases. In the field of security technologies, DNA can be used as a password.



8. Exploring Space

If you are interested in coding and want to change the world with the contribution of your code, then exploring space is one of the biggest fields for you. A good software engineer can make system software to move and operate vehicles, ensure every application is running properly, enter space safely, maintain vehicle control in orbit, etc.

Space exploration

Space exploration

9.A.I. and Machine Learning

Those who are interested in coding, have enough knowledge about top programming languages, and want to go into the field of Artificial Intellenges and Machine Learning, their option in this field are:

1.Machine Learning Engineering

2. Robotics Engineering

3.Big Data Engineering

4.Natural Language Processing (NLP)

5.Data Scientist

6.Research Scientist

Artificial Intellengence

Artificial Intellengence

Relevant Questions and Answers

Q: Where to start learning programming as a beginner?

The most recommended programming language to start with is C. Then can go for C++, Java, and others. Once you have learned C properly, it will become easy to understand other language’s syntax and all types of statements because instead of being different from each other all languages have something in common.

Q: How many languages I have to learn?

First of all, you must have a basic knowledge of every language then find out which one interests you the most and you can go with that. Mastering in one language is enough but if you think you can then go for more. But having enough knowledge about one is enough.

Q: What are the high-quality platforms to learn from?

According to Google, for programming high-quality platforms are,


They teach you everything from beginner level to entry-level jobs via 1,000+ videos and make you aware of the most demanding language, framework, and principles required in tech to build a career. Students can attain quizzes to get interact with coding competitions. After various courses or skill tests, they receive badges according to their achievements. So, the people who will go through the site will help them to hire deserving candidates.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy provides world-class free education for everyone. Students can find here various coding courses according to their choices. All the courses available here in videos, articles, programs, and exercises in 36 different languages.

Code School:

Code School is for those students who are experienced or at least have a minimum idea about coding. Students can choose from here as per their choice as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and more. Teachers with huge knowledge and experience are guiding here via high-quality videos, making it easy for them to understand, explore, and clear their vision for the future. From this unique process of learning, all the students will go through different kinds of challenges, after completing each challenge or exam they will receive badges and there are lots of badges are being earned during the whole course. With the facility to access 69 different courses, Code School has users of more than a million in over 237 countries. The monthly subscription is $29 and for a year at $228.


This educational platform was started by four scientists at MIT & Harvard and now it provides the facility to learn over 2000 courses with 140 plus institutions. There are lots of free courses available here but those who want to have a one-to-one interaction with teachers/professors, want a certificate after completing courses or professional certification, have to pay some fees. The Edx also provides the provision of Bachelor’s and Micro-Master’s programs. The Bachelor’s program is for helping the learners who couldn’t complete the college degree and the Micro-Master’s program is equivalent to a master’s program without changing any study materials. The Edx costs 1/3rd of any other University.


Coursera is a company that provides an educational and technological platform with 1,000 courses with 119 organizations. They provide paid and free courses around the world from top leading universities like the University of Washington, University of Toronto, Stanford, and Vanderbilt in English, Spanish and French with subtitles in English, Spanish, and Chinese. And not just for coding-related courses, they also provide business courses too. The courses are about 4 to 6 weeks long, and the paid courses are around $29 to $99. Every learner receives a certificate after completing every course.

Q: What are the qualities of a successful programmer?

There are some certain features that everyone needs to become successful in their fields. When your hard work meets those key features, that’s when your hard work is properly being used to achieve your goals.

As we know, technology is changing rapidly, and in the field of coding when everyone should be aware of all new things, a successful programmer is always interested in learning new technologies.

A successful programmer never stuck with the same thinking to solve different kinds of problems. They see the problem in so many ways to understand and solve the problem. That’s why they become a great problem solver.

In the way of success, a programmer has to work with so many peoples, companies, or even in their own start-ups, they have to communicate to explain the idea, the design with others. Explaining your own thinking, the way you see the world, and what you really want to make, is sometimes become so difficult for a programmer. Good communicating skills can make it easier.

Q: What kind of mindset a programmer should have?

Being a programmer is not just about writing codes. in the profession of coding, you’re given a problem to solve/task to complete, or if you are creating a program or software on your own. Either way, you are solving problems that will help others.

And having a single mindset causes you to not achieve your dream. If you’re seeing every problem in the same way then there is no way for you to solve all of them. So as a beginner you must have the vision to see every single problem in a different way.


Q: How many books we should read to learn any programming language as a beginner?

Most of the beginners at their early ages start learning coding with the best book available in the market. Learning to become great with a single book is not a good strategy in any field. To become a successful programmer you have to learn from lots of books.

For example, if you’re learning C programming then you should start with at least 5-7 books. While in the process of learning from different books, you will go through learning the same chapter (like conditions of the statement, data type, and so on) with different examples with every different book, which give you a wide view of every single chapter about how they work and how you could use them to solve the problem

Q: what are the best platforms to gain some extra knowledge?

Someone can get some extra knowledge from reading source codes, lots of source codes. It isn’t about learning to memorize them it is about learning to understand. Understanding those codes, how it’s written, how they are designed. Source codes are available everywhere, you can find those codes of any website with Google by visiting the site and pressing F-12. Definitely, you will not understand all the codes, reading them for the first time but that’s okay. Read more and more code and if you get stuck then read books to understand the meaning of those words or statements and continue doing so. The more you will be learning the more you’ll get the idea about, how expert programmers write codes. This will help you to improvise your coding skills as a beginner in comparison with other beginners.

Another way is by reading the Software Project Thesis. Project thesis is something that every programmer has to make for every software they create. This will give you an idea about the user interface, design & diagram, data type, how projects are created, how they are written, what topics we add to our thesis, and so on. Test the codes you get from there, read them, understand them, try and test them on your own, see what you can come up with. This is some kind of called ground-level experience which you will get from nowhere else.

I know that as a beginner, your first job is to get an expert in the basics but I suggest you read sometimes interview-related question/answer books to get some idea about what kind of questions are asked in interviews, have some extra knowledge. In the beginning, you will not understand all the questions but as fast as we go through the basics, these concepts will be understandable for you. Watch YouTube videos and find out how top companies are taking interviews, what is being asked by them, what they really need in an employee. Wherever you get stuck, search it out, always try to understand not to memorize.

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