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7 most expensive phones in the world


7 most expensive phones in the world

This state-of-the-art and incredible technology have come to market all over the world with a wide range from cheap to expensive. In today's society, we all rely heavily on cell phones. Finally, we can say that a person's mobile phone is now becoming the gateway to what is happening in his life. With these irreversible benefits, mobile phones can now do just what a computer can do. So it is not surprising that it has a range of high prices with microtechnology.

If you think your phone is expensive then think again! New iPhones can cost over $ 1000, which is a lot of money for most people. But the owners of the phones on this list no. There are actually cell phones, mainly iPhones, that are capable and have sold for over 1 1 million! So, break yourself, because this list of the 7 most expensive phones in the world will blow your mind.

The following list of phones and data is compiled from various web resources. Such as Luxabet, ValueWalk, and Marketing91. These are the 7 most expensive phones in the world.


1. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

The world's most expensive phone is the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Edition, priced at an incredible 48.5 million. Covered and decorated with a large pink diamond. The back is also coated in platinum and features hack protection technology to protect the owner's information from unwanted eyes. The Pink Diamond Falcon Supernova isn't the best-looking phone on the list, but it's still the most expensive phone in the world, so it's a pleasure to have it!


Stuart Hughes iPhone 4s Elite Gold – $9.4 Million

Continuing its dominance in the luxury phone market, and one of the most expensive phones in the world, Stuart Hughes' next iPhone is priced at a whopping 9. 9.4 million. Being the second most expensive phone in the world, there are a lot of expectations. That said, the Elite Gold iPhone 4 is definitely not disappointing. The handmade phone has five hundred, one hundred carat diamonds in it, and its rear panel and logo are made of 24-carat gold. The logo also includes forty-three diamonds, to give it an extra wow element, and the home button is made from an 8.6-carat single cut diamond. If you lose a single 8.6 carat cut diamond or leave it in the wrong place. Then you will be happy to know that with your 4 9.4 million investment you get an extra 7.6-carat single cut diamond as a backup! Now, to put it bluntly, the phone falls into a hell of a box. In fact, it is a matter of the chest. It is made of solid platinum with original polished pieces of original T-Rex dinosaur bone. It culminates in a number of rare gems, such as Opel, Star Sunstone, Rotel Quartz, Charit, and Peter site.


Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition – $8 Million

At No. 3 is Anna Stuart Hughes' iPhone design collaboration. The iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition is the world's third most expensive smartphone. To date, the two simplest phones have been advanced to make them special, each custom designed for its owners. The telephone is made of strong Crimson gold and contains 500 carat diamonds and the Apple logo is embellished with 53 diamonds. Like the previous two phones on our list, the home button is made of a 7.4 carat single cut red diamond. If you are inside the packaging, you may be satisfied to admit that 88 million you get solid granite presentation containers like Gold Striker Supreme and Kings Button.


Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme – $3.2 Million

Like the 3G Kings button, the Gold Striker 3GS Supreme has many features but includes more carats. This phone is another successful creation of Stuart Hughes and it is made of 281 grams of 22-carat gold. The bezel of the iPhone contains 136 diamonds and the Apple logo on the back of the phone is studded with 53 diamonds. Now, like the Kings button, the Gold Striker has the same cut diamond as the home button, but it's a full 7.1 carat. If the phone itself doesn't work for you, then its packaging and the way it's presented, maybe! When you buy the Gold Striker iPhone 3GS Supreme, you will be given a solid granite box. Made of a single piece of granite, adorned with braided leather and Kashmir gold ornaments.


Virtue Signature Cobra – $310,000

The Most Expensive Phone - The Signature Cobra of Virtue The first expensive phone on our list is the Virtue Signature Cobra. Virtue has a reputation for making the best luxury phones in the world and their signature Cobra Edition is no exception. The Signature Cobra is part of an eight-phone limited series, with each phone priced at 31 10,310,000. It was designed by French jewelry company Boucherun Verto and was hand-assembled in the UK. At the same time, the phone itself is a gold-plated, stunning and decorative feature, the Cobra, which wraps itself around the handset. Made of solid gold and includes 429 rubies and two emeralds. Since only eight are known to be made, holding your hands can be a nightmare, even if you are well connected.


Goldvish Le Million – $1 Million

The next phone is the Le Million from Goldwish, a well-known luxury brand that broke the 1 1 million mark. But won The World Phone was designed by jewelry and watch designer Emmanuel Goethe. It is made of 18-carat white gold and is studded with 120 carats VVS One grade diamonds and its display case is made of sapphire glass. It will be difficult to get your hands on it, as Goldfish made only three phones as part of the limited edition series.


Diamond Crypto Smartphone – $1.3 Million

At one time, the Diamond Crypto smartphone was considered the most expensive phone in the world. The phone was designed by Allison and developed by JSC Ankura. Most mobile phones are made of solid platinum, while its logo and home button are made of rose gold. At the same time, the phone is full of 50 diamonds, including 10 rare blue diamonds. A small amount of prominent wood around the sides of the phone is made of Makasar Ebony. In addition to the extremely luxurious aesthetics of the phone. The software used is designed to incorporate a special encryption technology to protect the owner's sensitive information.


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