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7 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Apps Campaigns on Facebook

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7 Tips To Improve Your Mobile Apps Campaigns On Facebook

7 Tips To Improve Your Mobile Apps Campaigns On Facebook

To most people out there, Facebook is all about making new friends, sharing personal pictures, and chatting with friends. To a marketer, things go in a different direction. Facebook is one of the most dynamic advertising fields out there because it has always been open to new ideas and suggestions. It evolves round the clock and comes up with new strategies and solutions for marketers. While this is an astonishing quality in a real-time advertising network, it is critical to always stay updated to these changes or you risk missing a lot of valuable information.

Benefits over details

People want to know how they can benefit from one application or another, rather than just learn about it and do the “math” themselves. Besides, some of them may not necessarily be able to understand all those considerations. Therefore, providing benefits instead of general information is the key. No one wants to see some screenshots of your work. For instance, if you run a travel agency, it is one thing to introduce users to some general details and a different thing to provide a real picture of one of your best destinations. Potential users will inevitably start picturing themselves in that beautiful scenario.

Steal creativity, not work

It is easy to realize that the best advertising ideas are often influenced by others. Their work always seems better than yours. Stealing their creativity is perfectly allowed though. Do not attempt to steal their work, just study some of the best applications out there and figure what makes them unique. Use the drawn conclusions in your favor. It is also worth hiring a freelancer to provide some interesting designs based on the respective applications. You are only using someone else's time and money to adopt the same approach but in a unique manner. It might seem dirty, but this is what inspiration is about.

Testing is everything

Different people use different gadgets to go online, not to mention operating systems, browsers, versions, applets, plugins, resolutions, and so on. It is easy to realize that while your app install ads might look perfect on your laptop and smartphone, there are probably even more people out there who see a distorted version of it. Testing something before making it public can never be underestimated. Facebook allows you to play around with a wide plethora of variable elements. Allow some creativity while testing and remember to update your work regularly.

Video ads and limitations

Mobile video ads can help your mobile apps campaign explode, but they may also kill it. Video ads are excellent for a lot of marketers who want to provide some real information about their work. They are great for both game developers and graphic designers. But on a different note, video ads can be very problematic for those who are not on a wireless connection. 3G users will most likely disable them.

Emotions lead to actions

Appealing to emotions will open a lot of doors. People do a lot of things out of emotions. If your app is supposed to be calming and relaxing, your soothing words are meant to serene the soul. A travel app is all about using the right pictures, only to raise the feeling of happiness obtained on a beautiful beach bathing in crystal clear water.

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Preparing the audience

It is not really a good idea to launch the app out of nowhere and encourage people to get it. Instead, build awareness and work on the reputation before it even gets there. Come up with a Facebook page, engage on other social networks, write some press releases and make it look like it is the next big thing.

Pictures over words

Facebook has the tendency to limit the text, so some developers might feel restricted to providing all the so-called “critical” details. You do not need a huge block of text to make the difference though. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words, so pay attention to its impact and potential effects on your audience.

In the end, enhancing your mobile apps campaigns over Facebook is not the hardest job in the world, but it takes time, dedication, and patience. Moreover, the success of a campaign consists of proper planning.

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