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6 Neat Tricks on How to Promote a Subreddit

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Six Neat Tricks for Promoting Your Subreddit

Six Neat Tricks for Promoting Your Subreddit

6 Neat Tricks on How to Promote a Subreddit

Reddit is a huge website with a lot of marketing potential, but Reddit mods are extremely good at cracking down on anything they suspect might be spam. Even if you try to promote your own personal website, many times the Reddit mods will delete the post or shadowban you. a shadowban is where your account looks normal to you but no one else can see your posts. If you are you wondering how to promote a Subreddit you recently created, our 6 neat tricks on How to Promote a Subreddit will help you, without the risk of becoming banned.

We complied a list of our six favorite techniques to grow your subscribers quickly and easily, our favorite way to promote subreddits is located at our number one spot, so make sure not to miss it!

6. Submit your Subreddit to "new Subreddit promotion" Subreddits

That was a tongue twister, but it's true! The easiest way to build up a new Subreddit is to post on others that are created exactly for that reason. A few such subs you can post your link in would be: /r/newreddits, /r/notsonewreddits, /r/gnureddits, /r/obscuresubreddits, and /r/shamelessplug. These subreddits all allow you to post your brand new sub and get a few easy subscribers to start out. Another benefit to having these links to your sub is that they build a small amount of page authority to your Subreddit. Essentially, the more links that point to your sub, the more likely it is to show up on Google search and Reddit search. The higher you rank on search results in Google, the more traffic that you will receive and the more subscribers you will get to your Subreddit.

6 Neat Tricks to Promote Your Subreddit

6 Neat Tricks to Promote Your Subreddit

Backlinks are basically links that point from one website or webpage to your website or webpage. Pretty easy right? Well, the hard part is finding ways to create them. The easiest and most acceptable way to create links to your Subreddit would be to comment on forums or blogs that are in the same category as your sub. If your Subreddit is discussing gaming hardware, you would find blogs or forums that discuss gaming, add an engaging informational post and include a link to your sub somewhere in the comment. As long as you provide a on-topic post that provides insight and isn't spammy, most forums or blog owners will gladly allow you to post a link or two on their site. The more links to your Reddit, the more easily users will be able to find you in search engines. (Plus, if any readers on the forum or blog like what you posted, they are more likely to check out and subscribe to your sub as well!)

4. Make sure the Subreddit name is appealing and correlates to your sub

Using the name /r/funnypictures while trying to make your Subreddit contain strictly comical pictures of people at Wal-mart isn't going to grow your audience quickly. You are going to want to pick a title that is more targeted at your potential audience. Make sure your name matches your content as closely and specifically as you can. Not only that, but if you pick something that is often searched on Google or Reddit, you are more likely to draw in search traffic for that keyword after you build up some backlinks to your sub.

Grow your subreddit with these tricks and tips

Grow your subreddit with these tricks and tips

3. Search Reddit for similar subs to yours

Search around Reddit for similar Subreddits and send a message to the mods asking if they could link to yours in their sidebar. Most will be open to the idea and will gladly do so. More traffic for you, more traffic for them! Make sure you are courteous when you ask, as that will increase the chances that they say yes.

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This one is easy. Find other subs that have a similar theme as your recently created masterpiece, submit a link directly to yours or include a small bit of text introducing it and explaining why exactly people should subscribe. Make sure that you only submit your link once per sub! *If you continually publish your link asking for subscribers you are likely to get banned or ghosted from Reddit for spamming.*



1. The best technique when promoting a Subreddit

We've saved the best for last, this is our favorite way to earn new subscribers. The best way to promote your link and earn more subs is to discover Redditors that are talking about something closely related to your Subreddit, join their conversation and add a link to your sub. This is very targeted and doesn't come off as spam, so users are much more likely to link over and subscribe! Although this sounds difficult at first, there's actually an easy way to do it. First, head over to TrackReddit and signup. What this tool does is continually scans the "new comments" page for certain keywords, after you find a keyword related to your niche, you head in and add your link. You will need an account at TrackReddit before you can setup an alert, but once you create an account you can easily setup your own watch-list and keep an eye on it via RSS. We hope you learned some new tricks when wondering how to promote a Subreddit today, and we wish you luck building your fan base!

Thanks a ton for reading our 6 Neat Tricks on Promoting a Subreddit! If you like what you read, please be sure to follow me to get updates when I post a new hub. If you have any other tricks for promoting aSsubreddit, please feel free to add them in the comments section below! If they are really good tips, I may even edit my hub and include them, along with a link to your profile so readers can check out your hubs as well.

Until next time, stay Elite!


Jacob Horning (author) from New York on May 18, 2020:

No worries hope it helps :)

shirleyalan on May 18, 2020:

Thanks for the tricks.Its really helpful

Will C on December 03, 2019:

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