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5G and The Internet of Things Could Kill You

The Future of 5G


Soon we will live on a planet where 5G will soon replace 4G. 5G is a network that can mostly operate in the cloud and because of this internet speeds will be extremely faster than today's internet. Soon you’ll be able to download a 2 hour film in only 3.6 seconds. With 3G it takes 26 hours and with 4G it takes 6 minutes.

This new technology will allow self driving cars to function properly and safely since they require a constant stream of data. Companies like At&t Huawei and ZTE want you to believe that 5G would be the best thing for the world but the truth remains that 5G is a real danger to humanity.


Scientist world wide are literally warning that 5G has the power to kill you. Cell phones today are already a huge danger to humanity because of the electromagnetic frequencies being sent from and to your device. Every cell phone, every cell tower, and every router on the planet is constantly pulsating with radio frequency radiation that has been proven by science to cause cancer and it can even do some real damage to your DNA.

You should probably ask yourself one simple question, why in the hell are they trying to roll out this 5G technology so quickly? Obviously it’s not for the benefit of the consumer. While on the surface it may seem as if they only want a competitive edge over the competition, most people believe that its because of one thing and one thing only. More power and more control over the minds of humanity.

With 5G the elite can finally move forward with their plan to lock us in a real grid or matrix called the Internet of Things. They vision a world where every single item on the planet will be connected through the world wide web. Everything from your clothes, your silverware, your furniture, your couch, your desk, your counter tops, tables and anything else you can imagine! Including your bed and your pillow.

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Do you know how many devices in your home will be giving off radiation at any giving time? It's madness! If you ever seen the movie "Ready Player One" you probably feel like the plot of the movie is predictive programing at it's best. How do you think they intend to create a place like the oasis? A magical virtual world where you can be anything or do anything. They need 5G and they need the internet of things.

With the internet of things that would mean the complete end of privacy. Everything you say do or even think will be recorded and possibly saved somewhere in the cloud. The internet of things makes a New World Order possible. Because It locks everyone into a grid that is perfect for a new one world currency like Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.


The most important thing they want online is every human being on the planet. With an RFID chip implant they will have total control over the entire world. 5G will make it impossible for the people to ever resist again. Some may call it a conspiracy but it would seem as if they want an empire that will never fall, slaves that will never be freed, and the only God you know to truly exist, your government!!!

The scariest part about all of this is the fact that the roll out of The internet of things has already begun and the roll out of 5G will officially begin next year 2020. With some companies getting an early start this year. But what are your thoughts do you think 5G is a bad as some people are making it out to be? If it does turn out to have no negative effects on our health do you think the government would use this tech for good our use it to enslave humanity?

Many scientist are warning that the ramifications of 5G are astronomical. Especially since none of these companies like At&t Huawei and ZTE, haven’t performed any safety testing what so ever. Check out the video below called "The Untold Truth About 5G and The Internet of Things" for a deeper dive into this alarming topic.

The Untold Truth About 5G and The Internet of Things

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