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5 Ways You Did Not Know on How to Get the Audience You Need and Want.

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Domains that let you publish as a subdomain account.

A site that can make you earn money is Hubpages. You write articles and you get paid dollars per each view that your article [a hub] gets. You also get paid when someone clicks the adv on your page, adv that are put there by Google Adverts, Ebay or Amazon. This is called passive income, and it is a great way to make money. The idea is that even though you may not work a lot, or write every day a new hub, you make money by the hubs you have every time they are read or clicked on.

Other writing sites include: ODesk, Elance, and Squidoo on which you write articles based on what the requesters [buyers] want you to write on. You can make some real money, as every article begins from 10$ and up! If you are not into writing, you can use photography selling sites! Some of them are: Flickr, ShutterStock, 500px. You put the price, and everytime a photo of yours is downloaded you earn the money! Great is not it? And you do not have to worry about the copyright thing, because this sites has something called Copyscape which detects Copied material from any other sites. And in the photography sharing/ selling sites, you simply can not save a photo without downloading it, so you can not get something if you do not pay for it.


Earn an Online Passive Income through your own social media platform!

Things get a little rough at this point now. You will have to manage your time between writing articles and sharing them. However, before dwelling into the blogging world, I want you to keep in mind this simple life-managing tips.

When blogging keep in mind:

Do not make blogging your life. Of course, there are cases of home-moms who made a fortune with blogging, and that means making a life of blogging, but do not lose yourself on it. No matter how much you edit your posts, or how beautifully photoshoped your photos came up, there is nothing that beats the social life, and sunlight.

Not everyone will love you, some may even hate you. But keep writing what you know and what you love. Remember that the only person who is not judged, is the one who does nothing, feels nothing, sees nothing, breaths nothing, in a few words: he does not exists.

Do not take it too seriously. Share what you like and love, and do not worry about the rest. Do not try to sell products that won't work, or that you do not like at all, because your followers will get disappointed, and you will lose your credibility. Not worth the money those brands are paying you! Trust me.

Your aim is to be different but always be true to yourself.

"We are not meant to be perfect. Everyone who thinks is perfect, belongs to a museum." - Remarque. Clever he is, no? Do not be afraid of perfection, you will never reach it, so do not beat yourself up. Do what you love, and do it often.

Do not copy others. Well, you can get ideas of course. We are all here, in this, together. But do not copy. Ever! Readers will notice, and they will be pissed!

Do not push yourself to post every single day. The best bloggers do not try very hard. They will pause from time to time to gain their energy, to find some inspiration, and then blog again. If there is a day when you feel like you can take over the world with your posts, write them, and then schedule. They will be published by themselves in time, so you won't be posting like 3-4 times in a single day, then go on 4 days without hitting the keyboard once. Play it smart.

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Do not obsess over likes, comments, and statistics. In time they will come. Focus on sharing your posts on social media. Focus on posting valuable words. Everything else will take care of itself.

If you try hard to do what everyone else does, it will not only ruin your joy, but it will make your journey seem like everyone's else.


Save your Dignity!

Save your dignity. All the nasty comments are not worth your attention and your time. Most of the time ignore them, spam them, delete them. But if they begin to build up, you may consider writing a very good response to the haters, and then carry on with your blog and your life. They may have it worse than you. Don't take it personally, if they do not know you personally.

Do not create Giveaways just for the sake of followers. Your followers are there because they enjoy your writing, if they did not, they would not be there, even for your giveaways. You will get caught up eventually. If you feel like doing it, do it for you want to and you have something to give as a gift.

Sometimes you will be alone on your journey of blogging, because people won't get it, no matter how many times you try to explain it to them. People have different perceptions of fun, work, earning money, interacting with people, sharing your life, etc. As long as the differences exist, they sometimes won't be able to understand you. Do not get discouraged. There are bloggers out there who do.

Recheck Sites Credibility before signing up for them!

If you'd like to start making an income from your blog, keep in mind that these sites will no longer pay you, instead they will feel your email will spam or even hack your credit card! The sites that will really pay you and which are very serious when it comes to give you credit for you work, are very few.

Most of them came out as scam sites over time and this is the list of some of them:


-Yahoo Contributors


-Bukisa - no sign up option.

Whenever you find a new site that claims to protect your writing and pay you for the number of readers you get, be careful to check the site. Do not sign up and start writing immediately. You may not be able to close your account anymore, the site may send bugs and viruses through email and you may not be able to remove your article so you can publish it elsewhere. Check on Google for reviews and if you read more negative comments than positive ones, do not sign up.


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